Elections to the Board of Directors - April 29

We will be holding an election in April to fill some open seats on the board of directors. We have an excellent pool of candidates who have submitted their bios and experience for your consideration, so be sure to cast your vote! Please keep an eye out for an email in comings weeks with directions on how to cast your vote, either online or at the April general meeting.

Candidate Bios

Name: Rachelle Faroul Bio Rachelle_Faroul Rachelle Erica Faroul is originally from East Flatbush, Brooklyn, (by way of Barbados, West Indies) and currently lives in Bed-Stuy. After working in agricultural extensionist in Cape Verde, West Africa, Rachelle worked at Just Food connecting rural farms with emergency food programs throughout New York City. Her love of Brooklyn and startups inspired her to join the Greene Hill Food Coop where she works as a Merchandise Buyer. Recently, Rachelle and her co-founder PheOnix RuachShaddai were selected as Semi-Finalists for the Echoing Green Global Fellowship Competition. Together, they will launch Urban Spring, a Brooklyn food hub and incubator for underrepresented farmers and food processors, in June.   Name: Hillary Frileck Bio I love our Co-op.  I love learning about our food sources and what really goes into building the store to Hillary_Frileck it’s fullest potential so we can bring in more members which will allow for a larger space and more of what members want to buy. I’ve been a member of the Greene Hill Food Co-op for a year and a half and as recently as last year my activity has increased 10 fold.  My day job is that of a photo producer for ad agencies…. in a nut shell, I make things happen, I’m a do-er, a motivator, the master nudge. Working with members to find the best sources for our products has been truly fascinating.  Not only have I played an active role in the Merch committee (which garnered me a nomination to be 1 of 3 Co-Chairs) I have also helped move along some general store processes.  One of which is our POS system.. for quite awhile we had no products barcodes/PLU’s (except produce) entered in the system thus requiring cashiers to manually enter in costs when checking out a member.  I helped rally some troops and we were able to get all the store products entered into the system which allowed for scanning items and faster moving lines!  I’ve also aided with whole store inventory count, fixing and clearing the expansion space, product/price labeling and general store operations. It would be an honor to be a Board member and help continue in the movement towards our vision of the Greene Hill Food Co-op and what we have to offer our community and beyond.   Name: Keith Almon Bio Keith_Almon I’m absolutely thrilled to be a member of the Greene Hill Food Co-op. The concept of eating more locally sourced, less processed food at reasonable prices just seems to make good sense to me. I don’t any official food related training but I love to eat good food and I’m a pretty darn good cook too! I like our principles and love being involved in such an organization. I have been involved in the coop since shortly after the lease on the Putnam property was signed nearly 3 years ago. I was one of the original receiving shift leaders when the store first opened and have since been actively involved on the Operations Committee eventually becoming a co-chair and filling various gaps in coverage. I also was one of the original store managers available during opening hours prior to the hiring of our store coordinator. I think it’s important to bring a variety of viewpoints and outlooks to the board, and I will strive to do so.