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How to Become a Member-Owner

Each and every member-owner of the Co-op invests both in terms of work and money. To be fair to all members investment is required for each person in the household who is over 18 years old and sharing most of their food from the Co-op.
The average investment for a member is $150, plus a nonrefundable $25 administrative fee (this fee covers the cost of enrolling the member). We accommodate different financial situations by offering a variety of plans – Zucchini, Avocado, Lettuce, Carrot and Apple.
We provide reduced investments for qualifying low income neighbors (this plan is called the Apple Plan).
Please look at the variety of plans available for payment – chose the one that accommodates your financial situation. 
  • $150 Investment ($25 for qualifying low income residents – see Apple Plan) and a nonrefundable $25 administrative fee. Payment plans are available (see below). This is required for each adult member of your household.
  • Orientation: Co-op Member-owners agree to attend an orientation session before working in the Store. Orientation sessions are held regularly. See our calendar for the next available session.
  • Work Commitment: All Co-op Members-owners commit to work, at least, two and a half hours every four weeks either in the store or with one of our committees.

Typically, each member-owner pays a $25 non-refundable administrative fee (to enroll you) and a $150 membership investment. The administrative fee and membership investment one time and are not tax deductible.

You will be able to buy food at significantly lower prices and the savings will quickly compensate for your investment.

But this summer, you can join for less! To celebrate our reopening at 1083 Fulton, we’ve waived the $25 administrative fee for all new Lettuce and Avocado Plans! This special runs through Labor Day, 2018!

You may also join as a trial member for 30 days to see how you like being part of the Co-op, shopping but not needing to work.

What does it mean to make an investment?*

Member-owner investments may be redeemed under the following situations:

  • The member-owner chooses to resign from the Co-op and requests, in writing, the redemption of investment.

  • The Co-op dissolves

The Co-op is incorporated as a not-for-profit membership cooperative under the laws of New York State.

* By making a financial investment, each member shares risk in the success of the Co-op. Member-owner investments help support Co-op operations and development, and threrefore help the Co-op achieve sustainability. The redemption timing is determined by the Board of Directors – a decision made based on the Co-op’s fiscal health (and, therefore,  a member remains a member until his or her redemption is processed). Many members chose to donate their one time investment upon leaving the Co-op. The Co-op currently has a moratorium on membership equity redemptions in place due to expenses incurred by closing our Putnam location and concurrent move to Fulton Street. The moratorium will continue until the Co-op improves sustained financial health. The goal is, of course, to resume all investment redemption.

Member Info Sheet

Work Shifts15275939028_268f326dbc_k

Member-owner labor keeps overhead low, which, in turn also helps keep food costs low. Member-owners may fulfill their work requirement through various responsibilities, from stocking shelves in the store or cashiering. Member-owners may also work with one of our committees which includes activities done mostly outside the store from recordkeeping (Finance Committee) to socialmedia (Marketing Committee). Member-owner work shift requirements are currently two and a half hours every four weeks, and may change based on the number of co-op member-owners or other variables. Read our FAQs for specifics on this. If you are unable to work due to disability or other circumstances, please email Membership. We will try to work out a membership plan specific to your needs.

Payment Plans

Each adult member of your household must fulfill all membership requirements. This policy is crucial to maintaining sufficient capital for running the Co-op. It also creates a community in which all adults who benefit from the Co-op contribute to its growth. Please note that for these, and additional legal reasons, you may not shop for a business or restaurant at the Co-op. The Co-op reserves the right to follow up if the quantity of purchases does not appear to match the number of people in the household over a significant period of time. We have five membership plans to suit people with different needs. Find the plan that works for you and join online. If you absolutely cannot use Paypal to pay for your membership investment, please contact Membership.

This summer, you can join for less! To celebrate our reopening on August 4, 2018, we’re waiving the $25 administrative fee from all new Lettuce and Avocado Plans!

Trial Membership New to Greene Hill? Try shopping here for one month or become an owner by choosing one of the plans below.
  • No administration fee, no investment
  • Limited to 1 month
  • Full shopping rights
  • No work shift requirement
  • After 1 month, Trial Members must join a different membership plan and begin work shifts to continue shopping
  • Cannot vote on Co-op decisions
Try Greene Hill for One Month. To sign up for a 1-month Trial Membership, simply fill out this Membership Application.
Zucchini Plan Pay only the $25 administration fee to become a full working member-owner for 6 months. No investment required!
  • $25 administration fee, no investment
  • Active for 6 months
  • After 6 months, Zucchini Plan members must join a different membership plan to remain active
  • Full shopping rights
  • Must fulfill work shift requirement
  • Can vote on Co-op decisions
Purchase Zucchini Plan for $25. 

First, fill out this Membership Application.

Then, make a payment via PayPal or card:

Avocado Plan Pay the investment fee and an additional donation to help us expand even further.
  • $25 Non-refundable administration fee
  • $0 admin fee this summer!
  • $150 Membership investment
  • $150 Donation (Please contact [email protected] to contribute a different amount.)
Purchase Avocado Plan for $325 $300. 

First, fill out this Membership Application.

Then, make a payment via PayPal or card:

Lettuce Plan Pay the total investment fee now.
  • $25 Non-refundable administration fee
  • $0 admin fee this summer!
  • $150 Membership investment
Purchase Lettuce Plan for $175 $150. 

First, fill out this Membership Application.

Then, make a payment via PayPal or card:

Carrot Plan Pay the total administration fee now and the membership investment in installments over the next year.
  • $25 Non-refundable administration fee
  • Six $25 Membership investment installment payments over the next year
Purchase Carrot Plan for $25 Now
and 6 Additional Payments of $25. 

First, fill out this Membership Application.

Then, make a payment via PayPal or card:

Apple Plan* For those who qualify, pay a reduced administrative fee and a reduced membership investment.
  • $5 Non-refundable administration fee
  • $25 Membership investment
Purchase Apple Plan for $30. 

First, fill out this Membership Application.

Then, make a payment via PayPal or card:

*To qualify for the Apple Plan you must show proof of current participation in a public assistance program such as those listed here. The Co-op will consider on a case-by-case basis requests for the Apple Plan based on other types of financial hardship. Please call or stop by the store if you have such a hardship. While we accept EBT payments for groceries, we cannot accept EBT to pay the member investment or administrative fee. Please note that the Apple Plan is considered a temporary plan. Each year in January, all Apple Plan members will be contacted regarding their eligibility and if their situation has changed, will be requested to join an alternative plan. Qualifying programs:

  • SNAP/EBT/Food stamps
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Medicaid
  • WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)
  • Family Health Plus / Child Health Plus
  • Section 8 Housing
  • Advantage Program (Fixed Income, Worker or Children’s Advantage) issued by ACS, HRA, or the Department of Homeless Services (DHS)

If you do not qualify for the Apple plan but feel you cannot afford the Carrot plan, we will try to work out a membership plan specific to your needs. To learn more about our Membership Relief Council for handling special requests, click here.

Leave & Cancellation Policies

  • The Co-op allows any Member-owner to take a “personal leave” (12 weeks minimum, without shopping and without needing to work) once per year for any reason. The Co-op also permits adjustments to the work requirement (without loss of shopping privileges) for member-owners who have disabilities or serious health conditions, who are caring for people who have disabilities or serious health conditions, who are coping with the death of a loved one, or who have recently brought a child into their family. Member-owners wishing to make use of these special programs should contact Membership for more information.
  • If you are a current or prospective Member-owner with an unusual, personal circumstance not covered by these policies, please contact the Co‐op’s Membership Relief Council, by emailing Membership, who will make recommendations regarding all requests, which will then be voted upon at a General Meeting. You may join and shop (or remain a Member-owner) temporarily while your request is pending. Requests typically take two months to process. Examples of special circumstances the Membership Relief Council might consider as basis for a temporary or permanent work exemption:
    • Member-owner who has a disability
    • Member-owner who is a caregiver for someone with a disability
    • Member-owner who is seeking temporary exemption from work following the birth or adoption of a child
    • Member-owner who will be traveling away from NYC for several months and seeks a temporary work exemption or “suspension” of membership
  • If you should ever decide to cancel your membership to the Co-op, simply email Membership with your contact info. If you wish for your investment to be redeemed, please contact the Investments team.

Privacy Policy: The information you provide on the application and in other communications about your membership will be kept strictly confidential. From time to time, we will publish lists of our current member-owners’ names; please indicate on the application if you are willing to be included on such lists. After you join you will also receive a confirmation email from the Co-op. All members will be added to our email list. You will receive approximately two emails per month.

If you have any questions, please email Membership.