August 2012 Newsletter

Your August newsletter is here, just a day or two before it’s officially September. While it's a lazy time of year, there's still a lot going on at the Greene Hill Food Co-op. We have new shopping hours (including a fabulous shortened shopping day THIS SATURDAY), a new website design, murals in the works, Co-op board elections coming up, and a grand celebration on tap for Saturday, October 6th. You can also learn how to place a special bulk order for yourself in this newsletter. While the next General Meeting isn't until Tuesday, September 18th, there are plenty of ways to get involved and help your Co-op thrive. Read every single word of this newsletter dammit!


Monday Hours: IF THE WORK SHIFTS FILL UP*, beginning Monday October 8th, the store will be open from 1:30pm until 8pm on Mondays!

Labor Day Weekend: We will be closing at 2pm on Saturday, September 1st. Hours that day will be 10am until 2pm (not 6pm).

Future Saturdays: Shopping will be trimmed a bit beginning Saturday, October 13th -- new Saturday hours will be 10am until 4pm.

Thursday Receiving: Will move to Mondays, 8am - 1:30pm, beginning Monday, October 8th.

Sunday Maintenance: New Sunday maintenance shifts from 6-8pm will be added to shift planning beginning Monday, October 8th as well.


We have posted new MONDAY shifts on the shift planning site. In order to proceed with these new extended hours, we will have to have all Monday shifts filled first. Please, help us make our extended shopping hours a success and do what you can to grab some Monday shifts on Columbus Day (October 8th) and beyond. Filling these shifts might require that people work a little extra for a couple of months, bank some extra hours, and help support the store's progress.


It’s that little bit left in summer where you start to ask yourself, what do I have to look forward to this fall? Besides a new school year, the presidential election, and stew, the deadline for Co-op Board nominations is Wednesday, September 5!

Online voting begins Monday, September 10 and runs until Monday, September 17. At the General Meeting on Tuesday, September 18 there will also be a paper ballot voting, tabulation of votes, and the announcement and convening of the new Board. Want to throw your hat in? Of course you do. Candidates must have been Co-op members for one year or more. Interested candidates should provide a one paragraph blurb on why they are interested and what makes them the most qualified. The President and Vice-President must already be Board members, but Secretary and Treasurer need not be. Floor nominations will be accepted, but those nominated will not be on the ballot during the online phase of voting.

Officers will be elected in October.

Please send nominations, for yourself or another member, to


Greene Hill Food Co-op’s Fall Celebration is coming on Saturday, October 6, from noon to 6pm. Please mark your calendar for this fall celebration and community gathering at Putnam Triangle (on Putnam Avenue between Grand Ave. and Cambridge Pl., just west of the Greene Hill Food Co-op). Music by Sound Liberation Front. Fresh seasonal foods and cooking demonstrations. Fun activities, dancing, and classes from Grow NYC, Shambhala Yoga & Dance Center, and more. New members can bring a t-shirt or bag for on-site silk screening.

We'll need help the day of the event (tablers, set-up/breakdown crew, food handlers, cashiers), so if you want to volunteer (and get work credit for doing so!), please email


We have reinvisioned our website and we like our new shell. The Website Committee, with the help of Marketing, Outreach, IT, and others at the Co-op, has reconfigured our website in a way that will better serve our 1,000+ Members.

What has changed? With our new design and navigation, the information that you request most is up front on the homepage or can be easily found through the new menu structure. Click here to see a full-size version. In the coming months we will continue to add more content and tweak the layout and design.

As the site goes live in the next few weeks we would greatly appreciate your feedback at so that we can ensure that it meets the varying needs of our members. It’s your website too! Any input helps us and helps you. If you have experience with web writing and/or design and want to help out, please contact the Website Committee at


A mural will soon adorn the Fulton-facing wall on the back of our store, and those who care to be involved can attend an upcoming meeting about it. The meeting will take place at 7:30pm on Wednesday, Sept 5th at the Co-op. This will be a planning, logistics, and creative meeting where we start to figure out the timeline, supplies, and content of the mural, as well as what it will mean for the neighborhood and Co-op community.

Please contact Rachel Robbins at if you would like to attend.


Are you an avid canner? Do you go through pounds and pounds of flour because of your undying love for baking? Now you can order products in bulk at the Co-op. Two disclaimers:

1) This is intended for individual member use only, and not for business or third party use.

2) Some products are seasonal and may not be available.

Otherwise, go nuts. Deadlines will be posted for each bulk buying cycle at the store. A down payment of $20 per case / bag of product is due at the time of order. You will be notified via email of the date to pick up your order. Contact Ozzie at to request an order or ask a question.


Q: How long does it take you to walk to the Greene Hill Food Co-op from your apartment?

It's a solid mile, so about 20 minutes.

Q: How do you make a vegan brownie taste good?

By asking my lovely girlfriend to make them for me (she's the baker of the house!). Don't over bake em', make sure they are gooey. They'll get harder as they cool. We found a pretty simple recipe that only calls for sugar, cocoa, flour, and oil.

Q: What are some products that you buy every time you shop at the Co-op?

We are Udon Crazy! A package of Roland Organic Udon Noodles is $1.67, and makes 4 meals for one and 2 meals for two. Udon is basically Top Ramen for grown ups. It's really simple to make and doesn't take time to prepare at all. A dash of your favorite spice is really all you need. We also fry it in sesame oil and onion, which is an extra step but totally worth it. We always stock up on fresh produce too, whatever the co-op is offering.

Q: What are some products you'd like to see us stock in the future?

As far as new products, I would like to see a bigger salsa selection. The stuff we have is ok, but there are a lot of salsas out there, and that's the one shelf I would love us to expand on. It's hard to get good salsa in New York.

Q: What instruments do you play?

I play a lot of stuff. Drums and guitar are my two favorite, and I've been playing them both for forever. I have a small modest collection of older beat machines and samplers, and I am a huge fan of electronic music. I've been obsessed with sampling and making mash-ups as of the past year or so.

Q: How do you distribute the music you create?

You can hear (and download all my music for free) at My music gets past around by word of mouth, so if you like it, feel free to share it! There's also a short video of when I toured China that might be interesting to watch:

Q: Do you like sports?

I love playing sports, especially basketball, but I don't really follow them. Does pinball count as a sport?

Q: What sort of foods do you like to put into your juicer? What sort of foods should you never put into a juicer?

For any juice, carrots and an apple are a must for the base of your juice, after that, you may add anything you'd like! Ginger and lemon are always a must for any juice I make. My girlfriend even likes garlic sometimes in her juice, which can make it savory, but make sure you use only a little bit.

You can't really juice berries, they just sort of turn into a syrup. Also, very important, if you're juicing beets, make sure that your beet juice doesn't exceed more than 1/3 of your juice, or you'll get sick.

Q: Burger King, Wendy's, or McDonalds -- which has better vegan options?

I despise all fast food (except Taco Bell has a special place in my heart from when I was a kid). My buddy told me that the McDonald's Apple Pie is 100% vegan, but I'm not in any rush to give it a try.

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