Work Shift Procedure

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Each Greene Hill Food Co-op Member-owner contributes, at least, two and a half hours every four weeks to in-store work or, at least, five hours every eight weeks to committee work.

Store Work Shifts

Example of what a shift might look like:

  • a position: Cashier
  • a shift: 3pm-5:30pm
  • a day: Wednesday
  • a week: A, B, C, or D. Since all in store work is required every four weeks, every week has a letter, A, B, C, D, which recurs every four weeks. Your shift will have a week letter. Read more about the weekly rotation schedule and view the week calendars here.

Within a week of joining the Co-op, you will receive a welcome email from ShiftPlanning titled “Your ShiftPlanning Activation Link.”
Once you create a password you will be able to sign up for a shift. Read all about how to signup for a shift below.
Once you choose your work shift, it will automatically recur every 4 weeks.

Work Shift Descriptions

Cashier Check out member-owners, handle cash, count in and count out drawer, work directly with Shift Leader/Store Coordinator. Training is required.
Floor Attendant Ensure items are well stocked and neat, assist shoppers, perform other tasks as requested by Shift Leader/Store Coordinator. Sort, break down, and neatly bundle cardboard boxes, tear brown paper into strips for compost, collect and consolidate all rubbish and recyclables, occasional deep-cleaning of store fixtures.
Office Assistant Provide administrative support to the back office. Current duties are primarily related to finance, including entering and reconciling accounts payable. No prior experience needed.
Receiving Receive supplies (produce, dairy, grocery, freezer, etc.) from vendors, rotate by expiration date, restock shelves, cull produce.
Receiving Shift Leader Training required (Coop provides a one-time training session). Manage receiving and supervise Receivers; check, sign for and occasionally pay for deliveries; price items/cases; organize back stock.
Shift Leader Training required (Coop provides a one-time training session). Directs floor workers, check in desk workers and cashiers on basic store operations, helps problem solve and communicates store issues with other shift leaders.
Membership Desk New member-owner sign-up; distribution of key fobs; membership email; dealing with member-owners’ questions; work shift; updating member-owners’ work records.
 Committee Coordinator Specific duties vary by committee, but generally include handling communication between committee members and across committees to ensure all are on the same page with tasks and initiatives. Email specific committee to find out more.
 Committee Co-chair Specific duties vary by committee, but generally include driving the committee initiatives, holding monthly/bi-monthly meetings to keep committee current with needs of the Co-op. Recruit member-owners as needed. Email specific committee to find out more.

Committee Work

If you are interested in committee work, read up on the various committees, and contact the co-chairs of the committee on which you would like to work. You will enter your hours in Humanity, just as with in-store work, VISUAL instructions on how to do so are HERE.

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Shift Signup Instructions

  1. You will receive an email with your account activation link. (Check that the email isn’t in your email spam or trash folder, it will be coming from [email protected]) Follow the directions in the email. You will also receive a welcome email from Membership. New member-owners are imported to Humanity twice a week, so it may be a few days before your information is imported and you receive an email. To receive your activation email sooner, email Membership, and we will expedite the process. If you’ve already signed up and need to change, please email Membership.
  2. If you are a member of the Park Slope Food Coop and need us to report your hours to PSFC, please email Membership with your PSFC ID# so we can update your profile in Humanity and make sure your hours are reported to PSFC.
  3. Once you log into Humanity click the link that says ### of Shifts Available for Pickup
  4. You can select a shift by clicking on the “request to work” button. You will get an email confirmation of your shift by the end of the day.  Only choose one shift.  You are selecting that position, day, time, and week (A, B, C, or D).  The week you choose, A, B, C, or D will recur every four weeks. 
  5. If you prefer to see shifts in a calendar view you can click on Schedule, make sure the Schedule Overview checkbox is checked, then click on Position and Week.
  6. If you prefer, you can watch a video that will walk you through this entire process!

Non-Recurring Work Shifts (Floater)

If you are a member-owner who has an unpredictable schedule or for whatever reason find it difficult to commit to the same position, day, time, and week, you may opt to join the floater group. Member-owners in the floater group get a weekly email from our store coordinator listing gaps in coverage that week at the store. As long as you pick up one 2.5-hour shift per 4-week cycle (or check the Shift Trading Network and cover a shift for another member-owner if you can’t make any of the available times that the store coordinator lists) then you’ll stay current with your hours and won’t need to schedule any shifts through ShiftPlanning.  Email the store coordinator to get on the Floaters List.

Shift Swapping and Make-up Procedures

  • First, post your shift request on the Work Shift Trade Group: Click Here (You may need to do this multiple times)
  • After that, you may also reach out to fellow member-owners directly who share your same time slot, but on different weeks.  Email Membership for a current list.
  • If/when you find a replacement “reply all”  to the shift request on the Work Shift Trade Group with the name of the person covering your shift .  The Co-op is monitoring this group, so this is how we know the shift has been covered.
  • In case of emergency only (on the day of your shift), contact your Shift Leader directly to alert them to your impending absence.  If you cannot get a hold of your Shift Leader, then call the store at 347.799.1939 so that the Check-In Desk person may mark you as absent on the crib sheet.
    • Membership can provide you with your Shift Leader contact info, but it is expected you have this well in advance. Membership cannot help you find a replacement for your missed shift.
  • If you do not find a replacement you will receive a “Notified Penalty“, which mandates that you must make up the shift within the next 4 weeks (before your shift cycles back).
    • If you do not follow the above procedure and do not show up for your shift, you will be considered a “No Show” and receive a “Double Make-up”, which requires you to make up 2 shifts within the next 4 weeks (before your shift cycles back). Please note that shift swapping requests to the Work Shift Trade Group made on the same day as your shift will not alleviate a member from a double make up, as that is too late of notice.
  • If you miss 2 shifts in a row, you will become “inactive” and unable to shop until you make the shifts up. You only have to make up 2 shifts within one 4 week cycle to become “active” in the system again, even if you have exceeded 2 missed shifts.
    • To have your membership “reactivated” email Membership. Once you receive a confirmation email, you must schedule both of your make up shifts (within the same 4 week cycle).  Only after you have worked the first shift will you be allowed to shop again.  You will still need to make up the 2nd shift within that cycle.
  • Shift Coverage spreadsheet

Banking Hours

Membership keeps track of all hours worked by each member. If you ever want a report of hours worked please email [email protected] Requests can take up to 2 weeks to process.

Many members are willing to contribute more than 2.5 hours every 4 weeks, for those we offer the Banked Hours Program. All active members with hours exceeding 2.5 will automatically be recorded and maintained for future use. These hours do not expire as long as you stay active in the system. If you ever wish to redeem these banked hours simply complete the form here.

  • You must apply two weeks in advance of the anticipated missed shift to request banked hours.
  • You may not apply banked hours to a shift date that has passed or to any shift that was missed without notification.
  • You must still communicate with your Shift Leader or Store Coordinator if you anticipate missing a shift.

ShiftPlanning & Hours Worked

ShiftPlanning looks for 5 hours of completed work within the last 8 weeks. If you are below the 5-hour minimum you will receive an alert when you arrive at the Check-In Desk. If you are at 0 hours you will receive a No Shop warning.

ShiftPlanning does not look past the 8-week window and therefore cannot determine if you have excess hours from a previous period of time. It is the responsibility of each member-owner to keep current with hours. Email [email protected] for a report on hours worked. Requests can take up to 2 weeks to process.