Board Meeting Agenda 02/27/2019

Meeting Agenda

Date/Time: Wednesday, Feb. 27,  7:00 - 9:00 pm

The Co-op: 1083 Fulton

Facilitator: Amanda

Note-taker: Ellen Frank

Note-takers - please see link to secretary responsibilities.

Timekeeper:   Amanda

Directors Present: Matthew, Chris, Ahmad

Directors Absent: Christina

Others in attendance: Amanda, Adam, Josh, DK

Any person attending may participate equally in discussions, but only Co-op members/owners may vote on any issues. Member/owners may receive work credit if they attend (allotted 1 time a year).

Next General Meeting is March 27, 2019 at the store. Want to be a facilitator, secretary, timekeeper or to propose items for a future GM agenda. Please email (work credit always allotted)

The Co-op’s 2019 meeting and store closure calendar can be viewed here.

Welcome/Orientation  7:00-7:05 (5 min)

Welcome and introductions. Brief explanation of the purpose of the Board Meeting. Questions welcomed!

Consent Agenda  7:05-7:15 (10 min)

A collective vote on decisions that have already been made or that don’t generally require/solicit discussion. Attendees can pull out any item they would like more discussion on, and this item will be moved to discussion at the end of the meeting. Information on all consent agenda item votes will be circulated in advance of the meeting.

  • A couple additions to bike rack from Josh + DK (see below)

Approve Minutes  7:15-7:20 (5 min)

Board votes whether to approve the public minutes from the board meeting. These minutes will then be ready to post online.

1. General Manager Update  7:20-7:30 (10min)

  • John August: been thinking through best way onboard & familiarize Willa with the coop to ensure smooth transition

  • Started a new compost program: BK Rot $20/week on Tuesdays

    • John August still making one run per week to Betsy’s house

    • 4 ¼ pickups per month = ~ $85/week

    • BK Rot will send report of actual amount in lbs

    • Adam: What about the food that is free at cash register? These items will need to be put in trash bags and brought them downstairs.

      • John August to brainstorm how to communicate this with Emily

      • Side note: need to be proactive and cull bad produce much earlier than we do now. We should set the standard down the line because process now is ambiguous and shoppers will say “I think this should be 20% off”

        • Amanda: Centralized authority should be people working (ie. shift leader) as GM is normally busy

        • Matthew: Let’s discuss this at next GM meeting because members will want to know and debate specific guidelines

2. Committee Reports  7:30-8:00 (30min) Add discussions as needed from committees and liaisons below.

if there is nothing to be discussed or decided but a report is needed add at the end of this agenda.

  • Finance and Investments:
    Committee chair: Bianca Orlando; Liaison: Christina Travers

    • No written report

    • Josh has been working on a monthly expense report, finished January

  • Merchandising:
    Committee chair: Sarah Chinn; Liaison: _____

    • Amanda:

      • New spreadsheet is working well, added new requests for everyone to view along with notes (ex: we carried this, we’re waiting on this, etc.)

      • 12 new cheap bulk bins - will need to rearrange bulk area to accommodate

        • Will allow for expansion into personal care (ex: soap)

    • DK: automatic responses have been working well, may be helpful for other committees to look into

  • Marketing, Website:
    Acting committee chair: DK Holland; Liaison: Ahmad Shaibani

    • Website:

      • New project manager, Melissa who will be able to help grow the website how we want to grow it (making it more robust)

    • In-store wayfinding:

      • 5 people labelling and putting up new signs. Unfortunately, Alex and Juliana are travelling a lot, so signage will be delayed unless we do it ourselves.

    • Social media:

      • Head of this is Liz Clayton (team of four people, two of which are recipe writers and vegetarians)

      • Note: need an omnivore and male to join marketing

    • Newsletter:

      • Head of this weekly/monthly is Liz Baker (team of about nine people rotate for weekly, Liz handles monthly)

      • Next survey (marketing & outreach) is coming up, will focus on opinions of how the store is developing

        • Amanda: would like to ensure all suggested survey questions are reviewed & agreed upon

    • Content:

      • Head of this is Polly (branched off from website). Team is researching Something Different and Always & Forever to talk about our neighbors

      • Team would like more ideas to focus on

      • Aly to do Q&A on new GM, as well as press release

  • Outreach:
    Committee chair: Shakima; Liaison: Ahmad Shaibani

    • No written report

    • DK: Juliana is writing a “Win-Win-Win” program which is a list of discounted things you can get as a member of the coop

      • Chris: If it is a program that requires proof of membership, we should think through key fobs or something

        • Ahmad to relay this information to Outreach

  • Membership:
    Committee chair: Renee; Liaison: _____

    • See  #’s report below.  

    • membership is increasing, as a result we’ve increased store shifts so now have 2 Floor shifts on the weekends

    • Still need 10 ppl to step up and become SL’s on weekend

    • Moving shift swapping to Humanity more

    • Friday nights still in limbo, waiting for ppl to sign up for those shifts before feeling we can open for those hours.  People simply are not signing up for them.

  • IT:
    Committee chair: Sonia Garbes-Putzel (TBD); Liaison: Chris Gollmar

    • Some IT committee members are leaving the Co-op because of “lack of work”

    • There’s actually plenty of work to be done

    • Sonia and Chris are thinking of ways to restructure the committee to better support its members

    • We also need to think about what we’re telling people when they join the Co-op; nobody should be canceling their membership because they don’t have enough work in their committee to fulfill work requirements

      • Matthew: The effort is there. Membership has been reaching out to members who aren’t logging hours and suggesting a shift at the store. May be worthwhile for committee chairs to communicate this right off the bat to establish that norm.

      • DK: IT could be broadened to “technology” and include website work. Additionally, how do we incorporate more project management into committees?

  • Governance:
    Committee chair: _____; Liaison Matthew Talmage

    • Getting a new chair, some new members have expressed interested

  • Operations and Design-Build:
    Committee chairs: Emily Nonko, Lindsay Reichart; Liaison Matthew Talmage

    • Window shades

    • Storefront bulbs

    • Metal plate put at bottom of door. Nacio did assessment and dropped off more traps.

    • John August to ask cashiers to go through bins. One bin had an issue, potentially two others (sometimes they go in through the bag when received). In future, should be closing the lids properly too.

    • Matthew to facilitate meeting with Willa, Emily, and Lindsay to create structure for them moving forward

    • Liquor license- Matthew to facilitate a meeting with Gunnar on Saturday AM to lay out how to get all the information ready for application

  • HR:
    Committee chair: Hannah GW; Liaison: Chris Gollmar

    • Hired GM!

3. General Manager Hiring Report 8:00-8:10 (10mins)

  • Willa to start officially Monday, March 11

    • Hiring process began two months ago (Ahmad, Hannah, DK, Matthew, Chris, John August, Lindsey, Shakimah). Posted a job description in mid-January, received over 100 applications, reviewed applications, reached out to phone interview (~10-12), 7 folks for on-site interviews, debriefed, 5 for second round interviews, debriefed, sent offer on Friday to unanimous candidate, written agreement was signed by Willa

      • Amanda: Do we have any information on the source of applicants? Of final five, one was Indeed.

  • Inclusions to onboarding General Manager, ie: meet with committee chairs, general membership and other considerations

    • Before, Lindsay had day by day onboarding plan. John August would like to add onto this for GM, including committee intro meetings. John will be in the store MWF. Following meetings to be set up for T/R.

    • First week: store operations (ex. Shifts)

    • Others weeks:

      • Committee - GM delegation should be better, so establishing that norm from get go

        • Board members should have pre-meeting with GM to suggest which tasks should stay with committees

      • Tom (Merchandiser from Four Seasons): produce upkeep & talk shop

      • Long-term onboarding:

        • Outside Stakeholders:  

          • Fran from Bushwick

          • Joe & Rachel from Park Slope (history, best practices, etc.)

      • DK to reach out to Park Slope to include Willa in their newsletter

4. Committee Asks and Gives  8:10-8:20 (10mins) (Committee Chairs and Liaisons)

Committees asks for help or support / others give below:

  • None

5. AGENDA - free flowing and aspirational discussions 8:20-8:45 (25mins)

  • Discussion of Redemptions: include text from Bianca’s email regarding

    • Chris to paste Bianca’s email

    • DK: If someone asks about return on investments? Answer is on website.

    • Chris: One for one slowly paying off requests, or do we keep them in moratorium? We should ask Finance what the rate of return can be.

    • DK: We should send a letter for legal reasons and in good faith. We should communicate it on a regular cadence (quarterly, biannually, etc.)

    • Matthew: Legally, not bound to, but we should do one redemption per month. It is ending the relationship amicably.

    • ACTION ITEM: Chris will follow up with Finance. It will be brought up at next General Meeting

  • Follow up on Security in Store re: cameras

    • Cameras are replaced and working

    • Locks on the lockers

    • Other security concern -

      • We should get a lock for the two computers upfront

      • Check-in: fobs?

      • Window grate for the windows (to be done in Spring)

      • Dusted on light bulbs for the office

    • ACTION ITEM: Matthew will follow up with Ops on computer locks.

  • Gondola shelving: what, how much, cost, color

    • Gondola shelving is flexible, deeper shelves for more storage

    • This would be for the middle section of the store for a cleaner look

    • Stores closing resell these for cheap

    • Low priority, but if the opportunity presents itself, would like to know if this is possible

    • QUESTION: Do we have the capital budget for this (~$1,000 brand new for middle section or used on Craigslist)? If not opposed, do we have a preference on color (white or green)?

    • ACTION ITEM: Amanda to follow-up with Alex & Juliana who design stores

6. Bike Rack  8:45-8:55 (10mins) (Notetaker)

  • Josh: Food waste

    • January saw $4200 in discounts (including free), so waste was probably about $3000

    • Initial idea: culling better, but also using the food for processing (ex. fermentation). This would be a secondary income stream.

    • Dinners with food waste, workshops with food waste, etc.

    • If this makes sense, Josh would like to be the coordinator

    • ACTION ITEM: Everyone to brainstorm ideas & potential for general meeting

  • DK: Literal bike racks

    • Individuals have been petitioning the city for bike racks

  • Key fobs - to be taken offline and discussed in conjunction with check in strategy

  • Where to put produce going bad besides the front

    • Table in the back upstairs near bulk storage with the produce

    • Signage for half off, tell cashier at beginning

    • ACTION ITEM: John August to clear out space and set it up

Closing  8:55 - 9:00 (5 min) Board reviews votes at the end of each Meeting

Reports in writing:

Membership and Finance Report

  • Monthly membership report (link)

    • Current number of

      • Paid members: 296

      • Zucchini: 74

      • Trial: 91

Total Working members (Paid + Zuke) = 370 (about 20 -30 members in onboarding process at all times)

    • Membership Status change breakdown (does not include Zuke):

      • New members: 14

      • Reactivated members: 4

      • Deactivated* members: 3

      • Cancelled* members: 2

*Deactivated members are members who have disappeared or have not fulfilled their work or investment requirement in a timely manner. Cancelled members are members who have notified us that they would like to leave the Co-op.

    • % of membership conversion from

      • Trial to Zuke

      • Trial to Paid

      • Zuke to paid: roughly 50%

We’ve seen roughly a ___% increase in membership since January.

  • Monthly finance report  (link)

    • Number of existing members waiting for investment returns: _________