Board Working Session 3.6.14

Board Working Session 3.6.14

Facilitator: Nick Collins

Note-taker: Renée Bergan

Timekeeper: Nick Collins

Attending: Mindy Carner (Governance), Nick Collins, Lawrence Eichorn, Renée Bergan, Sean Mullane, D.K. Holland (via skype), Jill Hoffman and Shanon Sodano (Education)


Finance report:

Finance is working to complete the “request for proposal” for a new “point of sale” system, for which financing is already in place.

The Board approved securing service from a 2nd Internet provider, to avoid interruptions in processing card transactions, as happened Monday, March 3, when several shopping members could not pay for their groceries and left the Store empty-handed and angry.

Education Committee update:

-See 6 month goal responses (Need Christina to share this with Board)

-Doing: Food demos, recipes, store tours

-Exchanged ideas on how to improve these areas. Will meet with Outreach more, maybe do combo mts

Fridge update: Fridges in by SUNDAY!!!!

Election Update: March 31st due date for nominations in if going into newsletter. Ballot will be open from newsletter release to April 29 (GM) so 10 days or so. Need to make sure newsletter team gets it out no later than 18th

Agendas management: Moving forward the President will be in charge of finalizing and posting Working Session agendas and the VP will be in charge of GM agenda.


Next GM is March 27, agenda item suggestions are:

Finance/Membership reports 15

Finance is presenting 15

Sunday open shopping day discussion Nick 15

NON members shopping update Renee (via outreach) 5

Feedback from Co-op Teach in -Nick 5

Refrigeration report – Lawrence 5

Elections-5 reminder Mindy will send Nick/Renee 5


*******IMPORTANT: April WS moved to April 8