Food Justice Committee Meeting Minutes 4/8/13

Food Justice Committee Meeting

Agenda 1. Introductions/General updates 2. Updates about the film screenings 3. Updates about MONTAJ 4. Updates and discussion about the survey

Introductions -Susanne working with David/Ankit on the Survey -Kareem wasn't here last meeting, but is also working on issues of ethical sourcing, helping with the survey -Gisela has been working on films, and reaching out to spaces where we might want to host films -Amy, no updates, but she's figured out how to do the shift planning -Ross is here from MONTAJ, their co-founder is a member -Ankit has been working since October -Christina, interested in bringing in more community members, she's talked with her neighbors and realizing that healthy eating

Updates on film screenings -Gisela says that she feels that Soul Food Junkies would be the perfect film for this neighborhood -Discussion ensued about the best locations for showing some of these films, with churches, mosques, and community based organizations being the general feeling -Some FJC members from last meeting were talking about connecting with churches but they are not here today, so we'll know more when we check in with them -Gisela: the idea is to have four screenings throughout the year -Another one that she likes which is not as related to food, but is good is "No Impact Man" -Another one is called "What's on your plate?" -Kareem says that the people that we connect with will also have some ideas about what they want -Brooklyn Food Coalition folks might have some ideas for people who can also 'talk' or 'present' if we host screenings -One idea is for Christina and Gisela to begin reaching out by visiting a church nearby -David suggests that maybe we have a film for the membership where we try to raise our own conscioussness, such as My Brooklyn -It sounds like Gisela wants to do a lot of the same things that we want to do in terms of outreach to churches

Updates on MONTAJ -Ross explains Iphone app, where you make 5 second clips, and then you can add a song from your iTunes, and filters, and voice overs, and so forth. -The videos are all updated to youtube and can be embedded into the website. -The idea being that if we're out doing events, screenings, or whatever, we could be making these short videos.

Updates on the Survey -Discussion and notes about the survey are on the survey document -Discussion of where actually non-member survey will be given out, which seems to be that the outreach to churches and community organizations will also be a good avenue for getting the opinion of people who are not currently members.

Next meeting -Kristina can't host anymore because she is moving -Eleanor had mentioned about possibly meeting at her place, but we would have to check with her because she wasn't at the meeting -Possibly we can meet in the courtyard during the same time