Board Meeting 05/08/2018


Meeting Agenda

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 8,  7:00 - 9:00 pm

The Co-op: 1083 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY




Note-takers - please see link to secretary responsibilities.



Directors Present:

Directors Absent:

Others in attendance:


Any person attending may participate equally in discussions, but only Co-op members/owners may vote on any issues. Member/owners may receive work credit if they attend (allotted 1 time a year).


Next General Meeting is May 23, 2018 at the store. Want to be a facilitator, secretary, timekeeper or propose items for a future GM agenda? Please email (work credit always allotted)


Welcome/Orientation  7:00-7:05 (5 min)

Welcome and introductions. Brief explanation of the purpose of the Board Meeting. Questions welcomed!


Consent Agenda  7:05-7:10 (5 mins)

A collective vote on decisions that have already been made or that don’t generally require/solicit discussion. Attendees can pull out any item they would like more discussion on, and this item will be moved to discussion at the end of the meeting. Information on all consent agenda item votes will be circulated in advance of the meeting.


  • Link to minutes  from previous Board meeting  


1. Store Coordinator Update   TABLED - No S.C. in attendance.


2. Lease and Relocation Update  7:10-7:20 (10 mins)


3. Committee Reports  7:20-7:40 (20 min) Add discussions as needed from committees and liaisons below.

if there is nothing to be discussed or decided but a report is needed add at the end of this agenda.


  • Finance and Investments:
    Committee chair Bianca Orlando, Liaison Christina Travers


  • Merchandising:
    Committee chair Sarah Chinn, Liaison Chris Gollmar


  • Marketing, Website:
    Acting committee chairs DK Holland and Sigourney Woodfork, Liaison Chris Gollmar


  • Outreach:
    Committee chair Juliana Pinto, Liaison Chris Gollmar


  • Membership:
    Committee chair Renee, Liaison Cecile Arnaud


  • IT:
    Committee chair _____, Liaison Cecile Arnaud


  • Governance:
    Committee chair Amanda , Liaison Matthew Talmage


  • Operations:
    Committee chair Penelope August, Liaison Matthew Talmage


  • HR:
    Committee chair Hannah GW, Liaison Matthew Talmage


5. Inventory, Merchandising, and Revel Update   7:40-8:20 40 mins.)


Closing  8:20 - 8:30 (10 min) Board reviews votes at the end of each Meeting


Reports in writing:


Membership and Finance Report


  • Monthly membership report (link)

Summary of report:

Current number of working members: ________

Number of new members and deactivated in November: __ new members,  

__ reactivated member, __ trial members

Number of existing members waiting for investment returns: _________

We’ve seen roughly a ___% increase in membership since January.


  • Monthly finance report  (link)

            Summary of report:



(current month 2017)

(previous month 2017)

(current month 2016)





Average transactions