Membership Policies

Investment Policies

  • Every member-owner must invest $175 ($30 for qualifying low income residents).  This includes a $150 investment in the Co-op, plus a nonrefundable $25 administrative fee. Payment plans are available. This is required for each adult member of your household.
  • If one member of a household becomes a Member-owner of the Co-op, all adults in that household who share food with the Member-owner must also become Member-owners.
  • Every adult who shares in your household’s food must pay the administrative fee and the membership investment.**

  • Member-owner investments may be redeemed under the following situations:

    • The member-owner chooses to resign from the Co-op and requests, in writing, the redemption of investment.

    • The Co-op dissolves

    The Co-op is incorporated as a not-for-profit membership cooperative under the laws of New York State.

    **A member-owner’s investment in the Co-op is just that, an investment. Through this financial investment, members share risk in the success of the Co-op. Member-owner investments help support Co-op operations and development, as well as help the Co-op achieve sustainability. If a member-owner requests a redemption of their investment upon leaving, it may not be immediate. The redemption timing is determined by the Board of Directors, according to the Co-ops fiscal health and other factors (and as such, a member remains a member until his or her redemption is processed). The Co-op currently has a moratorium on membership equity redemptions in place. The moratorium will continue for the foreseeable future until the Co-op improves its financial health. Often members that leave the Co-op choose to donate their investment to the Co-op.

Work Shift Policies

  • Every Member-owner of the Co-op will need to complete regular work shifts. The current length and cycle for work shifts is two and a half hours every four weeks, or five hours every eight weeks in a committee, and is subject to change as our Member-owner base expands and/or our business requires.
  • A member-owner is welcome to work another member-owner’s shifts, they just must clock in their hours as that person.
  • Each member-owner is responsible for their shift and is expected to find a replacement for the shift if they cannot fulfill it.  Click here to see how: Shift Swapping Procedure
  • If you do not follow the shift swapping procedure and do not show up for your shift, the following is our Make up Procedure:



Circumstance Requirement to return to good standing (in addition to working regular recurring  shifts) Timeframe to return to good standing 
No coverage: Missed shift, but tried to find replacement or 1st time emergency of year Must do 1 make up (MU) shift – the original missing shift 2 cycles from missed shift
No show: No attempts to find replacement, no notification or 2nd time emergency* Must do 2 MUs 2 cycles from missed shift
2 months out of good standing: MUs not completed in 2 cycles Add 1 more MU = 2 MU’s for coverage (or 3 for no show*) 2 additional cycles (ends at 4 months from original missed shift)
4 months out of good standing: MUs not completed in 4 cycles Suspension from shopping until all owed MUs are scheduled with the LC and served while resuming monthly shifts. indefinite, depends when complete MUs

Leave & Cancellation Policies

  • General Leave: The Co-op allows any Member-owner to take a personal leave i.e. “General Leave” (12 weeks minimum, without shopping and without needing to work) once per year for any reason.
  • Disability, Care-Giving or Parental Leave: The Co-op also permits adjustments to the work requirement (without loss of shopping privileges) for member-owners who have disabilities or serious health conditions, who are caring for people who have disabilities or serious health conditions, who are coping with the death of a loved one, or who have recently brought a child into their family.  Member-owners wishing to make use of these special programs should contact Membership for more information.
  • If you are a current or prospective Member-owner with an unusual, personal circumstance not covered by these policies, please contact Membership, who will make recommendations regarding all requests, which will then be voted upon at a General Meeting. You may join and shop (or remain a Member-owner) temporarily while your request is pending. Requests typically take two months to process.
  • Cancelling Membership: If you should ever decide to cancel your membership to the Co-op, simply email Membership with your contact info and reason for leaving.  If you wish for your investment to be redeemed you will be referred to the Investments team.  Please remember that when a member-owner requests a redemption of his or her investment, it may not be immediate.  The redemption timing is determined by the Board of Directors, according to the Co-op’s fiscal health and other factors (and as such, a member-owner remains a member-owner until his or her redemption is processed). Often member-owners that leave the Co-op choose to donate their investment to the Co-op. Currently all investment redemptions are on hold. Please email Membership if you have questions before joining.
  • If you would like to know the status of your investment redemption, please email the Investments team.
  • If you have a question about our existing membership rules, please email Membership.