BOD Working Session 10.15.14

Board of Directors ~ Agenda Committee Wed., Oct. 15 – 7.30-9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn

Facilitator: Renée Bergan

Note-taker: William Laviano

Timekeeper: DK

Bring Printed Agendas: Print at store?


Present: D.K., Renee, Sean, William, Hilary, Jeannie, Keith, Rachelle

Absent: Allison (notified)


  • Finance Report, includes update on redemption and POS status (Sean, 15 mins)

○      Earnings report shows 10.5% less sales in 2013 compared to 2012, 15.6% less in the first 7 months of 2014 compared to 2013.

○      Finance opinion that 500 working members should be enough to support coop operations with $125-$150 monthly sales percapita. Need to encorage members to increase shopping @ coop, share financial info (marketing), enhance sense of shared investment/responsibility in coop success.

○      Renee proposed setting investment redemption at $300 for October to be re-evaluated at November WS. Vote carried by the board

■      ACTION ITEM: Marketing will make in-store signage encouraging members to shop more.

  • Update on Action items from previous Working Session (Sean and Keith, 5 mins)

○      ACTION ITEM FOLLOW UP: Keith will speak with store coordinators about ideas. - Store coordinators will share their ideas with the board by email or in person.


  • Outreach presentation (Outreach, 15 mins)

○      Alix (co-chair) Fall celebration a moderate success, 3 new members. Considering some kind of membership drive. Next open shopping day in December.

■      ACTION ITEM: Membership/Outreach will talk about EOY fundraising/membership drive ideas


  • New/current Board Member Orientation, (Renee, 10 mins)


  • Change bylaws re: absence dates? - Pls read below (All, 5 min)*

  ○      Board agrees to leave current bylaws as they are

■      ACTION ITEM: Renee to amend attendance language [Done - RRB]


○      Renee explained committee liaison concept to new board members (support, etc.). Emphasis on being proactive to support committees, identify red flags and seek solutions. In the case of committees with one chair, board member liaison should approve chair hours.

○      Committee Support by Board Liaisons (Renee/All, 20 mins)

■      New committee liaison and GM roles assigned--see above link


  • Create project team like floaters? List of folks who can work on Co-op projects, perfect for freelancers (Renee, 5 mins)

○      Idea to survey the membership for specialty skills/resources to add to CIVI for be called upon in the future.


  • Continuation of shopping while working discussion; PSFC workers allowed to shop when working if during store hours?; Create a relationship with PSFC one fee, shop at both? (All, 15 mins)

○      Store coordinators are piloting allowing shopping during store-closed hours at their discretion, and will report back.

■      ACTION ITEM: SC Liaisons will follow up on this.

○      Group interested in meeting with Joe & Anne from PSFC: Renee, DK, William, Sean, Keith

○      DK will invite Joe and Anne to Oct 29th GM

  • Future Board mtg dates: Wed & Mon/Sun? Discuss logistics of location. (All, 10 min)

○      Board agrees to hold meetings on Wednesdays

○      Next GM Wednesday October 29th @ 7pm-9pm

■      ACTION ITEMS: Keith will deal with store clean up before GM’s/make sure shift to do so

■      William looking into chairs

■      Jean looking into heating/insulation situation



*Greene Hill Food Cooperative, Inc. Bylaws, Article 3, Section 1.(d) states:

Presence in-Person – At a minimum, a Director shall be present in-person at one of every four meetings called by the Board including General Meetings and Work Meetings. A fourth consecutive meeting at which a Director does not attend in-person shall constitute an absence with notice for the purposes of paragraph 7 below.

Paragraph 7 states, regarding absence with notice:

Directors may be removed on based on absences from Board meetings as follows:

○      two absences without notice

○      three consecutive absences with notice; or

○      seven total absences per year.