GM Meeting January 2013 Notes

Committee reports:

  • Finance
  • 100k in bank accounts. Stable. But not great.
  • Hopeful refrigeration will increase sales
  • Membership
    • 1225 members currently


Personelle - the role of the store coordinator and process of hiring - presented by Giselle

Job description created and posted

Filtering up to 100 responses - divvied among members

Scored about 10 percent against rubric

Interviewed 5 or more people

Second round interviews with ops co chairs with in store interview for final three candidates

Set up with payroll and insurance

Scheduling and management upon hire done by operations committee


Lessons learned:

Integrate operations more

Have first round interviews with everyone on the personelle side


Allison ultimately hired. Good culture fit. Agriculture and food justice. Personable.

Must become member according to by laws. Details yet to be worked out.

Part time 30 hours. Discussing paid sick days and other benefits.

Members urged to meet her in store. Will also be at feb gm


Membership - Banked hours update - presented by nick

Store shift still not consistently filled. Reasons: committees need lots of members, trying to offload members; many members on leave. But we need to move forward...



Members who want to use banked hours must request 2 weeks in advance, through shifts@.

Come into effect as of march 1st.

For 2013 any member in good standing can use 4 hours. They may use these consecutively.

To be evaluated in November for 2014.

Feedback: questions about creating a future plan for people who want to use much more banked hours. Matias chimed in with a data point that only about 60 ppl have 24 hours or more banked.

Vote: unanimous in favor.


Bees and food systems, a snapshot - presented by Tim O'Neil

Apple trees without honey bees - 50 apples. With bees 2500 apples.

Monoculture agriculture - bees have become part of this and has pushed a reactionary small scale movement. Rather than having 100s of hives, community groups with small numbers of hives partnering with farms and selling locally.

Pitfalls. Some corporations paying lip service to this ideal without the follow through.

Board vote on membership proposal - dk Lawrence nick Christina Aaron in attendance

Unanimously approved.