General Meeting: 07.24.2014

GM NOTES JULY 24, 2014 Facilitator: Nick Collins Note-taker: Renee Bergen Timekeeper: Hillary Frileck

Finance Report: · Sales at all time low, numbers comparing 2.5 yrs we’ve been open will be posted at the Co-op · About 100 ppl have requested refunds, Responses re: refunds needs work · Exit survey not active, sort of morphed into Upshift outside of moving, some input was:

-Too long lines -Difficult to get caught up when fall behind -What to do in store when no shift leader -Suggested we implement exit survey again Membership Report: · 1333 members · 470 active (35%) · 280 on leave, · 579 non active (44%) · Shift leader should report what veggies are in on open days via SM (note: we are working on giving SL’s more responsibility and taking work off Allison’s hands)

Education · Puts recipes in newsletter, work with Allison on what’s available to create · Gives tours to groups to a few groups · Food demos on and off site · 4 consistent members, mtg with Outreach which is helpful · Fall ideas: church outreach, Clinton Hill Library, OSD’s, Fall Celebration · Q: How is work doing affecting potential members?

Have got a little more organized, have some feedback but not sure how affective Allison: would like to have script at store available so anyone can give tour

Work Requirement Increase/Missed shifts · Various methods that ppl cancel, email, google group, call, tell in person, used bank hours. Suggestion: **Need to stream line how method of communication of missing shifts · Hillary: 1st time miss one-get warning, 2nd time add a make up shift within a calendar year? · shift leader will be “go to” person? · Christina: reward system? · Sean: members need to invest more than 2 hrs/month; recommends 2.75 Create reciprocity with PSFC….reduced investment for those members? (whole other conversation!!!) · Make more clear to members that we need their labor and shopping and YOUR store from onset; member orientation: Make sure big and bold on website; social media, etc. · Have sexy product to get ppl in store, might get ppl in door not only to shop but to do shift ⋅ If call and say can’t make shift, need to sign up for another shift while on the phone, or it’s considered a “miss”??? Allison too busy for this…. ⋅ Share floater list with everyone????? Need to call at least 48 hrs in advance, not sure floaters will want their numbers given out to all · Make us seem attractive to join/desirable · Send out survey to increase hours. Give choice of 2.5, 2.75 or 3 hrs. · Renee and Allison to continue brainstorming

Store Coordinator Update · Allison needs weekends off, so hiring an asst store coordinator · Sean says not feasible to be paying 35 hrs/wk which is what both employees time bank would be (see Nick’s notes) · Nick recommends next 6 months Allison reduce hours from 28-23 hrs and works M-F and hire 2nd person who’d work 12 hrs on the weekend and 4 on fri as overlap, need to discuss fee for 2nd person · Voted we do this with all supporting but Sean for fiscal reasons