BOD Working Session 11.12.14 Agenda Committee

Board of Directors ~ Agenda Committee Wed., Nov. 12  – 7.30 - 9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn


Facilitator:  Renée

Note-taker: William

Timekeeper: Keith

Present: Renée, William, DK, Sean, Keith, Rachelle, Allison, Jeannie, Lauryl, Joe (PSFC), Ann (PSFC)

Absent: Hillary (notified)


    • Update on Action items from previous Working Session (All, 15 min)
      • Keith: store coordinators ideas for increased sales
      • SC Liaisons: can we do shopping during store-close hours?
        • Update from Lauryl: Going fine, not much sales, people appreciate.
          • Can we make it more formal, announce as a trial?


  • ACTION ITEM: Write up for newsletter---who?


    • GM at store updates: chairs, heat, cleaning
      • Insulation happening
      • Chairs came from Pablo
    • If time:
      • Update on Membership/Outreach  EOY fundraising and membership drive ideas
      • Marketing: Status of in-store signage encouraging members to shop more.
        • Festive themes, etc.
        • DK talked about making a variety of membership materials “more welcoming”
        • Store decorating party on Sunday Nov 16, 3-6pm
        • Open shopping day in Dec 10th or thereabouts
        • Home delivery partnership w/cargo bike


    • Finance Report (Sean, 10 min)
        • Sean speculates sharing some financial information with members as a way to spur more shopping


  • ACTION ITEM: Print out shopping “matrix” for distribution - Sean/Marketing


        • Joe: “temporary trial membership”, direct mailing to the neighborhood


  • ACTION ITEM: Three month provisional membership (how to make that work) - William


        • Discussion about opening the store all the time
        • Need to generate membership reporting similar to financial


  • ACTION ITEMS: Keith & Allison Ann: schedule Lauryl effectively when member leadership is weak
  • ACTION ITEM: Jeanne, Matt & Lauryl: Need to strengthen member leadership in the store -  Had mtg, in progress



  • Store Coordinator check in  (SC liaisons, 10 min)


  • Investment fee amount, why so high? Can we lower to entice more members to join? (Renee/All, 10 mins)
    • Joe: give people more time to pay their investments?
    • Most Board did not support


  • PSFC discussion with Ann and Joe (All, 45 min)
    • One fee, shop at both? - How to manage the member status aspect?
      • Joe “I really want you guys to make it”; idea could backfire; too tempting for sales to go to PSFC or other places
      • ACTION ITEM: Joe/Ann: Letter to PSFC members in GH catchment area: PSFC members can shop at GHFC for next three month if they complete? Find out why they have not joined GHFC, would they join?  
      • Joe: idea needs to be approved by PSFC general coordinators
      • Rachelle: could PSFC designate one of its staff members to work at GHFC on a consultancy basis?
      • William: turn Rachelle’s idea around and send some GHFC members to PSFC to learn from their staff.
    • We become PSFC annex?
    • Finance support
    • Solutions for improving sales?
    • more?


ACTION ITEM: Next Agenda meeting devoted to hammering out six month plan to open store all the time


Board decided to hold AM and GMs at 7:30pm


  • Why are we a member only Co-op?  Should we consider opening to the public? (All, 15 min)


  • GM Agenda:  (All, 10 min)
    • POS update/vote (need one sheet comparison and client reviews)