GM notes October 16, 2012

Intro, Kelli. Faciliator, Doug. Secretary, Kathryn. Timekeeper, Giselle. Agenda approved as is.

Committee Reports Mural Committee Rachel. They applied for a grant and got $250 donated to prime wall. They have lots of ideas for content. Have been doing community workshops & art activities. They expect mural to be done in the Spring of 2013.

Finance-Have made improvements in timeliness of check writing. Are reviewing invoices weekly and setting up systems. The fiscal year ends 9/30 ¾ of which we had an actual store. We will need an audit.

Governance- Will be running the officer election tonight at the GM.

Personnel update- October 1st closed the receipt of applicants. We received amny good candidates.

Membership-@ 1150, 86 of whom are on leave either general or parental, which means about 1066 the should be working. 34 new members so far in October. Trying to set up the membership office. Trying to get a discussion going about the application of banked hours

Merch- no one to report .Education and Branding no one to report

Oct 6 event was a big success. NYCHA liaisons are ongoing. They would like to run regular tours of the store. A local high school wants to tour the coop.

Columbus Day was the first holiday the store was open and it went well. The Mondays shifts have pulled folks from the Wednesday and Saturday staffing

Website should be up soon

Officer Election-Only Nick Collins for Pres on ballot. Pablo Anwar Armijo de Lazorik for VP, and Jeffrey Frankovic for Treasurer. Both president and Vice President must be on the board, treasurer and Secretary just need to be coop member. Tabulated votes have elected officers as presented.

Dormant Members- We’ve done everything to contact them to participate but have not engaged them in work shifts on committees or at the store.I t is about 1/10 of the membership which falls in this category. It was suggested that we consider them as being on general leave so that it gives us a clearer picture of the work pool size.


Inclement weather and store closing discussion. Should we use the school closing days as the guideline for weekdays? Maybe it should hinge on whether perishables deliveries can or have made it to the store. What to do if lots of folks don’t show up for their shifts? Eventually the store manger may be the one to make the call.

Recording work Hours. Hours worked over six months ago will not be considered going forward. That should be more than ample time to record and committee chairs need to stay on top of members to record The grace period for this will go into effect November 30. Going forward a three month period will be the time to have hours worked accounted for. Many hours for steering members were never recorded.

Board Meeting, quorum present voted to accept the 3 members voted into President, Vice-president and Treasurer by the GM members.

Next Steering TBC either 11/5 or 11/6. Next GM meeting is at So Oxford Space on November 20, 7 to 9, January 24 7 to 9, and February 21, 7 to 9 all at So Oxford Space. There will be no December GM.