General Meeting: 02.18.14

Facilitator: Renee Bergan

Minutes: Nick Collins

Timekeeping: Milyoung Cho

The General Meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.

Reports were delivered by both the Membership and Finance Committees.

 The Outreach Committee delivered an update regarding their current and future projects, including: Quarterly non-member shopping days; quarterly movie nights; community tabling and canvassing; and a new in-store mapping project.

The Outreach Committee would like to work with the Finance and Membership Committees to ascertain new member recruitment goals.

The Governance Committee will hold an election of three new Board members at the April General Meeting to fill two newly created and one replacement slot.  The Board encourages the Membership to submit their nominations to the Governance Committee over the next few weeks for consideration.

The Membership Committee submitted a recommendation that the number of banked hours accessible in 2014 be increased to six and that these hours be taken consecutively if wished.  On a motion duly made, and seconded, the members hereby present (13) approved the recommendation.

The Board has renewed Allison Stewart’s contract, starting January 3.  Allison has shown tremendous enthusiasm during her first year as Store Coordinator, and we thank her for all her contributions thus far.   For now, her hourly wage will not change, but she will have ten PTO days at her disposal.  The Board will assess midyear if we can increase Allison’s hourly wage.

 The receiving desk was installed in the Store yesterday, and we thank Dwight Cassin for all his hard work.  Lawrence will finalize a contract to install the refrigeration and will continue to work with Allison as well as co-chairs from Merchandise and Design Build as to any final installation details.  The goal is to have the refrigeration installed and in use no later than our March 22 non-members shopping day.

We have received 250 +/- responses to our Sunday survey thus far.  We will close out the survey by the end of this month, discuss the results at the Board working session, and bring the conversation back to the General Meeting later in March.

Open Forum:  The Board is looking to recruit a new Secretary, to replace Michael Randazzo, who has accepted to join our Operations’ Committee.

The General Meeting was adjourned at 9 PM.