Food Justice Meeting May 8, 2012

Food Justice Meeting
May 8, 2012
Third Root Community Health Center
We're sponsoring their event Quizo $75
Two people can go for free, or we can send a team and pay
Sat June 9 from 7-10PM
do we want to be a committee?
it's important for it to be
understandably a different format from the way other committees are facilitated
important for FJC to be present for other co-op conversations
bulk will make food more affordable
                the co-op does not take into account peoples buying habits i.e. cars and bulk needs and price
information gathering about needs
co-op can offer community/supermarkets were created for shelf-life
looking at how healthy the items on categories of WIC items are
goal is to ensure that you can get a 'full nutritional snap shot' on WIC $, but how does GHFC fit into that?
farmer's market program at WIC? does Park Slope accept it?
Food Justice should be part of the GHFC's 'Brand Identity'
Personnel Committee--should the Food Justice Committee have a role in the hiring process?
Danielle Jackson
Nielson company--advertising effectiveness
shopper insights research
multicultural marketing efforts
--What are you doing to make the coop more diverse?
we canvas the neighborhoods
community liaisons
not enough people power
not necessarily a question of people power
we have to ASK what people want (in survey format?)
survey monkey
15 questions
signage--people don't know from the sign that it's a grocery store
ask one thing at a time
incentivize (raffle?)
asking what are barriers to joining
being available for shifts
        we are messaging that we are running full steam, which we are not
maybe we need a forum where people can ask in a more public/accessible manner?
        do we need a public display about what is going on inside of the committees?
we risk weird messaging
maybe we need a second facebook page in addition to the one that already exists
open thread on main website?
the first experience when you walk in to the co-op is bad
                bad greeters
        do we need a turnstile? where you can swipe your card
        tour person with a shirt that says 'ask' me for a tour
        less people up front!
        move scanning from entrance moment
if we crafted a survey Danielle would agree to look over it
someone to tabulate it/some way to tabulate it
get advise from SNAP?
reach people with good products and good messaging
incorporate cultural elements
showing collateral materials with diverse imaging
taking into consideration other people's needs
African Americans shop more, spend less than Caucasians
co-op prices are prohibitive for some people--brochures are useful
no tortillas
vegetables at a bodega that we don't sell
culturally relevant factors to what food we buy/price and proximity and organic shouldn't be the only factors
surveying is for the whole co-op, we need the whole co-op's buy-in
Next Steps:
reach out to community groups to see if surveys have been done
info we want to get off of our surveys--develop questions
bring in front of steering committee once it is already created
make a list of everything we want to know
section off
surveying firm to do pro-bono work?
Danielle could you ask? If not Nielson then who?