August General Meeting Minutes

Meeting Notes 2011 08 23Gm 8 23 11

27 here at 7:25 29 at 7:50 24 at closing

2. Committee Reports . dk For Branding. Christina for Finance. Erin for Membership. 447 members now and roughly 40% are BC members. Pablo for Ops. Salem for Design/Build. Jeff for IT. Renee at Outreach. Giselle for Governance. Membership relief: will we accommodate someone who travels for months at a time to try to make up their hours at a time. This person would need to meet the hour requirement but over a longer time. I.e. 4 hrs for every 3 mos rather than 2 hrs x 2 mo. we don’t have the man power to accommodate at this early stage. we should try to stay flexible. It was recommended that maybe one has to be a member for x amount of time first. Hours can be banked now but may be frozen for a time so we can get the store operational. This has not been determined completely at this time. Concensus was that we don’t have a firm policy in place to accommodate this request. Last GM we stated that it was time to start the work requirements in order to get the store open for 8 hrs a week in the Fall. We have issues with a lot , over 1/3 of folks in the Bc who have never worked their shift requirements. How are we going to manage and what will be the action taken against those persons. How will we reinforce the policies? Vote: shall we give folks a clean slate who have not met work requirements up until now? Concensus is yes. Vote: 4 weeks before opening date, we have the clean slate and work requirement kick in? not voted on. Vote: do we give the steering committee a go ahead to approve the current build out scenario? Approved. Closing remarks, next meeting dates 9/22, 10/18 and 11/22. Board approves the two votes from the evening. feedback: lets start talking about Food at the beginning of teh GMs..