Savory Oatmeal with Sausage

by Sophia Heij

by Sophia Heij

There’s nothing better than a lazy morning with time to cook yourself a substantial breakfast. I usually forget to buy ingredients for weekend breakfast which results in me running out, starving, looking for the closest bagel. But, since the Co-op is now open on Friday nights, I’m excited to swing by to pick up the weekend staples. In the frozen section you’ll find local breakfast sausage from Hudson Valley Harvest, one of our suppliers for local meats. Sausage is so flexible and conveniently pre-seasoned that it’s easy to add to any simple base for flavor and protein and the added health benefits of iron and B vitamins. This recipe is a twist on the traditional sweet and fruity oatmeal we’re more familiar with, but the addition of white miso adds that little sweetness that I crave in the mornings.


2 cups oats

3 cups water

2 T white miso paste

1 pkg Hudson Valley Harvest Breakfast Sausage

1 leek

Salt to taste

¼ cup fresh chives


Discard the green top part of the leek (or save them for a veggie broth). Thinly slice the white part of the leek and set aside. Bring water and oats to a boil in a small pot, stir and then turn down to low and cover for five minutes. Turn off the heat and stir in the miso paste. Cover again and let the mixture sit so that the miso breaks down the sugars in the oats. The consistency of the oats should become thinner.

Set a skillet over medium heat. Throw in the sausage links and sear each side for a few minutes until browned all around. Add a small splash of water and the leeks and cover with a lid to finish cooking through, about three to five minutes. You can check if the meat is done by piercing with a knife to see that the juice is running clear.

Portion the oatmeal into bowls and sprinkle with salt. Spoon the sausages and leeks on top. Garnish generously with chopped chives. Enjoy! This recipe makes four hearty servings at $4 per person.