BOD Working Session 5.11.15 Agenda Committee

Updates on Action items from previous Working Session (All, 35 min) POS System (Renee, 5 min): The POS is no longer in limbo. We now know how to get it up and running and satisfying all our requirements.

  • To fully support EBT: Purchase Revel Card swipe and switch Payment processors from Merchant Warehouse to Mercury (no difference in cost) - Andrew Hapke and Evan Flath (with input from Sean Mullane)

  • Product List Cleanup and Import - Julia Flath and Merch committee working on

  • Training scripts - Evan Flath (hopefully with formatting help from Marketing)

  • Cashier training logistics - Matthew Talmage and volunteers from the Shift Leader Committee

  • Working on going live by first week of June.


ACTION ITEM: Bylaws update (DK, Dorothy Lawrence 10 min)

  • Plain Speak summary of Bylaws

  • We are not in compliance - suggestions for action

  • How do we remedy this lack of compliance, going forward?

    • Send link to Board so they may make comments in a week so we can post.

    • Board will review votes at the end of each GM and approve at the end of the mtg

    • We will post this on the Website and in the store with annotations.


ACTION ITEM: Discuss PSFC loan offer and if agreed, approve next mtg date (Renee, 10 min)

  • It was agreed that we should pursue a loan from PSFC.

  • Renee will start a doodle - as many board members as possible should attend — DONE


ACTION ITEM: Letter to investors (Sean, DK, 5 min)

  • in process: Letter shared with Board

  • DK will review letter. Sean will release checks. We will pay the investors ASAP. We will modify.


ACTION ITEM: Letter to PSFC residents near GHFC (Russ, 1 min)

  • in process: Letter sent to Marketing, DK & Renee on 5/6/15.

Letter should be from Russ not the board. More personal.

Letter sent to PSFC for review


ACTION ITEM: need to hire a bookkeeper (1 min)

  • PSFC may be able to assist with bookkeeper, will find out after loan mtg

This ties in with the meeting we will have with PSFC.


ACTION ITEM: we should have a five year plan & buy the building as a goal (1 min)

  • This ties in with the meeting we will have with Dahlia Thompson at the GM about the Collymores.

Store Coordinator update (SC liaisons, 5 min)

  • Update on Substitute Store Position - who are they?

  • Tal and Russ

  • Agreement to keep Lauryl’s hours to 30 and add to Tal and Russ’s hours


Vote to increase banked hours yearly max from 6 - 7.5 hrs to be consistent with our new work requirement. (Russ, 5 min)

  • Moved to GM for vote

Merch Strategy Session: Discuss ideas of how to improve our merchandising so to encourage ppl to join (Merch (Sarah and Sara) /All, 40 min)

  • Lack of stock vs working with financial constraints, can we give Merch more financial breathing room?

  • Need to better train Store Coordinators to get products onto the floor and keep the store looking good.

  • Product Requests needs to be modified so we only carry things that move

  • Bulk update (merch side of things)

Really important to move on this. Cale will make the 3 sinks in the Expansion space

  • Summer products, summer promotions - bring back buying from the Farmer’s Market - need sense of abundant beautiful produce.

Thinking beyond produce since Farmers Markets takes over as the preferred venue in the Summer months

Merch can’t be responsible for product spotlight in the newsletter anymore

  • Merch needs more freezers

  • Fronting and facing issues on the shelves need to be solved as floor attendants stock the shelves (training and management issue)

Fewer GM’s? Proposal to have 6 GM’s in the year vs our current 10 (would not start until July). (Renee, 10 min)

  • Renee will propose the Agenda Committee time and attendance be decreased instead of the General Meetings at the GM. We should keep GMs once a month and increase member interest and attendance

Move one of Board Mtgs to weekends? (Jeannie, 10 min)

  • Yes, Sunday eves

Finance Report* (Sean, 5 min) *Sean will be giving bigger financial picture at GM’s and smaller progress updates at ACs

GM agenda creation (All, 5 min)

  • Committee Presentation: Governance (15-20 min)

  • Committee Presentation: What is a Shleader? (15-20 min)

  • Marketing Make up Presentation??? ONLY IF TIME

  • Vote to approve 9 Directors on Board (5 min, DK)

  • Vote to increase banked hours yearly max from 6 - 7.5 hrs to be consistent with our new work requirement. (Russ, 5 min)

  • AC mtg reduction Proposal and Vote

    • Propose to reduce total # of Director meetings per year from 21 to 15 (AC’s bi monthly, while GM’s monthly) and new time for the AC meetings - Sundays, 6pm (GM’s still 4rth wed)

    • Approve new committee presentation schedule (pg 2)

    • Vote on limt Directors absences to 5 since total number of mtgs decreased (Renee, 10 min)

  • Discussion about landlord issue: Back lot and rent increase, propose to purchase property? (Dahlia, 20 min?)

  • Board review/approval: Board will review votes at the end of each GM and approve at the end of the mtg (5 min)