June 2017 Newsletter



June 2017Newsletter
Catching You Up on Co-Op News
Our Co-op is going strong. The last six months have seen record sales and our membership is growing each month. A huge shout out to all of you who have helped bring new member-owners into our community and who are shopping regularly at the store.To sustain this momentum, we need everyone to do their Co-op work shifts. If you’re behind, don’t fret. Just sign up for a make-up shift or two. Got extra time? Sign up for extra shifts and bank some hours.

If you’re looking for something new, there are some great opportunities on the Membership Committee. And don’t forget to check out the Help Wanted section! We’ve got shifts to match all kinds of skills and interests, including shifts that can be done from home.


Join this month’s board meeting; it includes a vote on one open director position. Read on to learn how to nominate yourself or someone else to join the board and help sustain the Co-op’s vision.


This month, meet new Store Coordinator and member-owner Lindsay Reichart in our Co-op Q&A. She part of the growing Store Coordinator team. Join them and get paid to work at the Co-op!


Our Social Justice Spotlight features two local events to celebrate and demonstrate solidarity with NYC communities this week.

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Special Discussion: The Co-op's Next Step
From our Board of Directors:On May 24, about 30 Greene Hill Food Co-op member-owners gathered for a General Meeting focused on the Co-op’s current relocation effort. Attendees voiced many perspectives and asked many questions about our road ahead. What emerged from the meeting was a buzz of excitement and a sense of opportunity.


View a summary of the meeting here.

Share your feedback about the meeting and relocation.

Read the meeting minutes online.


In the weeks and months ahead, you can expect Greene Hill Food Co-op to change in many ways. Our move may be a transformation and reimagining of our store, but this is still your co-op. We rely, as always, on the solid foundation of our members’ shared ownership.


We need you! Our success as a business is only as strong as our community of active, engaged member-owners.

Sigourney Woodfork
Board election: June 28!
backyard meal
On Wednesday, June 28, the board will hold an election to fill the one vacant director position.  This will take place during the board’s regular work meeting which runs from 7pm to 9pm at the Greene Hill Food Co-op.Anyone who has been member of the Co-op for one year or more and is in good standing is eligible to be nominated for the position (Bylaws, Article 4). You can nominate yourself or be nominated by another member of the Co-op. Members interested in standing for election are encouraged to contact the Governance Committee via email at governance@greenehillfood.coop and/or attend the meeting in person. All work meetings of the board are open to members of the Co-op.


Our current board members are Chris Gollmar; Cecile Arnaud-Gbongbro; Lauryl Berger-Chun, staff representative; Christina LeMoine, Liaison to the Governance and Human Resources Committee; and Elizabeth Macon Agee, Liaison to the Operations Committee. Read more about them here:


Done Your Work Shift Lately?
You are what makes this Co-op work. We all are! No matter your role, you are key to keeping things running smoothly. That’s why we need all member-owners to work their shifts. Right now, we are staffing only about 54 percent of our shifts. We can do better!
As a reminder, all member-owners are required to work a minimum of 2½ hours (one standard shift) every four weeks. If you’re behind on hours, please sign up now for a make-up shift or two.  We have plenty of shifts to choose from! Simply log into Humanity and find what works for you. Any excess hours you work are banked for you to apply to future months when you want to take a break.If you’re in good standing, consider banking extra hours by signing up to work red highlighted shifts on the Shift Coverage Sheet. Every shift helps! See below for more opportunities.

Relocation committee and workshift
Relocation Group Needs a Hand
If you have knowledge of Brooklyn commercial real estate or simply an interest in where we might be relocating, contact Matthew at matthewtalmage@hotmail.com or Cecile at cecile.ghfc@gmail.com. We are in need of both an architect to help with designs and buildout and location scouts. The easiest way to help the relocation effort is to collect key facts about properties you find. Any member can use the script in our relocation folder to follow up on a lead.
Paid Positions! Store Coordinator Job Openings
The Co-op is looking for additional Store Coordinators to support store operations, member training, and education. These positions will involve a combination of retail grocery management and community organizing. During their first six months, new hires will be Store-Coordinators-in-Training. If you have a flexible schedule and would be available for occasional spot coverage, please apply. Pay rate: $18/hour. Our current Store Coordinators are Raina, Lauryl, Lindsay and Sapana. You can see more details about the job on the Co-op website.
Membership Committee Support Needed
The Membership Committee is looking to fill some positions. First and foremost, the Membership Committee Chair is currently vacant. This position requires an organized, dedicated person who is willing to play a project manager-type role by ensuring recurring administrative tasks are being done by the committee members and starting new initiatives to improve or change the membership processes. An outgoing personality with some tech-savvy to learn the various systems we keep membership data in would thrive in this role.We are also seeking reliable new committee members to help with administrative tasks and/or conducting monthly new member orientations. The administrative tasks include adding new member information to our systems, answering emails, sending new member welcome emails, special projects and more! It’s a great way to earn work shift credits from home.

Social Justice Spotlight: Trans Day of Action & World Refugee Day
Trans day of action
The 13th annual Trans Day of Action (TDOA) is upon us. In New York City, the principal organizer of the day is TransJustice, a project of the Audre Lorde Project (ALP), a Brooklyn-based organization that fights for the rights to self-determination for trans and gender-nonconforming people of color. Trans Day of Action is a celebration of “our legacy of resilience, resistance and community power.”TDOA is Friday, June 23, from 3pm to 6pm at Washington Square Park. There will be a march and rally specifically spotlighting the launch of ALP’s housing campaign for Trans and Gender Nonconforming People of Color in New York City, as well as a continued call for “access to respectful and comprehensive resources, [and opposition to] heightened discriminatory policing, and the erasure and displacement of the trans and gender nonconforming community from the Village, Chelsea, and beyond.”


ALP calls for the following from endorsing organizations:

  • Mobilize to the Trans Day of Action and bring your banner and members
  • Spread the word on your website and social media
  • Give donations of water and snacks for our amazing volunteers!

For individual endorsers:

  • Come on out to Trans Day of Action with your crew!
  • Spread the word if you have a website or social media

“Don't miss out on an amazing opportunity to lift up and support one of the only political marches led by and for Trans and Gender Nonconforming People of Color!”


World Refugee Day [text adapted from invitation]

Fort Greene Peace has organized a potluck picnic in Fort Greene Park (across Myrtle Ave from Whitman Houses) in solidarity with refugees and immigrants to mark World Refugee Day. This is an event primarily, but not exclusively, for folks in Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and surrounding communities.

Tuesday, June 20, from 5pm to 8pm. Facebook event page here.

This is a permitted event with music, activities for kids, a free “Know your rights” talk in Spanish, Arabic, and English, and an intervention training for allies of immigrants, refugees, and others. There will also be a message from the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs. Participants are encouraged to bring a favorite dish from their home countries to share at the potluck.

The Co-op Q&A With Lindsay Reichart, Store Coordinator
Lindsay Reichart
As you might have heard, we have three new store coordinators on staff! Longtime store coordinator, Lauryl, was joined last month by member-owners Lindsay, Raina, and Sapana. For the next few newsletters, we’ll spend some time getting to know them!
Q: Where are you from, and what brought you to this corner of Brooklyn?A: I grew up in the hamlet of Springs on the East End of Long Island. I moved to the Bronx 10 years ago to attend Fordham University and have since lived all over NYC, ending up in Bed-Stuy. 

Q: What do you do outside of the Co-op?

A: Outside of the Co-op, I am an urban farmer. When I'm not working, I do illustrations, make ceramics, hunt for new local beers, bike, and hang with my dog, Quincy.


Q: What drew you to this position?

A: I've been a member of the Co-op for a few years, working on the forthcoming beer license and the design/build committee. Prior to this position I did production work for large scale art installations, and most recently I worked for the Department of Design and Construction. I was looking to try something new and studied sustainable design and permaculture in grad school--I thought this could be a great opportunity to see how a business striving for holistic sustainability functions in NYC.


Q: What do you like about your role as store coordinator so far?

A: I love ordering produce and receiving! It's awesome seeing the store full of seasonal veggies, talking to members, as well as the fantastic people at Lancaster Farms.

Help Wanted
All members work a 2½ hour shift every 4 weeks. It's part of being a member/owner. Here are some opportunities to earn work credit.
Governance Committee Seeks New MembersFeel strongly about the sustainability of this community? Interested in the how and why of organizations? Have any experience developing resilient groups? The Governance Committee in looking for new members with interest and experience in any of the above. We run the Co-op's elections, advise the Board of Directors on the by-laws, and work in the interest of fairness and transparency for all Co-op members. Upcoming projects include the Fall elections for the Board and re-working our bylaws to better suit this growing cooperative of member-owners. Anyone interested is encouraged to get in touch: governance@greenehillfood.coop

HR Committee seeking member(s)

The Coop is looking for a member or members to join HR.  Duties include: Payroll process 1x/month, W-2 filing, Coordinator support (e.g. 1:1 availability to discuss workplace concerns, evaluations & work planning).  Preferred qualifications: HR experience & a strong analysis of systems of oppression.

Please email store@greenehillfood.coop with a few sentences about why you’re interested in the role & what experience/skills you would bring to it!


PHP/LAMP Stack Developer Needed for IT Committee

The IT Committee is looking for help with the Co-op’s public-facing website (www.greenehillfood.coop) as well as our internal systems, including our CRM and Shift Planning. If you have skills with PHP, Drupal, MySQL and CRMs (we use CiviCRM), then we could use your expertise. This work can be done remotely and is critical to ongoing success of our co-op. For further information, email Chad Donnick at membership@greenehillfood.coop.

Finance Committee Members Needed!If you have an interest in being involved in the day-to-day financial operations or finance strategy for the Co-op, please email finance@greenehillfood.coop

Finance Office Assistant Shifts Available

Interested in doing some office work at the store? Your role would focus on handling invoices and entering data into our accounting software. You'll get all the training and guidance you need, while working at a dedicated Finance desk and computer, and you'd be helping the Co-op produce financial statements on a regular basis. You can set your own hours! Please email officeassistant@greenehillfood.coop if you'd like to join us.


Inventory Committee Members Needed!

The Inventory Committee links Merchandising and Finance, and has a foot in both worlds. This particular role involves becoming an expert in Revel systems.The data in Revel feeds into our financial reporting to help us keep the business sound, and provides important information and analysis to the Merchandising Committee when they make decisions about what to buy for our store. It also supports cashiers so that everything scans correctly at the point of sale.


The key to all of this is excellent data integrity—and we need a few more experts! The weekly receiving and counting tasks require a shift in the store, but it’s not a set time, so it’s also great if you need something slightly more flexible! This role requires sitting at the computer and is very detail oriented.

Please contact GHFC-Inventory-team@googlegroups.com if you are interested.

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Credits: Photo of Lindsay Reichart courtesy of her; TDOA image courtesy of Audre Lorde Project; Photos of member-owner Renée Renata Bergan and backyard potluck courtesy of Kelsy Chauvin; photo of member-owner Sigourney Woodfork courtesy of Casey Zhang.
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