Food Justice meeting minutes (11/11)

Attendence: Christina, Renee, Anni. 1) Surveys:  Renee will make 2 page version (done) and send to IT to get online version.  Renee will also request from Marketing a one day shopping pass to be given to folks who complete the survey. ***Still need folks to spearhead seeking out events where we can table and have folks fill it the survey in person.

2) Slightly discussed product dispute form but as none of the ppl in attendance had been working on the form, we postponed further discussion.

3) Met with Education re: how to move forward with Food tours.  We can/will connect them with folks we think would be good to invite on tours: -Kassy will connect with Lafayette and possibly other NYCHA housing -Renee will connect with FUREE -Christina connected with her building -perhaps Alix connects with some of her connections ***If you have a group you think would be good to go on a tour, pls introduce them to

4) Outreach discussions: Would like to see more open shopping days (board looking to make this a quarterly event, will be voted on at the next GM). Education will give food demos at the store on those days to make it more of a "happening".  Have goodie bag  (one of our tote bags with merch inside--left over vendor samples?) for folks that join that day.