For Members

Work Shift Procedures

Each Greene Hill Food Co-op member-owner contributes at least 2.5 hours every four weeks to in-store work, or at least 5 hours every eight weeks to committee work.


Example of what a shift might look like:
Position: cashier
Shift Time: 3 to 5:30pm
Day of Week: Wednesday
Week: A, B, C, or D. Since all in-store work is required every 4 weeks, every week has a letter -- A, B, C, D -- that recurs every 4 weeks. Your shift will have a week letter. Read more about the weekly rotation schedule and view the week calendars.

Within a week of joining the Co-op, you will receive a welcome email from ShiftPlanning titled “Your ShiftPlanning Activation Link.”

Once you create a password, you will be able to sign up for a shift. Read all about how to sign up for a shift in the Recurring Shift Signup.

Once you choose your work shift, it will automatically recur every 4 weeks.


Floor Attendant

Ensure items are well stocked and neat, assist shoppers, perform other tasks as requested by shift leader or general manager. Sort, break down, and neatly bundle cardboard boxes, tear brown paper into strips for compost, collect and consolidate all rubbish and recyclables, occasional deep-cleaning of store fixtures.


Receive supply deliveries (produce, dairy, grocery, freezer, etc.) from vendors, rotate by expiration date, restock shelves, cull produce.

Shift Leader

Training required* (Co-op provides a one-time training session). Directs floor workers, check in desk workers and cashiers on basic store operations, helps problem solve and communicates store issues with other shift leaders.


Training required.* Check out member-owners, handle cash, count in and count out drawer, work directly with shift leader or general manager.

*Training sessions are held 2-3 times per month. Please make sure to get trained before your first shift.


Upon becoming a member, the Membership Committee will create an account for you in our work-tracking system, HumanityYour first time visiting this site, you will need to click “forgot password” to create your personal password—you must do this yourself. (The store did not create a password for you, so we do not know it.) New member-owners are imported to Humanity once a week, so it may be a few days before your information is imported and you receive an email. To receive your activation email sooner, email Membership, and we will expedite the process. Once completed, you can sign up for a recurring shift. Please follow these instructions:

1. Once you log into Humanity click the SHIFTS AVAILABLE button on the left side of the dashboard.

2. Select a shift by clicking “request to work” button**. Only choose one shift. You are selecting that position, day, time, and week (A, B, C, or D). The week you choose -- A, B, C, or D -- will recur every four weeks. Membership sends reminders to those working at the beginning of each week; and in Humanity, you can set a 24-hour advance reminder (see Settings>Notifications). But as this is a 4-week rotating system, not monthly, please add your shift to your personal calendar to repeat your shift every 4 weeks -- and set a reminder so you won't forget.

3. If you prefer to see shifts in a calendar view you can click on Schedule, make sure the Schedule Overview checkbox is checked, then click on Position and Week.

4. After selection, a Membership team member will approve your shift within 48 hours.

If you prefer, you can watch a video that will walk you through this entire process!

  • If you’ve already signed up for a recurring shift and would like to change it, please email our Work Tracking team:, and they can take care of it. You cannot delete or change your shift, only the Work Tracking team can.

  • **Please note that before you do a cashier shift, you must first do training. Please check the website calendar to see when trainings are being conducted.

  • For in-store shifts, members must check in and check out at the time of each shift.


It is each member’s responsibility to work their shift and ensure coverage if they cannot. Members should plan ahead and seek shift swaps with other members in advance of the shift they cannot attend. All members should try to cover each other’s shifts to make sure the Co-op runs smoothly and pay it forward for when they may need a swap in the future. 

**Please note that you need to BOTH find coverage for your shift, AND cover for someone else in order to not be required to do a make up (we need your shift covered but you still need to work 2.5 hrs every 4 weeks).

Here's what you need to do when you can't make your shift:

We are no longer using the shift swapping list. We have moved our shift swapping system entirely to Humanity. Swaps are the easiest method of finding coverage for EVERYBODY! 


Request as many ppl as you can, at least 10 people. Think of it this way: the more people you choose - the greater and faster chances of a swap success for you!

**If after one week and no one has swapped with you or it's within one week of your shift, please delete your request and re - do it with different people.  You can customize your search by dates.

If it's less than 24hrs and/or it’s an emergency^, call or email the General Mgr and the store directly:

^Emergencies within 24 hours: We understand emergencies happen. For that reason each member is allowed one emergency “pass” per calendar year, but only if they contact the Co-op ahead of time. Emergencies include: 

  • The member falls ill or suffers an accident.

  • A child or elderly family member in the member’s sole care falls ill.

  • The member's flight or other travel is delayed.

  • Other unforeseen circumstances: Member must contact the Shift Tracking team prior to designated shift.

Please note that working late at your job is not considered an emergency. Reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities will be made on a case-by-case basis.





In the event you miss your shift or cannot get it covered, below are the terms and timeline for what you need to do to make up your shift and restore your account to good standing. You can find available shifts by in The Weekly (Co-op weekly newsletter) or on Humanity. Then just email Shift Tracking team to let us know which shift you’d like to cover.


“No Coverage”: If a member misses their shift and

  • a) attempted to find coverage or swap with advance notice and did not succeed despite attempting and working with the Shift Swap Coordinator OR

  • b) first, 24 hr emergency:

    They are considered “No Coverage” and the member must simply work (make up) the original missed shift within two months = 1 make-up shift within 2 months

    *The first time of each calendar year that a member provides the Co-op less than 24 hours notice due to a valid emergency, they will also be considered “No Coverage.”

“No Show”: If a member misses their shift and

  • a) did not seek a swap or coverage OR

  • b) did not notify work tracking team or GM or notified less than 24hrs of shift OR

  • c) 2nd 24 hr emergency*

    The member is considered “No Show” and must work (make up) the original missed shift plus work an additional shift within two months = 2 shifts within 2 months

    *If a member provides the Co-op with less than 24 hours notice due to valid emergency more than one time within a calendar year, they will be considered a “No Show.”


If the member does not serve those “make up” shift(s) within 2 months = The member will be required to work 1 more additional shift (this is in addition to working his/her regular recurring shifts).

If a member does not serve all the make-up shifts within 4 months of the original missed shift: The member is suspended from shopping until s/he schedules owed make-up shifts with the Labor Coordinator, along with resuming regular recurring shifts. Member must work with the LC to become an active member again. The member will never have to make up more than 3 shifts to have the suspension lifted.

A member MUST do their owed make ups before seeking a swap or coverage for another shift.

If a member is a “No Show” for 2 consecutive months, and have not communicated with us, we will consider them no longer involved in the Co-op and their membership will be de-activated.




Requirement to return to good standing
(in addition to working regular recurring shifts)

Timeframe to return to good standing

No coverage: Missed shift, but tried to find replacement or 1st time emergency of year

Must do 1 make up (MU) shift - the original missed shift

2 cycles from missed shift

No show: No attempts to find a replacement, less than 24hrs notification or 2nd-time emergency*

Must do 2 MUs

2 cycles from missed shift

2 months out of good standing: MUs not completed in 2 cycles

1 more MU added = 2 MUs for coverage (or 3 for no show*)

2 additional cycles (ends at 4 months from original missed shift)

4 months out of good standing: MUs not completed in 4 cycles

Suspension from shopping until all owed MUs are scheduled with the LC and served while resuming monthly shifts

Indefinite, depends on when complete MUs


If you are a member-owner who has an unpredictable schedule or find it difficult to commit to the same position, day, time, or week, consider joining a committee. Please read about the various committees and contact committee chairs with questions or to join. Committee members enter their hours directly in Humanity ideally as they are working or immediately afterwards. 

Clocking In/Clocking Out of Humanity

Instructions for committee workers using the “Clock In/Out” method. This is the preferred method for entering work. Please don’t forget to clock out when you’re done. 

  1. Log into Humanity (use the reset password feature if you don’t know your password)

  2. From the dashboard, under TIME CLOCK, click “CLOCK IN” when you start doing work.

  3. When you are done working, you will need to record notes, the “location” you worked from and the “position.”

    • To do this, in the “Click to Add Notes” section, write a brief description of the work you completed, then click “Add Note.” (EXAMPLE: “Designed flyer for Open House.”) Notes are required to accompany committee work entries and won’t be approved without them.

    • Then select “Committee” from the dropdown on the right (this is the “location”). Click “Update.” Then click the “Set Position” image next to the pin. Select your committee, (i.e. Marketing). Click “Update.” Note: If you cannot choose your committee in the “schedule,” please ask your committee chair to add that “position” to your Humanity account profile. Committee Chairs will approve hours for agreed upon, completed work.

  4. Finally, click “CLOCK OUT” when done. Please don’t forget to do this! The clock will continue until you stop it.


Add Clock Time

Instructions for committee workers using the “Add Clock Time” method. Again, it is preferred you use the Clock In/Clock Out method.  The Add Clock Time is best for meetings or other work done away from the computer.

  1. Go to the ADD CLOCK page in Humanity.

  2. Select your clock-in time and clock-out time that add up the number of hours you’ve worked. EXAMPLE: 7pm–9pm (for marketing mtg) or 2pm–4:30pm (Open House).

  3. Pick a calendar date that is the same as the end date assuming your hours obviously don’t exceed 24. Be mindful of the AM/PM. The default is 9am–5pm, so you will need to change both in and out times.

  4. Select a schedule, i.e. Marketing.

    • Note: If you cannot choose your committee in the “schedule,” please ask your committee chair to add that “position” to your Humanity account profile. Committee Chairs will approve hours for agreed upon completed work.

  5. Select a remote location.

    • Committee

  6. Put your explanation of work in the notes. EXAMPLE: "Marketing meeting” or “worked at Open house” (notes are required for committee work entries).

  7. Click Add Clock Time.

It’s VERY easy to make a mistake in Humanity due to the AM/PM setting and the CLOCK IN/CLOCK OUT dates. Please be extremely mindful of these settings. If you make an error, please email your committee chair or membership and ask them to correct your entry. Please provide them with your correct info.

It is the responsibility of each member to enter his/her required work hours in a timely manner, and not to fall behind on work shifts (2.5 hours every 4 weeks). To avoid mishaps or “low hours” notes when shopping, it is strongly suggested that members enter their hours on the same day they do the work.

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 5.03.49 PM copy.png

Membership keeps track of all hours worked by each member. Please email the Work Tracking Team to review your current logged hours.

Many members are willing to contribute more than 2.5 hours every four weeks; for those we offer the Banked Hours Program. All active members with hours exceeding 2.5 will automatically be recorded and kept for future use. These hours do not expire as long as you stay active in the system. If you ever wish to redeem these banked hours simply contact the Work Tracking Team BEFORE the shift or end of that cycle (if you’re a committee member). Currently, members may apply banked hours up to 3x per calendar year.


Here’s what you need to do.

  • You must apply for the banked hours two weeks in advance of the anticipated missed shift, so we have ample time to secure coverage for that shift.

  • You may not apply banked hours to a shift date that has passed or to any shift that was missed without notification.

  • Currently, members may only apply banked hours 3x per calendar year. For that reason, we prefer, due to store operation ease, that if you want to take more than one store shift of banked hours, you take them consecutively.

  • For committee members, please make sure to contact us before the end of the cycle you wish to have your banked hours applied.