[draft] Minutes from June 19, 2012 General Meeting

GM notes   June 19, 2012 7-8:45pm

Orientation- Kathryn

Facilitator-Doug, Secretary-Kathryn, Timekeeper-Angela,


-May GM notes approved


Committee Reports:

Finance- over 110,000 in bank ready to spend on HVAC and other big-budget     items. They are looking for check writing person to hire. We filed taxes @ 1400             for the quarter. Cash management issues are still a little tough.


Education- Put the 1sst Chef video up on homepage


Food Justice-having lots of discussions. Outreach has attended  several block        assoc meetings and community board meetings


Event committee forming to plan/execute September Grand Opening event


Governance- Disciplinary procedure draft in place, also the privacy policy.             Annual elections will be in Sept, Officer elections in October. We will probably do elections thru an all nite voting portal to meet  Personnel Committee has spun off Governance to work on 1st hire of manager.


Membership- We have about 1070 members,  includes all statuses (on leave etc)   Need a secretary for their committee and some work-tracking help.

Website- They are rolling out yet another site will have much better navigation      tools.

Design/ Build- Working on walk in cooler, HVAC final issues

Branding/ Marketing- they now have 4 co-chairs, continuing with in-store signage,   printing newsletter. Piloting idea for non-web users. Doing the white boards

Brandbook being re-vamped, member portraits for front of the store are in work.

Merchandising- working with Milk not Jails, have more category based buying,    ie different price points, adding more local suppliers including Brooklyn Grange and possibility of shopping at Jetro for more commodity items, but we need to pick them up or pay $40 delivery charge. It was suggested they check out Bright Farms, a new gigantic rooftop garden opening in Sunset Park next year, to buy produce.

Operations- Need shift leaders, especially on Saturday afternoon. We have a      desperate  need.

 Main Agenda:

Co-Op endorsements. Do we as a Co-op want to endorse issues that are only directly related to our food supply, vendors, or food policy issues, or even  at all, e.g. Fracking, Fair trade. Etc. It was decided we might discuss as an education issue, may need a “White paper” on this, and we should investigate if PSFC has a policy on this.


Food Presentation- by Scott Bridi of Brooklyn Cured. He brought food samples of several sausages and gave us a little company history of his products and background. Tasty.


Work Shifts-having a policy review. You need to have your shift covered in advance if you cannot make it! You can swap a shift through shift planning or notify membership in advance. If you are on official leave you cannot shop during that time.


Report from Harvard Conference on Sustainable Development - (Sara Cornish). Was about food delivery systems, supermarkets. Special items discussed were Value through food, Resilience Theory, Urban farms and marketing to lower income communities.

[to be amended/approved at the July GM]


Quorum Present -- Doug Warren, Amanda Goad, Pablo Armijo, DK Holland, Christina Travers, Lawrence Eichorn (absent: Giselle Sperber).   Nothing to vote on.

Next Steering meeting will be 7/2, location TBD, and next GM at So Oxford Space on July 19th, Thursday. THERE WILL BE NO AUGUST GENERAL MEETING. Sept GM is 9/18 at So Oxford Space.

Are we going to be open on Wednesday July 4?  YES.

Meeting adjourned.