BOD Working Session 12.17.14 Agenda Committee

Board of Directors ~ Agenda Committee

Wed., Dec. 17  – 7.30 - 9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn

Facilitator:  Allison

Note-taker: Jean

Timekeeper: Renée

Present: Rachelle, William, Sean, DK, Allison, Keith, Renée

Absent: Hillary (no notification)


ACTION ITEM (from Oct AC mtg): Membership/Outreach will talk about fundraising/membership drive ideas - What status/plan thus far? - - Membership to come up with a structured drive. Sean- Motion to take down Orientation Video Renee - Do not take down the video. Just update - Sean agrees

ACTION ITEM: Membership will update Orientation video

ACTION ITEM (from Oct AC mtg): Marketing will make in-store signage encouraging members to shop more (include version of Sean or Jill’s Matrix?) When will this be up? Sean will email marketing to review sign that marketing has / will print

  • UPDATE:  Will be up in store this week!

ACTION ITEM: Jean, Hillary, Allison, Matt & Lauryl: Need to strengthen member leadership in the store.  

  • UPDATE: 5 above met.  Matt had mtg with shift leaders. Sending update tomorrow. Only 25% has shift leaders.
  • ACTION ITEM: Three month provisional membership - Can we begin this in Jan?  what process? Membership will have simple application forms and temporary cards that will be printed in house. Information will be filled out with membership desk person on the temporary card. A calendar will be filled out with the person’s name just for this purpose and a google doc will be filled out by Betsy. A system for notification to be sent out this temporary member. Training and print out will be placed at welcome desk about the program. This will be available to people who are hesitant to join and for PSFC members. MOTION for 2 months free membership = 8 Yes. Extra details are in a separate hand out that was given
  • Store Coordinator check in. (SC liaisons, 10 min)
    • Will include points from Allison’s most recent email

Lauryl would like to be more involved with committees. Specifically with Merch and Finance. - We all think Lauryl has great ideas. - We all feel her time is better spent in the store. - Rachelle - Lauryl should conduct meetings in the store with key cochairs - Issue - eggs have been missing since Wednesday, (William feels that Lauryl should be responsible to order the eggs) (Allison feels that coordinator is trying not to step on toes.) (Rachelle - Lauryl should feel empowered to make decisions)

      • Previous ACTION ITEM: Keith & Allison: schedule Lauryl effectively when member leadership is weak. DONE
      • Shopping after hours?
  • Update from Lauryl: YES, Will announce in next newsletter
  • Finance Report, pls include update on latest redemption letter re: moratorium. (Sean, 10 min) - We have made a 40K last month. As of this month we are at 22K. - Work on getting members to buy more. 300 shopping members.500 members working. If each member spent $150, we would make - Compensation spent = 3K per month - Need to increase sales 15K to make the difference. - 24K spent to keep rats out. 6K for accounting for first fiscal year. - Russ has reached out to Macy to work on the redemption program - Brent Steven coming up with more creative financial ideas? - DK - we need a letter to be written about why we are not making redemptions. - Renee - did we figure a redemption payback through products? - Request is to come up before Jan. 1st a letter about their redemption. DK & Sean will come up with a letter. - Sean will work with marketing to develop a campaign to shop more in the store. This will be done by MLK day. - VOTE - debit cards for Mike & Lauryl = all voted yes
  • Pay increase for Lauryl and/or permanent SC...what should it be? (All, 10 min) - Hiring committee has continued to roll forward with job description and search. - Question = How much will we be paying the coordinator and what are the hours? Are we hiring one or two? - Hiring committee has made it clear to Lauryl that we must be an equal opportunity employer. Lauryl was totally cool with this. - Allison was working 32-33 hours a week at the store when she was a coordinator - Sean would like to get a finance member to pull hours of when store coordinators work to help figure out what we offer going forward. - HOURS - M,W,F 9AM - 5PM / 6 hours flex (30 hours max) - Allison -  We want to offer Lauryl more $$ at her other job we think we should get paid $20. - Argument = what can we afford vs. what is best to create consistency - VOTE - Increase for Lauryl and store coordinator to $18 / hour = 6 yes / 1 abstain / 1 no
  • Why are we a member only Co-op?  Should we consider opening to the public? (All, 10 min)

-postponed to Jan mtg

  • When/how implement survey votes of increased time slot (wait till consistent days/hours??) and additional make up shifts  (can implement that now)? Do we need to simultaneously improve shift swapping?  (what status of folks looking into that?)  (William/All, 15 min) -  Renee - Increase work hours and store hours further down the line. Members were in favor. William feels it will take 6 months to make this happen.

- William: Currently we can not enforce penalty hours on Shiftplanning, will speak further with IT.

  • Discussion:  Opening store for 5 or 6 days a week with consistent hours by June 2015, what steps do we need to do to make this happen? (All, 50 min)

-Postponed to Jan. mtg

*Note: Minute/note-takers - please see link for secretary responsibilities

Moved to Jan Mtg:

  • Continuation of PSFC discussion with Ann and Joe (All, 20 min)
    • Financial support:
      • can we get a loan from PSFC? What need to do to make that happen?
      • Can we share deliveries with them to help keep costs down and expand our stock?