GM Notes 5.27.15

General Meeting Wed., May  27:  7.30 - 9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn


Facilitator: Allison

Note-taker: Jeannie

Timekeeper: Keith

Print Agendas: Jeannie


Directors in attendance: Jeannie, Allison, Renee, Sean, Keith, DK,  Hillary



Any person attending may participate equally in discussions, but only Co-op members (i.e., co owners) may vote on any issues. Members may receive work credit if they attend (allotted 3 times a year).

Welcome/Orientation 7:30-7:45PM (15 min.) Welcome and explanation of what/who/why the Co-op is. Please ask questions!


Approve Minutes (1 min.) from previous GM (please read beforehand on the Website) Approved.

  • Minutes were reviewed and approved


Facilitator, Secretary and Timekeeper Choices and/or Approval (1 min.) Facilitator  will conduct meeting fairly and impartially, ensure that any meeting rules are followed, and will keep meeting to agenda. Secretary will take meeting minutes (which will be posted on the Website prior to next GM). Timekeeper will keep the meeting on schedule.


Presentation of Main Agenda and Pending Agenda Queue (1 min.) Main Agenda is prepared by the Board of Directors at an Agenda Making Session, based on member submissions and discussions, and published to members in advance of meeting on the Website (along with the time/date/place of the next Board Working Session which are also open to members.)

Finance and Membership Reports 7:50-8:05PM (15 min) Up to date information about the Co-op (Finance and Membership Committee)

  • We have no cash reserves in the bank. We need 50K in sales for the rest of the summer to continue operating.What can be done?
    • Outreach is pushing to reach out to the community.
    • Do we become an open store to the public?
    • Possibly the PSFC loan will help us?
    • Can we open up for more hours
  • Membership numbers
    • 333 members
    • 190 active
    • 330 trial
    • Average basket sale =  $44 / we need about 30 more members to make our 60K per month (quick calculation)


MAIN AGENDA 8:05-9:20PM (75 min)

    • Vote to Increase banked hours to be consistent with work requirement (Russ, 5 min)
      • VOTE RESULTS: All 11 members approved & All present board members approved (7)
      • Vote for banked hours to be a total of 3 shifts.


  • Vote to Approve 9 Directors on Board (Allison or Renee, 5 min)
  • VOTE RESULTS: All 12 members approved  & all present board members approved (6)


    • Agenda Committee mtg reduction Proposal and Vote (Renee, 10 min) :
      • Reduce total # of meetings per year from 21 to 15 (AC’s bi-monthly, while GM’s monthly) and new time for the AC meetings - Sundays, 6pm (GM’s still 4rth wed), one hour only?
        • History: Board mtg derived from old Steering: Eliminated becuse 2 meetings per month was leading to burn-out. DK suggest we have an Agenda Commitee made up of a coupla members (1 must be board member) and make GM’s and Board Members synonymous.
        • Conclusion: 10 meetings & Agendas via email
      • Approve new committee presentation schedule (pg 2)
      • Vote on to limit Directors absences allowed to 5 since total # of mtgs decreased (still ⅓)
    • Committee Presentation: Governance (15 min) Sara
      • - Contract for Lauryl needs to be addressed. Contract to be submitted to Allison & Renee. - Changes to ByLaws have been made. DK to circulate once finalized. - Need floor plans of the coop to create a fire safety plan. Jeannie will provide the plan. A person outside of the board will be appointed to work on this. - Food processing license - inspector from the state has approved that we can sell bulk nuts and spices with our current license
    • Committee Presentation: ‘Shleader’ (15 min) Matt
      • History of the Shleader - Been around since March 2015. A committee started to create more coordination of the coordinators. Matt is the current Schleader Leader. They’ve started with a recruiting and communication effort with monthly meetings. Once they started filling out shiftleaders in position, a training program was implemented. They are now in the process of launching the new POS system and store procedures.


  • 6 Month goals:


        • • Maintain efforts to create procedures.
        • Be proactive than reactive with procedures
        • Anticipate challenges (aka - burnout) It is too much to shift lead and do the hours in store & attend meetings. Maybe give shiftleaders
        • Procedure for maintenance
      • How can the board help recruit members?
        • Outreach is meeting about this
        • Floater list is a resource that is now under Membership Committee.


  • Difficulties?


      • Finding a co-chair is difficult
  • Discussion of our building, our rent, and relationship with Landlord family (Dahlia, 20 min)
    • Lean issue - landlord is paying a lean payment due to back taxes this has lead them to the following
      • the landlord is building out to the property space. plans are unknown.
      • the landlord wants to raise our rent from $2200 to ???
    • Questions for us to answer:
      • What can we pay?
      • What course of actions should we take?
      • What is our build out plans?
    • We are aware, but cannot answer about raising rent til Fall 2015 as we are dealing with our own financial issues.
  • Board review/approval:  Board will review votes at the end of each GM and approve at the end of the mtg (5 min)



OPEN FORUM 9:20 - 9:25PM (5min)

Brief comments on topics not on the Main Agenda but relevant to the Co-op. Items that will require more time to discuss may be submitted as future agenda items.



  • POS System


    • To go live this Friday.
    • All issues have been figured out by Evan
    • For the first week, we will run two systems to work out any bugs
  • Allison is present, but has moved to Conn. This is the last meeting she will be present for.


CLOSING 9:25 - 9:30PM (5 min)


  • Next Board Agenda Committee (AC) Mtg is Sun June 14 , 6pm at the Co-op. All are welcome. Please email if you plan to attend (work credit applies!)... This is no longer


  • Next General Meeting is Wed., June 24 - 7:30-9:30pm at the Co-op.


  • Want to be a facilitator, secretary, timekeeper or to propose items for a future GM agenda? Please email (work credit applies!)


*Note: Minute-takers - please see link to secretary responsibilities.