Elections to the Board of Directors - April 29

The Board of Directors is now undergoing changes to its structure and organization, so it can better coordinate committee activities and Membership decision-making and long term Co-op goals. One change took place at a recent General Meeting, where the Membership voted to increase the number of Board Members from seven to nine, leaving two more seats to be filled. An unrelated development was the move a Director out of Brooklyn, leaving one more Board seat to be filled. Please see the “Call for Nominees” below for information on how nominate yourself or someone else as a candidate for one of the three Board seats that need to be filled.

Call for Nominees

Have you been a member of the Co-op for over a year? Are you looking to get more involved in the leadership of the organization? The Co-op is looking for a few new members of the Board of Directors and a new secretary! Membership on the board means that you will be taking a very active role in the business of the Co-op, and you get work credit for your time!

The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the monthly general meetings and helping to see through to action any decisions made by the membership. The directors are expected to attend the meetings as often as possible, to ensure a quorum, and full participation. They may also meet outside of the general meetings to discuss and take action on any important topics.

The secretary is responsible for ensuring that minutes are taken at the monthly general meetings and at board meetings and ensuring that they are kept in a safe, accessible repository, and posted on the Co-op’s website. The secretary is not required to attend every monthly meeting and board meeting, however, they are responsible for delegating the task of minute-taking to another individual if they cannot be present.

To be the secretary you must be a member in good standing with the Co-op. To be a director you must be a member in good standing with a minimum of one year of membership. So if this is you, and you would like to become more involved in the workings of the Co-op, then send an email to governance@greenehillfood.coop with a bit of explanation as to any experience that you might have that would make you a good candidate for the GHC board of directors. Good luck!