Board of Directors Working Session 4.10.14

  Facilitator: Nick/Renee Note-taker: Nick Timekeeper: Bring Printed Agendas: Nick


1) Finance Report, 10 mins (7:40-7:50 PM), Sean

Store cash processes have been refined and are working well. The finance team is growing slowly. Sean met the loan committee at Park Slope and they have monies to loan to all member working Co-ops. Renewed working comp insurance. Beer money will be deposited. Idea to approach Park Slope Food Co-op to ask for specific help with bookkeeping.

2) Improving our Store Shopping Experience, 40 mins (7:50-8:30 PM), All

Talking Points:

-- Merchandise (Post Fridge Installation; Budget; Member Input) (10 mins) Would like to be able to expand products, depending on the budget available, and liaise with Design Build as to store shelving. Sticking with the same vendors.

-- Outreach (Membership Drive; Events; Publicity) (10 mins) Tabling and events will increase now that it is warmer; ask members who are shopping to shop more.

-- Operations (Store Facilities) (10 mins) In good hands, under the guidance of Michael and Keith.

-- POS (...) (10 mins) Sean will finish the proposal by Saturday, and send it to Joe Holz, Merchandise and IT. Following this step, the team can move ahead and contact two vendors, working toward the goal of having the POS installed by the next open shopping day. See Trello timeline.

3) IT Committee Presentation, 15 mins (8:30-8:45 PM), Matias The Committee consists primarily of Matias and Misha. We do not have committee meetings and it has been challenging to recruit members. We keep the Co-op systems maintained and running. We also help IT setup and maintenance in the Store. It would be good to revise our passwords at some point. We will be working on restore the Store connections, wireless access and internal systems as well as step by step instructions if something goes down. The database is slow and we need to work on this as well as a long term solution for recurring carrot payments. We also have to ensure that non members can sign up for the newsletter and that members or non members who no longer wish to receive the newsletter may sign off. Matias will write a project scope on important tasks for the Board to consider

4) Update, Elections, 5 mins (8:45-8:50 PM), Nick

5) Update, Sundays, 10 mins (8:50-9 PM), Nick

Talking Points:

-- Very little response from the postcard and blast projects -- Refine hours elsewhere; close earlier on Wednesdays? -- Push back start date? -- Ideas?

6) Fridges, Old & New, 10 mins (9-9:10 PM), Nick/Lawrence/Sean

Talking Points:

-- Complete Fridge Installation (Delegate to Ops?) -- Finalize Process for Old Fridge Donation

7) GM Prep (inc. Newsletter deadline), 10 minutes (9:10-9:20 PM), All