General Meeting: 12.3.2014

General Meeting Wed., Dec. 03 – 7.30 - 9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn

Facilitator: Renee

Minute-taker: DK

Timekeeper: Allison

Print Agendas: whomever there first :)

Board in attendance: Sean, Renee, Allison, Jean, DK

Absent: William (late notice), Rachelle (at rally), Hillary (ill but on Skype), Keith (late notice - ill)


Any person attending may participate equally in discussions, and all Co-op members (who are also co owners) may vote. Members may receive work credit if they attend (allotted 3 times a year).

Welcome/Orientation 7:30-7:45PM (15 min.) Welcome and explanation of what/who/why the Co-op is. Please ask questions!

Approve Minutes (1 min.) from previous GM (please read beforehand on the Website)

Facilitator, Secretary and Timekeeper Choices and/or Approval (1 min.) Facilitator  will conduct meeting fairly and impartially, ensure that any meeting rules are followed, and will keep meeting to agenda. Secretary will take meeting minutes (which will be posted on the Website prior to next GM). Timekeeper will keep the meeting on schedule.

Presentation of Main Agenda and Pending Agenda Queue (1 min.) Main Agenda is prepared by the Board of Directors at a Working Session, based on member submissions and discussions, and published to members in advance of meeting on the Website (along with the time/date/place of the next Board Working Session which are also open to members.)

Finance and Membership Reports 7:50-8:05PM (15 min) Up to date information about the Co-op (Finance and Membership Committees) We have 507 active members currently up from 470. Sean presented current overview. Available in office.

MAIN AGENDA 8:05-9:15PM (70 min)

  • POS Presentation and Vote:  Allison, Matias (not in attendance), and Andrew Hapke ( BOD, IT, and Finance) have researched two options for new POS system, as presented at last GM. They have prepared a comparison sheet and members will vote on which system to move forward with. (20 min)

Revel and Tech Support are the 2 options:

Tech Support would be streamlining our current system, 3 guys, they do work with coops

Revel would be all new, very user friendly and plug and play (much much larger operation)

all documents in board folder


Do we want to want to purchase a new POS system - unanimous yes

Which system do we want - Revel - unanimous

Should we finance by taking a loan from an anonymous member (members of finance committee inc Andrew to explore)  2 nos and 9 yeses

Andrew/Sean following up with Revel and lender with finalizing process/minor questions


  • Vote on Moratorium of Equity Redemption: Sean (Finance, 10 min)

vote: do we put a moratorium on full cash redemptions?  10 yes 1 abstention

we will consider offering redemptions of food / cash equivalent and also offer a percentage

of return. We will discuss at the AC or GM

Action item: andrew/other finance team looking into legalites of offering food/percentage of return

Action item: An update letter will be sent out to all those who are departing. (DK and Sean)

Action item:  Russ setting things up with other investment liaisons to pick up where he left off

  • Committee Presentation: Governance will present what they are working on and goals for upcoming months Not in attendance MOVED TO ANOTHER MONTH
  • Committee Presentation: Marketing presented what they are working on and goals for upcoming months (Sara Cornish, 20 min)

OPEN FORUM 9:20 - 9:25PM (5 min)

Brief comments on topics not on the Main Agenda but relevant to the Co-op. Items that will require more time to discuss may be submitted as future agenda items.

Landlord wants to sell the air rights. They are providing a document that says this is not about selling the building. Should we sign and notarize a document they provide acknowledging they are selling the air rights? Do we need to know more before we sign. DK Sent an email to Dahlia - since she is the only person they will talk to.

CLOSING 9:25 - 9:30PM (5 min)

  • Next Board Agenda Committee Mtg is Wed., Dec. 17,  7:30-9:30pm at the Co-op. All are welcome. Please email if you plan to attend (work credit applies!)
  • Next General Meeting is Wed. Jan 28 - 7:30-9:30pm at The Co-op.
  • Want to be a facilitator, secretary, timekeeper or to propose items for a future GM agenda? Please email (work credit applies!)

*Note: Minute-takers Jean, DK, Keith and William - please  link to secretary responsibilities: