General Meeting Agenda 05/22/2019

Meeting Agenda

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 22,  7:00 - 9:00 pm

The Co-op: 1083 Fulton



Note-taker: Ellen Frank-Delgado

Note-takers - please see link to secretary responsibilities.



Directors Present: Chris, Ahmad, Matthew

Directors Absent: Christina, Lindsay              

Others in attendance: DK, Willa, Bianca, Renee, Theres (merchandising), Hillary (marketing)

Any person attending may participate equally in discussions, but only Co-op members/owners may vote on any issues.

Next General Meeting is ___June 26, 2019___ 2019 at the store. Want to be a facilitator, secretary, timekeeper or to propose items for a future GM agenda? Please email (work credit always allotted)


The Co-op’s 2019 meeting and store closure calendar can be viewed here.


Welcome/Orientation  7:00-7:05

Welcome and introductions. Brief explanation of the purpose of the Board Meeting. Questions welcomed!


Consent Agenda  7:05-7:15

A collective vote on decisions that have already been made or that don’t generally require/solicit discussion. Attendees can pull out any item they would like more discussion on, and this item will be moved to discussion at the end of the meeting. Information on all consent agenda item votes will be circulated in advance of the meeting.


Approve Minutes  7:15-7:20

Board votes whether to approve the public minutes from the board meeting. These minutes will then be ready to post online.


●     Link to minutes from previous Board meeting  

●      Approved


1. General Manager Update  7:20-7:35

●     Overall: going well

●     Exciting: 

○     Small produce team with Adam and Lindsay (ordering three times a week) 

■     Will need more help on Mondays and Fridays

○     Spending a lot of time training- wants to develop a comprehensive training with John August. Willa to follow up with Orientation

■     Walk-in space issue (cold!)- Willa to buy cheap jackets

○     Extra produce- putting it downstairs overnight to reduce spoilage

■     Mon-Fri this works well, weekends more difficult so more compost

○     Store feels vibrant, folks showing up for shifts, comfortable making product requests! 

■     Side note: need to follow up with merch productrequest (doesn’t work) vs. productrequests (works) email issue


2. Committee Reports 7:35-_:__ (__min) Add discussions as needed from committees and liaisons below.

if there is nothing to be discussed or decided but a report is needed add at the end of this agenda.


●      Finance and Investments: 
Committee chair: Bianca Orlando; Liaison: Christina Travers

○      Thank you, Mariah!

○      Quickbooks update: Oct (beginning of financial year) - April 

■      $581k total sales

■      Loss in spoilage: $30k (probably undercounted) and $16,000 is produce

●      AKA: 5% spoilage and 2.75% produce spoilage

■      Net sales: $550k

■      Gross Profit: $87k 

■      Net Income: $1,100 

■      Things we need to think about: 

●      Spoilage

●      Inevitable decrease in summer sales

●      $10,000 loan repayment due in January 2020

●      Bigger picture - how does this affect membership (people walking in and seeing bad produce?), sales, etc.

■      Next steps: 

●      Produce ordering is changing + finding a balance between staples/fun fruit (Willa to meet with Finance to get run down on specifics)

●      What other perishables are there? Bread, dairy, etc. 

●      Hiring someone on the weekend? (see below)

●      Ensuring spoilage is always entered

●      Continuing to monitor deposits and drawer co-counting with Willa


●      Merchandising: 
Committee chair: Sarah Chinn (Theres is here!); Liaison: Lindsay

○      No report


●      Marketing, Website: 
Acting committee chair: DK Holland; Liaison: Ahmad Shaibani

○      Wayfinding: improving in-store signage, added check-in sign, better labeling system (ex. ½ off), more branding

○      Website: blog with more content going out (ex. Egg article)

○      Weekly/Monthly: people should take pictures of their committees + shifts

○      Social media: going well 

○      Outreach: no materials asked to create


●      Outreach: 
Committee chair: Shakima; Liaison: Ahmad Shaibani

○      Outreach is ready for the summer and looking forward to Open shopping days as well as Summer events for current and potential members. We will be following up with anyone who responded to the survey as being willing to help with events. We will also be working with Marketing to create a flyer geared towards EBT card holder and our lower income neighbors.

○      We would like to potentially use the park to promote ourselves and host events, feedback on that idea is welcomed.

○      We are also looking forward to being able to table outside of the Co-op this summer and reach some of our neighbors that way as well as by flyering.

○      We are working on updating some of the flyers that we currently have to reflect what is going on at the Co-op now, so we are gathering information.

○      Also important for us to know that Amazon has now begun allowing people to use their EBT cards to purchase groceries online. That means we will have to be that much more diligent to reach that constituency.

○      Willa has been contacted by schools for tours, will work with Outreach to coordinate.


●      Membership: 
Committee chair: Renee; Liaison: _____

○      See link at bottom for membership updates. One note, we have been holding at about 350 active members for a while now…..with Zukes exiting ppl moving and then new folks no major increase in membership, which is still needed.

○      People taking their shifts seriously, need to make sure this continues through Summer 

○      Things to think about: long distance (aka Queens) members


●      IT: 
Committee chair: Sonia Garbes-Putzel; Liaison: Chris Gollmar

○      Last month’s meeting went well 


●      Governance: 
Committee chair: _TBD____; Liaison Matthew Talmage 

○      Reached out to people who may be interested (ex. Someone interested in going through the bylaws and updating them)


●      Operations and Design-Build:
Committee chairs: Emily Nonko, Lindsay Reichart; Liaison Matthew Talmage

○      Emily put together a meeting revising orientation & how that feeds into the system and prepared for their first shift

○      June 1 & 2nd: Anti-Racist Workshop (surveys will be delivered, then they market to us what we can do to be better)


●      HR: 
Committee chair: Hannah GW; Liaison: Chris Gollmar

○      No updates


4. Committee Asks and Gives  8:__- _:__ (10mins)(Committee Chairs and Liaisons)

Committees asks for help or support / others give below:

●     Operations ask: $50 for snacks for 2 day anti racist workshop to be held at Co-op June 1 and 2.

○     Approved! 


5. AGENDA - free flowing and aspirational discussions


●     Survey results - DK/Shakima/Hillary

○     Last survey- November

○     We had 89 member-owner responsesto this survey, which is 25% of total membership (no trial members, not on leave, 360 members). 

○     A few key points to call out:

●     There are more new members(joined after new location opened) who took the April 2019 survey than took the November 2018 survey. The April group is: 

○     Less inclined to value connecting with fellow membersfrom the community as a key component of their member-ownership

■     Note that there were several suggestions for Co-op social events,these are with the Outreach Committee for next steps

○     More inclined to do most (75%+) of their shopping at the Co-op

●     There have been several new product requests, including bulk product requests, made directly within the survey (already shared with the Merchandising Committee)

○     A key barrier to more frequent shopping at the Co-op is that member-owners are not sure if the items they need will be in stock

○     Notably, higher prices as a deterrentto more frequent shopping at the Co-op has declined by -15 pointsvs. the November survey

●     Most desirable shopping timesfor member-owners are evenings M-F, and morning / afternoon Saturday and Sunday

●     Member-owners would be more likely to attend board meetings if agendas were shared in advanceto determine relevance

●     Things to note: 

○     Can check who took first vs. second survey

○     Should ask in future surveys if they’ve taken the last ones

●     Follow-up on proposal of LCFC inventory purchase

○     We purchased remaining non-perishable food items ($138) 

●     Follow-up on Membership for LCFC member-owners

○     They need to make sure they can track shifts on their end

○     Action Item: Membership to include them on next training

○     Action Item: DK to work with Marketing to write up content on community cooperation

●     Board Elections in the Fall

○     Christina & Chris would like to step down

■     Chris at end of summer


●     Follow-up on Guest shopping proposal → saved for next month

●     Till Membership meeting in Fall: Continue discussion re: emergency redemption moratorium lift? Or one redemption/month or whatever was discussed a few months back?

○     People aren’t cashing checks vs. Emergency folks 

○     People on the list from 2013- fulfilled periodically

○     Risk of not making loan repayment in Jan 2020

○     Propose for bylaw change just in case of profit - probably legal advice necessary

○     In meantime, space needed for good will 

●      Time to really enforce household plan? Many families only have one member. Need their investment and labor: special deal now of $100 or $125 for additional family member to existing members that have been with us for a while?

○     Offer “family plan?”  Families that join together/same time (any plan)  pay $300 (or $275?) basically it’s our membership sans admin fee if we do $300. Would be a unique and separate plan (need to speak to IT about implementation)

●     Can we convert part of basement into childcare area?

●     Securing weekend coverage: through hiring a weekend General Manager? Through re-implementation of the ‘super-leader’ position?

●     How and when NYPD can access the tapes (outside of a warrant, the GM and/or a board member should be there, do we want to willingly give over the tapes, and in what circumstances (i.e. a violent crime vs a theft?)

●     Vendor procurement (longer term goal?): specifically, I'd like to propose that we do not buy from ULine, unless there are no other vendors that have the product that we need. In a perfect world we would have a vendor procurement team, that researches products and vendors and find the most ethical solution for what we need, but I don't think that's feasible right now. (We would love to find a cooperative option and an Amazon alternative as well).



6. Bike Rack  8:00___ (10mins) (Notetaker)


Closing  8:55 - 9:00 (5 min)Board reviews votes at the end of each Meeting


 Reports in writing:


Membership and Finance Report


●      Monthly membership report (link)  or below