Working Board Meeting Agenda and Interim Election

Wednesday, April 26th 2017,  7:00 - 9:00 pm The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn




Note-takers - please see link to secretary responsibilities.


Directors Present:

Directors Absent:       

Others in attendance:

Any person attending may participate equally in discussions, but only Co-op members/owners may vote on any issues. Member/owners may receive work credit if they attend (allotted 1 time a year).

Next General Meeting is May 24th 2017 at the store. Want to be a facilitator, secretary, timekeeper or to propose items for a future GM agenda. Please email (work credit always allotted)

Welcome/Orientation  7:00-7:05 (5min)

Welcome and introductions. Brief explanation of the purpose of the Board Meeting. Questions welcomed!

Approve Previous Meeting Minutes  7:05-7:10 (5min)

  • Link to minutes  from previous Board meeting for approval

1. Store Coordinator Update  7:20-7:30 (10min)

2. Lease Committee and Relocation  7:30- 7:40(10min)

3. Committee Reports  7:40-7:50 (10min)

  • Monthly membership report (link)
  • Monthly finance report are shared at the Meeting, please feel free to contact the board or finance if you have any questions.


IT (How is this pertinent with moving the website to SquareSpace)

In response to the request for committee budgets, I am proposing an estimate for upgrading GHFC servers (the web server and the database server).

* Web server -- more memory and disk space -- $90 per month

* Both servers -- more memory and disk space -- $180 per month

Upgrading the web server is the higher priority. It would mean faster performance and more stability for and other websites. As per Misha, We are currently paying 30/40 dollars per month depending on the server load

The squarespace ($20/mth) would be in addition to what we are paying now, because we'll still need to run the civi website.

The Mailchimp ($50/mth) would be instead of sendgrid, which is what we are currently using. I am not sure how much that is

4. AGENDA - free flowing and aspirational discussions 7:50-8:45 (55min)

Interim board member election.

Re-organize Liaison including new board member, and officers role (see list at the end of Agenda)

Sharing current Situation w/ Members at large (content and format) Relocation Questions

PSFC change of policy for shift reporting

Dual Members shift reporting policy

GHFC shift banking system

How to insure a good flow of information between committees and the board (content and format)

5. Bike Rack  8:45 - 8:55 (10min) (Notetaker)

Member/owners may receive work credit if they attend (allotted 1 time a year).

  • Note from Renée B: Not clear why this is on here because this is the current situation, changed and voted on by the Board in early 2016?

Closing  8:55 - 9:00 (5min) Board reviews votes at the end of each Meeting

Board Organization:

    • Finance: Committee chair Bianca Orlando, Liaison Christopher Gollmar
    • Merchandising: Committee chair Sarah Chinn, Liaison Lauryl Berger-Chun
    • Marketing & Website: Committee chair Ray Jolicoeur, Liaison Chris Gollmar
    • Outreach: Committee chair Ray Jolicoeur, Liaison Christopher Gollmar
    • Membership: Committee chair Chad Donnick, Liaison Cecile Arnaud
    • Investment: Committee chair Renee B, Liaison Cecile Arnaud
    • IT: Committee chair Misha Avrekh, Liaison Cecile Arnaud
    • Governance: Committee chair --- , Liaison Christina LeMoine
    • Operations: (renamed from Design build/Operations)  Committee chair Penelope August, Liaison Elizabeth Agee
    • HR: Committee chair Megan Curran, Liaison Christina LeMoine