Join now and support our Indiegogo fundraising campaign

As part of our Indiegogo fundraising campaign, one can purchase a membership to the Greene Hill Food Co-op for a reduced rate of $150 (waiving the administration fee of $25)**.  As a 100% working food co-op, Greene Hill isn’t just a grocery store—it’s a consumer-owned, cooperative business. This means that each member-owner has an equal voice in how the business is run and managed. This also means that every member-owner contributes time on a regular basis to keep the store stocked and running, or participates in one of our committees and attends General Meetings. Before you make this purchase, please read through our membership requirements to fully understand what a membership/owner responsibilities are.
**By purchasing your membership through this campaign, your investment is a donation and therefore, when you leave, your "investment" will remain with the Co-op.