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Summer’s over. Did you eat enough basil and cherry tomatoes?

cherry tomatoes and basil

There's a lot of news to cram into this month's newsletter. Murals are being primed, documentaries are being filmed, The Co-op is hiring, and our Fall Party is in the works for October 6th. But the real buzz at The Co-op is that, if we can fill up the work shifts, Monday shopping begins October 8th. To remind you all that we need shift leaders to help get Mondays off the ground, there are no less than forty references to that in this newsletter. See if you can count them all. And please head over to and sign up for a Monday shift now!

Tuesday's General Meeting will be our first one since July, and topics will include the board election, a vote on the grievance procedure, and a discussion about banked hours. Come on down, join in the discussion, vote and earn some work credit at a meeting (if you’re a member)! The meeting’s agenda can be read here.


Do you have what it takes to be our first paid staffer? There's a job available as our Store Coordinator, our rock, the person around whom a galaxy of volunteers will orbit. It's a 25-30 hour/week position that pays $19-25 / hour commensurate with experience. Some managing experience is required, as well as availability during our open hours and our receiving hours. All the details are here at the Store Coordinator link on our website.

FALL SHINDIG WITH FOOD AND MUSICfall shindig. Saturday, Octobetrr 6, noon to 6 pm. 18 Putnam Avenue between Grand and Downing

Come on out for Greene Hill Food Co-op’s Fall Celebration, co-hosted by Bed-Stuy’s own Sound Liberation Front (SLF) — on Saturday, October 6, from noon to 6pm, at Putnam Triangle. Why not, it's FREE!?!

SLF will premiere their custom "Tower of Sound" and their rockin' DJ Crew will be spinning old-school reggae, funk, soul, and afrobeat for the community to get down! Shambhala Yoga and Dance Center will be offering dance lessons and performances including afrocize, salsa, and kids’ dance. And yoga sessions from Free School Yoga will help keep the crowd limber.

Food samples will be offered from sustainable, local and organic vendors including Equal Exchange, Granola Labs, and GrowNYC. Cooking demonstrations from the Greene Hill Food Co-op's own Education Committee will give helpful tips to members and guest shoppers on exciting ways to use their fresh, delicious ingredients. And to really satiate your appetite, local restaurants such as Luv Tea and Cochinita Tacos will be selling their favorites dishes.

Kids can enjoy face painting, children’s music, and a puppeteer from Brooklyn’s own Puppetry Arts. BK Farmyards will introduce live chickens for backyard farming education and New York’s Office of Recycling Outreach and Education (OROE) will host activities that promote recycling and waste-prevention for all types of materials. Other educational activities include gardening, composting and greenhouse how-to sessions.

If you're feeling artistic, you can add your thoughts, ideas and drawings to the "Community Message Boards" a public art activity (and part of the Co-op's Backyard Mural Project) with artwork by Brooklyn Artist and Co-Op Member Melissa Godoy Nieto facilitated by Community Member Julie Flynn. Or simply bring a t-shirt or bag for on-site silk screening!

And to top it off -- for this day only, Greene Hill Food Co-op will be open to non-members to shop! It's going to be an awesome day so come out and have fun! Tell your friends!

NEED SOME WORK CREDIT? The event committee could still use some help during the day of the event, pls email if interested. It will definitely be one of the most fun work shifts!


Work! Don't lose! Beginning Monday, October 8th we will be implementing our "no shopping for folks who are missing 2+ shifts" policy. Don't get the boot! Contact work tracking ( to ask a question or check on your hours before October 8th.


graffiti art

It's time to prime the wall where the mural will be.

On Saturday, September 22, from noon - 6 PM we will be priming the back wall of the Co-op building. Also, there is talk of blending 14 cans of leftover paint into a very special blend we will call “Co-op Brown.” We'll be cleaning up the surrounding lot on this afternoon too, so bring friends. Get messy! If you have any of the following to loan for the day, we're collecting these items before noon on the 6th (leave them in the expansion space):

  • 10 Rollers and covers
  • 10, 3 or 4 inch brushes
  • 4, 4-8' extention poles
  • 2 Ladders
  • 2 five gallon buckets
  • Masking tape
  • Weed Whacker

We'd love to see you there. No artistic skills required. Contact Rachel Robbins for details:


We will be hosting a training session at The Co-op on Tuesday, October 2nd at 7:30 PM, oriented at creating shift leaders for our new Monday hours. The goal is to have these sessions once a month, but this particular session will all be about informing and motivating people to help us get Mondays off the ground.

Work credit (and beer) will be provided. Free beer.

Are you interested? Please contact


documentary film link

Visit The Co-op this Saturday and you'll have a chance to be a part of a French documentary called Collaborative Cities. It’s about "the collaborative economy" -- focusing on co-working spaces, ride-sharing, food co-ops, crowd funding etc., and they’re visiting 12 cities across Europe and the US to stockpile footage. The filmmaker, who used to live here, has asked to include The Co-op. We encourage all French native speaking members to show up between 2-4 PM on Saturday the 22nd (really confuse them - ‘we’re in Brooklyn?’)

Click on the image of the fabulous Frenchman Maxime Leroy (left), and hear him describe the project in a fabulous French accent.


The Marketing Committee is looking for a few motivated and outgoing people to join us. Marketing has three small teams, and each team needs your help, especially if you are a graphic designer who understands working within a branding system and know how to use Indesign. The three teams are:

PROMO: (chair DK Holland)

Mission: We develop all the promotion for the Co-op. We designed and produced the shopping bags and other branded merchandise and work with Outreach and other committees.

IN-STORE-SIGNAGE: (chairs Olivia Angelezzi and Thomas Mitchell)

Mission: Just like you wish you could improve those signs on I-84, we respond to the needs of our shoppers. How can we make your shopping experience as informed, smooth and streamlined as possible?

STRATEGY: (chair Sara Cornish)

Mission: We look at the overall communication needs of the Co-op, work with other committees. Sara is in particular looking for a co-chair as she’s now in grad school. Congrats Sara!

Please email if you’ve got the skill set and the interest to join any of these teams, and let us know where you fit in.








This week, to drive the point home that we need shift leaders, DK Holland interviewed two terrific members who jumped in when the store opened, committed to working every week as cashiers, and have since evolved to training new cashiers on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Naomi and Nancye...


What made you join The Co-op?

NAOMI: My friend Shannon said, “I’m joining. You should join too.” We took the plunge together.

NANCYE: I’ve been a member of Park Slope Food Co-op for 10 years so I was very excited when Greene Hill opened. I live about five blocks away.

Tell us about your first experience as a cashier leader.

NAOMI: I felt like we were in the trenches together. I saw how much everyone was working. The sense that it’s all our responsibility to all run the Co-op sunk in. You are constantly reminded we all work here.

NANCYE: I helped out during the Buying Club as a cashier. I realized how important it is to keep the line moving.

It looks like you guys are having a good time, I must say, when you’re cashiering. Is it a tight group?

NAOMI: Honestly everyone here has such a great attitude. It’s no one’s day job. They show up with such high energy. Also maybe cashiering kind of self selects for happy people?

NANCYE: There are always different people cashiering. So I know a lot more people now ­– we see each other on the street. That’s nice.

Do you like to cook?

NAOMI: I like to experiment. And I like to ask people what they’re going to do with the food they buy. For instance, I’d never seen a raw gherkin in my life. And here were members pickling gherkins. But I’m more of a baker. I like to bake cookies.

NANCYE: I do! I have many different kinds of eaters in my household. I pride myself on being able to cook for my husband who’s an omnivore, my son who’s a carnivore and I’m a vegaitarian, without soiling too many pots and pans.

What’s your favorite seasonal produce?

NAOMI: I was pretty excited by the corn. It was so fresh!

NANCYE: I loved the watermelon a lot. And the raw kale for salad – just massage the leaves to break down the fiber and add nuts and stuff. Really delicious.


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