BOD Working Session 09.11.14

Board of Directors ~ Working Session

Thurs., Sept 11 – 7.30-9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn

Facilitator: Renée Bergan

Note-taker: Renée Bergan

Timekeeper: Keith Almon

Bring Printed Agendas: Nick Collins



Finance Report. Sean, 10 mins.

○      Cash has dipped, due to lo summer sales, probably about $18k. Spend $8k wk/for groceries. POS system on hold, can’t go with Revel. Suggested to Talk to PSFC re: who services scales and have them service our scales. IT suggests software consultancy.

ACTION ITEM: Sean will look into IT’s suggestion.

○      Inventory date: Change store inventory to from 8-8pm.

ACTION ITEM: Renee will tell newsletters re: hours and put event on calendar.

○      Need more sales.

ACTION ITEM: Keith will speak with store coordinators about ideas.


Update on Membership Equity Redemption Procedure. All, 15 min.

○      Have recruited 3 ppl to do job redemption. Board approved to redeem up to $750/month for Oct. Amount redeemed will be on month to month basis till we’re in good financial standing.


Update on new employee/hiring process. Hiring Committee, 10 min.

○      New Store Coordinators great, but lacking at seeing bigger picture (just cuz new).

ACTION ITEM: Keith will speak with them, have weekly sit down and will invite them to attend Board mtgs.

○      Need to put out call for HR folks to join HR committee before Jan.

○      Nov. Board WS mtg will re-evaluate positions and determine if they are good fit.


Update on Elections. 5 min

○      3 three yr terms and 1 one year

○      5 candidates: William Laviano, Allison, Jeannie, DK, Pablo


On Street Bike Corral. Nathan, 10 min.

○      Nathan will propose to FAB at Putnam triangle envision mtg re: putting bike corral in there.

○      Will also speak with Renee Collymore


Continuation of conversation re: stronger enforcement for missing shifts. Renee/All, 15 mins. (pls review this doc ahead of time)

ACTION ITEM: Board will review above doc and make comments by Sept 21st. Renee will meet with membership on 24th to move this forward.


PSFC relationship proposals: (1) PSFC members can shop at GHFC when doing their shifts only, or (2) offer PSFC members lower investment fee, or (3) another approach. Renee/Sean, 15 min.

○      Sean: proposes that workers can shop at store during receiving days/hrs, when store not open (Not clear to me if this includes PSFC workers but assume does.)

ACTION ITEM: Keith will speak with Store Coordinators and report back at GM if they feel they can handle it.

○      DK: recipricol shopping - member at one means can shop at both Co-ops


Update on logistics of GM and WS mtgs with newsletter timeline. DK/Renee 5 min.

○      Become agenda committee, first 20 min. open for members to contribute.

ACTION ITEM: WIll be voted on at next GM (DK)


When send out increased work requirement survey? Renee, 5 min.

○      Oct.


Fall Celebration updates. Renee, 5 min

○      have pop up tent in store/have bbq (Keith)--YAY

○      requested that all Board members help out day of event for a little bit.


Create GM agenda. All, 5 min.

○      discussion on how to encourage members to shop more (20) min.ow share sales date in positive way with members; DK profile, I shop greenehill, quarterly newsletters to promote shopping; store coordinators have ideas (all)

○      elections Gov (20)

○      approve by law changs - Ask mindy if other person can present; Need new copy (5 min) Sean or Mindy

○      recruit folks for inventory (work with store coordinators) Sean 5 min

○      fall celebration 5 min- DK

○      Shop when you work discussion Sean/DK 10 min.

○      Agree that WS that we are now Agenda making committee DK 5 min.

○      Committee presentation

○      Introduce new coordinators; mention at GM bringing in there will be occassion when we’ll be hiring coordinators more than agreed hours, pay them more so folks (Keith)


***No committee presentation (was supposed to be finance but we know what is going on.)


Board Member participation. Renee/Nick, 10 min.

Bag order approval (waiting for financing to get better)