We’re Hiring a General Manager

Updated 1/15/19

We’re hiring a full-time (35-hour) General Manager. This position reports to the Board of Directors and works with Co-op member-owners in managing store operations.

This is an exciting moment to take on this leadership position at Greene Hill Food Co-op. After being evicted from its old home, members voted to relocate rather than close. In August, the Co-op finished renovating and moving into its new home.

The next General Manager will have many opportunities and some challenges in leading the Co-op through its ongoing growth and transformation. The Co-op’s new, more visible home has already brought increased sales and membership. As the Co-op continues to grow, the General Manager will play a key role in supporting sustainable business operations, cultivating member-owner leadership, and continuing to improve the Co-op’s accessibility in its racially and economically diverse neighborhood.


  • Experience working in cooperatives or food justice preferred; working knowledge and/or desire to learn more of the working food cooperative business structure, principles and values expected

  • Ability to lift 50 pounds repeatedly unassisted

  • Excellent organization skills with an eye for well stocked displays and cleanliness

  • Proficiency or the ability to become proficient in computer applications such as online spreadsheets, accounting systems, and point of sales.

  • Ability to manage ongoing tasks and delegate responsibility, when appropriate

  • Ability to manage, coordinate, and support a diverse group of member-owners with a wide range of capabilities

  • Ability to speak and communicate clearly and respectfully in English with diverse populations and stakeholders

    • Second language preferred, but not required.


Goals: To ensure store is running smoothly, uphold the general health of the cooperative, and look to strengthen and streamline co-op systems and processes. As we are a member-labor based organization, the General Manager is expected to strengthen the ability for member-owner labor to complete the majority of in store tasks.

Your job responsibilities include:

  • Ensure compliance with health codes & other applicable laws in coordination with Governance Committee

  • Implement, improve and streamline in-store procedures

  • Receive products and direct their restocking

  • Maintain a clean, organized, and well stocked store

  • Manage inventory, including ownership over online Revel inventory procedures and accuracy, periodic physical counts, and the annual physical inventory

  • Coordinate with Merchandising Committee about store merchandise needs and deliveries

  • Coordinate with Marketing about signage / wayfinding needs of the store

  • Oversee produce ordering (either through directly ordering or working closely with Merchandising produce buyers)

  • Maintain communication with member-owners working weekday in-store shifts

  • Delegate operational tasks to member-owners working their shifts

  • Coordinate in-store membership shift slots, in collaboration with Membership Committee

  • Make regular safe drops and bank deposits

  • Keep informed on committee work, as it pertains to the store and to member-labor needs

  • Serve as an Ex Officio Board Member; attend all general and monthly board meetings and participate in discussions and decisions

If the Co-op’s budget allows for the hiring of additional store coordinators, your responsibilities will also include participating in the hiring and training of future store coordinators as well as coordinating their work in the store.

Hourly rate
$22.50 per hour ($18.00 per hour during your initial 1-2 week training)

Full time (35 hours per week), hourly

Start date
March 1, 2019

Hours of work

35 hours per week, according to the following general schedule:

  • Monday through Thursday: 2 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. (in store)

  • Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (receiving, in store)

  • All general and board meetings (approximately 2 hours per month 7-9PM, in store)

  • Receiving Krasdale orders (4 hours, approximately twice per month, in store)


  • Your benefits include two weeks (70 hours) of paid vacation time, 5 paid holidays, and 40 hours of paid sick time per year.

  • The Co-op will cover up to $400/mo. towards health insurance premiums.

How to apply

Please email your cover letter and resume to board@greenehillfood.coop. Applications received by January 24th, 2019 will be given priority consideration.