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Dahlia, Sam, and their growing family have been been part of the Co-op since its beginning. The Co-op opened in 2010.

Dahlia, Sam, and their growing family have been been part of the Co-op since its beginning. The Co-op opened in 2010.


We're growing every day. We love families! We sell locally grown, organic and sustainable food and products at affordable and competitive prices. We live in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, and beyond. Join and shop today!


Each and every member-owner of the Co-op invests both work and money. To be fair to all members, investment is required for each person in the household who is over 18 years old and sharing most of their food from the Co-op.

Investment and Fee

$150 Investment ($25 for qualifying low income residents — see Apple Planand a nonrefundable $25 administrative fee. Membership plans are available. This is required for each adult member of your household.




Co-op member-owners agree to attend an orientation session before working in the store. Orientation sessions are held monthly. Please view our calendar for the next available session.

Work Commitment

All Co-op members-owners commit to work 2.5 hours every four weeks minimum, either in the store or with one of our committees.

Join us for a one-month trial membership! You can shop with no commitment to join. You’ve got nothing to lose!
— Aly Miller, Member

Member-owner labor keeps overhead costs low, which in turn helps keep food costs low. Member-owners may fulfill their work requirement through various responsibilities, such as stocking store shelves or cashiering. Member-owners also may work with one of our committees for projects done mostly outside the store, from record keeping (Finance Committee) to social media (Marketing Committee) to IT.


Member-owner work-shift requirements are currently 2.5 hours every four weeks, and may change based on the number of Co-op member-owners or other variables. You can read our work shift procedures for specifics on this. If you are unable to work due to disability or other circumstances, please email Membership, and we will try to arrange a membership plan for your needs.


To help cover the costs of running the Co-op, each member-owner pays a $25 non-refundable administrative fee, and invests $150. (The fee and investment are not tax-deductible.) In return for your investment, you'll be able to buy food at significantly lower prices than other markets and your savings will quickly add up.

Every adult who shares in your household’s food must pay the administrative fee and the membership investment.**

Member-owner investments may be redeemed under the following situations:

  • The member-owner chooses to resign from the Co-op and requests, in writing, the redemption of investment

  • The Co-op dissolves

The Co-op is incorporated as a not-for-profit membership cooperative under the laws of New York State.

**Member-owner investment in the Co-op is just that — an investment. Through this financial investment, members share in the Co-op's risk and its success. Member-owner investments support Co-op operations and development, as well as help the Co-op achieve sustainability. If a member-owner requests a redemption of their investment upon leaving, it may not be immediate. Redemption timing is determined by the Board of Directors according to the Co-op's fiscal health and other factors (and as such, a member remains a member until their redemption is processed). The Co-op currently has in place a moratorium on membership-equity redemptions; it will continue until the Co-op's fiscal health is stabilized. Departing members often choose to donate their investments to the Co-op.


Each adult member of your household must fulfill all membership requirements. This policy is crucial to maintaining sufficient capital for running the Co-op. It also creates a community in which all adults who benefit from the Co-op contribute to its growth. Please note that for these, and additional legal reasons, you may not shop for a business or restaurant at the Co-op. We have five membership plans to suit people with different needs — please find the plan that works for you and join online or at the store.