Food Justice Committee Minutes 4/16/12

Food Justice CommitteeApril 16, 2012 7:00pm Outpost Cafe In attendance: Rosanna Ho, Renee Renata Bergan, Nina Goepfert, Amanda Goad
1. What's going on right now with the FJC?--Rosanna
  • We are meeting! Great beginning. We need a regular day so that people can plan
  • Outside events--Erika went to the Healthy Foods event. Also Occupy Town Square. Great game Natascia
  • How to get involved? We answered this question throughout the meeting
  • Recent articles featuring GHFC that have to do with food justice:
2. WIC--Amanda
  • Do we want to accept WIC?
  • We haven't yet because we haven't had the capacity
  • In order to accept WIC we'd have to carry a certain number of items in food groups that WIC promotes. We probably wouldn't otherwise carry these foods because of their ingredients/method of production/not being local/corporation status (you can't buy organic eggs on WIC)
  • If we did carry these products shoppers with WIC could buy some products at reasonable prices that are local and organic (produce, maybe)
  • Rosanna agreed to look into the list of what you can buy on WIC so that we can make an informed decision about whether or not to accept WIC in the long term
3. FJC organization and logistics--Nina and Renee
  • We decided, or reiterated, that the FJC currently is a subcommittee of Outreach, and should have two or more co-chairs. Currently Nina is one and Natascia is the other. As Natascia is giving up her position for the time being, we are on the lookout for MORE COCHAIRS
  • Talk about making FJC its own committee, which would mean the following
    • One more more co-chairs attend steering committee meeting
    • and general meeting
    • short written report monthly on what the committee has done (for the steering committee meeting)
  • Talk about the line between being a co-chair and running agenda versus members of the FJC bringing agenda items to the meeting and being able to run meeting itself--we want the collective to be vibrant and strong, but having point people is logistically necessary
  • Co-chair position clarified: Nina will advertise for and be at FJC meetings for now, as well as be media person if need be. Hopefully soon, with growth, responsibilities can be more delegated. And roles could be traded.
  • FJC wants its own email address
  • FJC wants its own Facebook page? 'Food Justice at GHFC'?
    • Rosanna brought up that it would be great to have a place where resources about food justice in particular and the coop more generally could be posted and shared by all (only admins can post on GHFC Facebook wall)
4. Goals/Actions moving forward--all 
  • Short Term:
    • Finish mission statement
      • It's on googledocs! Lets all work on it if possible, contribute and edit together
    • Workshops to come (attend them! more info will be sent out about these workshops--Co-op Inc/multi-racial marketing strategies/FUREE)
    • Establish another co-chair
    • Create an in-house workshop for GHFC members about food justice
    • Pull together WIC info (Rosanna)
    • Get FJC an email address and maybe Facebook page
  • Long Term:
    • Contribute food justice activities/ideas/curriculum for group tours of non-members at the co-op
    • Make FJC its own committee (this could be short term)
    • Feature FJC in the monthly newsletter
    • Represent food justice at the coop to the public