BOD Working Session 3.9.15 Agenda Committee

  Board of Directors ~ Agenda Committee

Mon., March 09;  7.30 - 9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn


Facilitator:  Allison

Note-taker: Jeannie

Timekeeper: Renee


Present: DK, Allison, Sean, Jeannie, Joe, Russ, Hillary, William, Renee

Absent: Keith (worked all day at the coop-excused)


PRODUCE Update: (Joe)

  • Collard greens - not the best collard greens to have
  • When you do produce, you make a work list of the produce



  • ACTION ITEM: Membership will update Orientation video script


        • Status: Russ has assigned marketing to relook. Video has been taken off of website. It is still existing on Vimeo which is private.


  • POS System
  • Renee is not hands on involved, but is cc’d on the emails


        • Revel system support sucks. Revel Shawn has given different info than the help line.
        • Lauryl has been working on the system with Andrew
        • Matt suggested that we train as many cashiers as possible before we have the Revel rep in.
        • Date for the Rep visit is TBD
        • What is the major thing we need to help put this in? Menus, inventory input, basically us teaching ourselves how to set up the system.
        • The original uploading the items was incorrect
        • we need to streamline the naming
        • IT committee has been unresponsive to the situation. William has been attempting to contact the team.


  • ACTION ITEM:  Sean working with Brett to develop a campaign to shop more in the store.


        • see below


  • Update on status of  March 30th new store hours and work requirements.


      • Email blast, Newsletter, Facebook will be sent out about the new store hours and work requirements
      • Reminder email blasts will be sent out the week the before. Follow up will be sent out.
      • Refined the shift swapping procedure
      • Are we announcing the missed shift penalty? Russ is creating a manual crib sheet process. There is no way in shiftplanning to announce owed shifts. - Joe - language is important / schedule time is not as valuable as a makeup time. It is not good to think of missing a shift as a penalty. You owe two when you miss, or you owe 1.5 when you miss / you can do a baker’s dozen concept - when you do show up then you get 1.1 shift. / give a reward system. - William - We should not put something in place until there is a definite system - DK - putting the penalty should be put in a positive light. as per our last GM we are having a person who has makeup hours can shop after they sign up for two shifts and work one of the two - Russ - we have offer floater shifts - Renee - Double makeup happens when someone makes no attempt to swap or communicate not
      • VOTE: Does the board agree before we can publicly announce the double makeup we have to have a working process? (5 yes /
      • Shift leaders should call the members to remind the folks that they are working
      • Park Slope- Calling is done per the shift leader’s discretion.
      • Shiftplanning - will send a reminder email
    • Update on Member Relief Counsel
      • member redemption report, DK - DK asked Dorthy Laurence to review the exit members that wanted to reviewed. We got less than 15 people that we needed to address. In the end, there were only 6 people we needed to review. - Terms - only if you are in dire financial need were you immediately awarded the return. - originally the terms were not clear. now they are - a woman who is currently getting PHD in Chicago is definitely in dire need. she was happier with have more consistent updates - 6 people are being suggested by relief counsel to be refunded
      • Update on Membership Committee - Russ - membership desk presence needs to exist on the weekend - we are now putting a big initiative to have people at the desk on the weekends. It will be a process. - there is a handbook for the process - consistency is important


      • Finance Report* (Sean, 10 min) *Sean will be giving bigger financial picture at GM’s and smaller progress updates at ACs •  Cash Flow - Jan 2015 = 41,000 / Feb 2015= 41,900 •  Joe wonders if we should put flyers in the mail as the coop is most important to those nearby • April 11th tree giveaway - will pass out flyers • We have 3 more months as per our last meetings • As of the end of February, we are still not working even though we have positive signs • Sean’s clock is ticking…. • Weekly numbers : Feb 23- $12,700 $11,300 Last week • Our drop dead goal is $50,000 • Lowest basket average was $41 / $42   • Highest basket average is $52 • In the store, we would like to have a chart of the our financial chart of what we want to reach. Has Sean been working with marketing to make the charts? Sean has sat with Brett on this.     - when will our graph be out there? it can be done in one week     - ACTION ITEM: Sean will put in a marketing request form for the chart tomorrow and it will be done and in store by next GM. Russ will help. • DK - we need a powerful concept of what needs to be conveyed. • Balance sheet - we have 50K in debt / 30K in equity     - debt we are not meeting is the interest rate of last year     - are we behind on paying vendors? no     - how much money do we actually have? 18K as of today     - we are way too close to bouncing a check     - we need to stop burning money


  • ACTION ITEM: add at next AC- a vote to negotiate a loan from PSFC



    • Store Coordinator update (SC liaisons, 10 min)
      • Cuz Shleaders stepping up, no longer need mega shift leaders except possibly Sunday ams, but Lauryl has agreed to work until no longer needed.
      • Lauryl has left the pedicab and is more available to coordinate shift leaders


  • Lauryl agreed to work Sunday mornings. Allison to confirm this is still true.



  • PSFC discussion:  Where were you at 3 yrs?  What can we learn from them about their growing pains? (Joe, 20 min)
    • Postponed till next AC mtg


  • Contingency Plan discussion, what do if we go under?  This is just a beginning discussion. (All, 20 min)
    • No need to talk about any more.


  • GM agenda creation (All, 10 min)
    • Committee Presentation: Outreach (20 min)
    • Committee Presentation: IT (20 min)
    • Member vs Owner or Owner/Member
    • Other statistics to share with members (Sean, 15 min)
    • Member Relief counsel


*Note: Minute/note-takers - please see link for secretary responsibilities

Pls don’t forget to SHARE this doc with completed notes with the Board after mtg