BOD Working Session 08.07.14

Board of Directors ~ Working Session Mon., Aug 11 – 7.30-9.30pm

139 Clinton Ave. #4, Brooklyn


Facilitator: Rene Bergan

Note-taker: Nick Collins

Timekeeper: DK Holland

Bring Printed Agendas: Keith Almon


Finance Report. Sean, 10 mins.

-- Sean Mullane, Treasurer, provides a report to the Board. -- Christina to alert the IT Committee that we will need their support as we approach the final stages of purchasing the POS system.

Discuss hiring process to replace Allison. Nick/Sean/All, 20 min.

Three initial stages:

(1) Board to email the Membership to announce Allison’s departure and provide scope as to the hiring process for an intermediate transition period (2) Learn from Allison’s experience in order to produce How To’s for the complete running of the Store (3) Transition process - What does this entail?

-- Allison has started to write about her experience and her responsibilities. Hillary and Rachelle are, in particular, using this information to help revise/update our Store procedures. -- Board members will maintain an overview of these procedures and help give input where necessary.

-- Allison to reach out to those members who have already shown interest to work at the Store during the transition process.

-- Important to have a hiring process for this interim period: one weekday person and one weekend person - who might also be eligible to apply for the long term position. -- Hiring specifics: Up to 22hrs during the week and up to 12 on the weekend at $15/hour.

-- Nick to draft letter for Board members to edit/complete and to be sent out to the Membership on Wednesday.

Discuss (Finalize) Membership Equity Redemption Procedures / Policy. Sean/All, 20 min.

-- Kate to send job description to recruit two new Committee members to newsletter; Kate to also coordinate onboarding and training

-- Renee and Board to amend our messaging in the handbook, website, membership application and in the newsletter (will happen in September)

-- Board members to finish updating the spreadsheet of cancelled members awaiting their communication/investment through today.

-- Kate and/or Sean to send the Board the final message to send to these aforementoned members as well as a script of anything else to do or include in the process

-- Kate and/or Sean to send Membership an updated response, similar to what was sent to Jeff, to be used from here on out with new cancellation requests. -- Board to figure out access to investments@ email and also to the excel sheet (see with IT)


Committee Presentation. Design/Build Out, 15 min.

-- The Committee is trying to coordinate with Pablo and Cale to establish a date to build out the office. -- After the office, the floor will be sealed in the expansion space. -- Plans for the full revised Store will be revised and presented at a later date; the Committee is interested to see how Park Slope Food Co-op navigates construction, in terms of planning and budgeting

-- Continue to help the Compost regain full force; repair the lids -- Paint the bathroom -- Establish a budget for general Store maintenance, to include the heat and cooling systems. -- Code research: we have never filed with the city prior with any construction projects and this is something to think about moving forward.



Agenda items for September Working Session Meeting:

  • On Street Bike Corral, Nathan, 10 min.
  • Continuation of conversation re: stronger enforcement for missing shifts. Renee/All, 20 mins.
  • Discuss logistics of GM and WS mtgs with newsletter timeline. DK/Renee 10 min.
  • Board Member participation. Renee, 10 min.
  • PSFC relationship proposals: (1) PSFC members can shop at GHFC when doing their shifts only, or (2) offer PSFC members lower investment fee, or (3) another approach, Renee/Sean, 15 min.