Food Justice Committee Mtg | July 8th 2013


Food Justice Com Meeting Monday 7/8


Present: Amy, Christina, Kareem, David

Agenda items: 1. Procedure for dealing with disputed products; 2. Survey update

Procedure for dealing with disputed products

-We updated Kareem about the meeting in May with members of merch and began to brainstorm about a method for dealing with disputed products.

-The following is a basic idea of what we came up with as a procedure: (NOTE: we realize that this was a small meeting and people who specifically wanted to work on this were not present. So keep in mind that this is being put out there for vigorous feedback and development!)

1. members who have a problem with a product can fill out a form stating the nature of the problem and their interpretation of how it falls into specific standards of ethical production.

-there is a need for a more specific (but not too specific) document that lists the kinds of unethical production practices that would operate as a blueprint for members who wish to initiate a change in buying. Some of those specific things to be built into a proper document, which we felt it would be good to use the language that these are standards we strive to satisfy, but these things are not automatically grounds for any specific action.

A. Labor:

-organized or worker-owned; no discrimination based on gender, sexuality, race or immigration status; living wage (maybe there's a specific research center/nonprofit that can be our measuring stick) and healthcare; safe working conditions

B. Land (we should look to recent "Rights of Nature" constitutions in South America):

-minimize env. impact due to transport; sustainable agriculture and fishing; minimize conversion of forests to farmland/pasture

C. Animal Treatment and Testing

D. Political Context of Production

-if the political situation in a national territory exacerbates A, B, and C over an entire geographic region, then we will consider a general boycott.

2. When the form is filled out and the member wants the coop to officially boycott a product, then the product research working group in the FJC turns into an official panel that includes other specific members from other committees. (requests to simply stop buying a specific product and substitute a better option will not involve this procedure). The specifics of this panel would need to be put out there and transparent (ie. how many people, from what committees, serving for how long, etc).


3. The panel makes a decision on the boycott by weighing the various issues. However, the decision of the panel can be overturned by an 'up or down vote' by the whole membership (ie. voting on the matter, not voting on whether or not we'll vote or anything like that).

Survey update

There wasn't too much to say here other than that we've collected feedback from all the other committees and while there was great input there were not any major changes. So the survey folks will make those changes stat. A serious plan for distribution is needed.