July 2012 Newsletter

For the last few weeks we’ve been cooling off the store by melting a block of ice in front of a box fan and blowing it towards the back of the store. It’s a clever and surprisingly functional trick, but we’re happy to announce that our HVAC is now installed and we have an air-conditioned store to shop in.

Thursday’s General Meeting is a big one for the Greene Hill Food Co-op, with important decisions at stake. There were over 400 responses to our latest survey, which is impressive for a co-op of 1084 members. At the GM, we will discuss the next day we plan to open (Monday), and what it will take for us to reach that goal (people stepping up to work shifts and fulfill leadership roles on Mondays).

We will also witness a presentation from Talia Braude, Lauren Karchmer, & Jeannie Hamilton on behalf of the Design / Build Committee about floor plan possibilities for our entire space.Help us imagine what our store should look like in the future. We’d love to get your feedback! Work credit is given for attendance at General Meetings, and if the A/C isn’t working on South Oxford Street, we know how to cool off the space with a chunk of ice and a box fan.


general meeting WHERE: 138 S. Oxford St Brooklyn NY (MAP)WHEN: Thursday July 19th 2012 7pm-9pm


NEW TO THE CO-OP? (15 minutes) 7:00PM-7:15PM INTRODUCTION (5 minutes) 7:15PM-7:20PM COMMITTEE REPORTS (15 minutes) 7:20-7:35PM MAIN AGENDA (55 minutes) 7:40PM-8:35PM

Work Shift Questions What if I miss my shift? Can I do a different shift every four weeks? I want to be a shift leader, how can I switch? All these answers and more. (Membership, 5 minutes)

  • Future Store Floor Plans & Designs: Close your eyes and imagine the Greene Hill Co-op space in five years. Now, bring those thoughts to the meeting, as we’ll be reviewing the first steps and broad stroke ideas for the future store renovations. (Talia Braude, Lauren Karchmer, & Jeannie Hamilton, 35 minutes)
  • Next Open Hours: Survey results and perspectives. (Ops, 15 minutes)

OPEN FORUM (10 minutes) 8:40PM-8:50PM CLOSING (5 minutes) 8:50PM-8:55PM NEXT MEETING ARRANGEMENTS (5 minutes) 8:55PM-9:00PM See the full agenda here.


We’ve begun ordering a number of low-cost mainstream items to help balance our store full of well-curated local and organic goods. Items and brands you are used to seeing in other markets, like Domino sugar, Hellman’s mayonnaise, Joy dishwashing liquid, etc. -- but priced the way only a not-for-profit can price things. So while organic white vinegar will probably knock the socks off of your salad for six bucks, there’s a bottle of “Parade” vinegar next to it now for seventy-four cents, too.

facepaintFALL CELEBRATION SEEKS MUSICIANS, MARCHING BANDS, DANCERS, FACE PAINTERS, MORE...In a few months, our Co-op is hosting a Fall Celebration block party, outside the store on a traffic-free Putnam Avenue! We would like to hear from you if you can help make the day a festive event: DJs, bands, dancers, and other fun entertainers step on up! Dancers or yoga teachers, can you lead a short demo/class? Can you help facilitate activities for children, or maybe you're a face painter? We’re also in need of sound equipment (speakers, microphones, etc.) and a sound person. If you are interested or you know someone else with these skills to share, please contact Gretchen: gretchen.m.johnson@gmail.com.And to join our Events Committee where you get work credit for organizing these kind of gatherings, join our google group now and say hi.



Each week we get to know a member of our co-op by firing a bunch of random questions their way. this week, for extra poetic effect / laziness, we’re doing things e.e. cummings style...

Q: were you a part of the "buying club" before the store opened? what was that like?

i was a part of the buying club, which was a major improvement from where i was getting most of my groceries before. it was fun to be a part of something called a "club" too, as it reminded me of high school.

q: are you going to be getting season tickets to the brooklyn nets?

not a chance. i am not thrilled about that stadium. at all.

q: what's one product that you feel the co-op is selling at a tremendous value?

the best deals to me are the milk and eggs. getting them locally-sourced and relatively sustainable/organic/etc for that price is great.

q: do you have a lot of houseplants?

my living room is a bit of a jungle. the temperature in there feels that way too this time of year.

q: what kind of musician are you?

i play trumpet, dhol (a big punjabi drum), and sing a bit. people tell me i jump high on stage as well when performing with the brooklyn-based bhangra brass funk band red baraat.

q: is it easy to stay healthy when you're touring?

it totally depends on where we're touring. i just got back from california -- not hard at all out there. it can be harder in the midwest and generally when we're driving in the middle of nowhere. i'm a vegetarian too, so getting anything of substance is always a treat. in europe it's a whole lot of bread and cheese. i miss cooking on the road for sure.

q: if there was ever a greene hill food co-op band, what cover song would they most likely play?

“talking bout a revolution” by tracy chapman.

q: what are some foods you'd like to see us stock at the co-op?

i would love some big bins with bulk items like lentils and beans, rices and grains, granolas and nuts. bulk spices at a cheaper price would also be great. rose petals. vanilla beans. lavender. oh, and field roast sausages! so good.

q: when you see that the fire hydrant at grand and putnam is open on a hot summer day, do you avoid it or go through it?

ride my bike through it every time...


Boring but important! Read it!

The September General Meeting will also be the Co-op’s Annual Meeting, and will feature an election for two seats on the Co-op’s Board of Directors. Interested in running? The only requirements are that you must have been a member of the Co-op for at least a year as of September, and you must commit to attending (most of) the General Meetings during your three-year term. If you’re interested in this opportunity to help the Co-op/build your resume/etc., or have questions, please send an email togovernance@greenehillfood.coop.


Also boring but important! Read!

THURSDAY HELP WITH BULK RECEIVING...In addition to needing general shift leaders, we specifically need to recruit shift leaders for our Thursday receiving hours. Thursdays we are open for receiving from 10:00AM - 2:00PM, with shifts from 10:00AM -12:00PM and 11:45AM - 1:45PM. We receive several deliveries of cheeses, hummus and plenty of bulk items, and we hope to add more deliveries from local farms as well. Get excited because we’d like to expand the bulk portion of our Co-op in the near future! Sadly, our current shift leaders are out starting in August. So anyone on a glorious summer staycation in Brooklyn please step forward! Contact Membership at membership@greenehillfood.coop


We are also looking for help establishing our membership office at the store. We want this nice and tidy office to be available to our members during "shopping" hours for any questions and concerns that might come up. Getting a membership office off the ground is being overseen by the Membership Committee and we're looking for your crucial support. To help, contact Nick or Erin at membership@greenehillfood.coop


It seems that folks are still confused about "banked hours." There is a FAQ for that on the website, but never fear, here's the skinny: if a member works more than their 2 hours per 4 weeks, their extra time is banked. But this banked time cannot be used to satisfy one's work requirement over the summer. Why? At the GM in April, we concluded that we needed to get all members up and working before we could simultaneously start doling out banked hours. We also said we would revisit this issue again at the September GM. Please emailmembership@greenehillfood.coop for further clarifications.


Learn about a few products as our own Shannon Dry muses about a Co-op breakfast...Baked granola, “the granola for everyone”, is available at The Co-op in three delicious flavors, and it’s made right here in Brooklyn. In a hurry and don’t have time for breakfast? Grab your handsome bag of their Mountain Blend granola and snack on your walk to the subway. Want to add a crunch punch to your vanilla ice cream? Mix some Baked Chocolate Blend granola in for good measure. Or mix the House Blend with yogurt or milk! While you’re at it, scoop in a spoonful of Oak View Acres organic strawberry or blueberry jam for an added treat that will knock your breakfast socks off. Oak View Acres of Strasburg, PA uses organic produce from local farmers. Not enough dried cranberries already in your Mountain blend granola? No cranberries in your House Blend granola? You’re an addict! Not to worry, The Co-op is here to save your breakfast again -- we’ve got deliciously sweetened dried cranberries from the Vermont Cranberry Company in Fletcher, Vermont. Made with Vermont homestead grown, hand sorted, brilliant berries! Have them alone as a snack or as an addition to your recipes. Look for the little brown bag above the dried nuts as you approach the check-out counter. Happy Breakfast!



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