Meeting Agendas & Minutes

BOD Working Session 1.27.16 Meeting Notes

Board of Directors ~ Jan. Mtg
Wed., Jan. 27;  7.30 – 9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn
Facilitator:  Renee
Note-taker: Chad

Directors Present: Renee, Keith, Christina,

Directors Absent: Jeannie
Others in attendance: Glen (PSFC), DK, Meghan, Willow, Christina, Lauryl, Mira
Welcome/Orientation (DK or Keith, 10 min)

Need to figure out what a quorum is (determined to be 3)
Consent Agenda (2 min)

Agenda approved
Finance and Membership Reports – just numbers, no discussion (5 min)

Shoppers  203.75
Average per week: $45.5

Chad to remind Betsy to send member numbers to PSFC loan committee.

PSFC expects to see finance numbers in a timely member. Renee and Chad to connect on what this schedule is for finance & member numbers to be sent.
Elections:  Candidates introduce themselves and ppl can vote if they have not done so online. (Gov., 5 min)
Discussion about how to handle “from the floor” nominees. Decided to vote on who is present. Floor nominated folks will be contacted to gauge their interest. Christina is the candidate in attendance. Meghan explained the ballot, including the by-law revisions.

DK suggested that it be clearly stated to members that all members are invited to all meetings (GM or Board).

Need to be more proactive about creating agendas. At least 7 days in advance to release to members to allow them the chance to decide if they want to attend based on the subject manner.
Christina provided introduction.
Review and Discuss new Board roles (All, 25 min)

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.56.32 AM

What are the new roles for the Board? (In this discussion we need to take into accout we’ll only be 4 board members, not 5. One of roles will have to be merged.)

  • Secretary/Project Manager act as Co-Leads/Co-Chairs of Board.
  • Can we have the “President” be the Project Manager? (According to law: Co-ops have to have President, but can be in name only)
  • Project Manager takes bird’s eye view of coop activities, manages project dashboard, and serves as connection point
  • Secretary/Ad hoc liaison organizes board meetings/agendas and is ad hoc point person for committees other than MOM, Merch and Finance.  If so, update liaison roles and liaison calendar.
  • QUESTION: can the Secretary and PM roles be merged into two people (the co-chairs) that themselves can determine how to split up the work of those two roles?
    ANSWER: yes – up to the Board to make that decision
  • Review and update previous Board roles to fit with new ones.
  • Board mtgs?   Still once a month on the last wed of the month (except Nov and Dec when it’s the 3rd?) And GM’s, propose to start in March, not Feb so then it’s March, June, Sept, Dec. (not Feb, May, August-bad month for GM, and Nov)

Meghan took lead in discussion of this section.

It was voted and confirmed last meeting that this is what we want.

Question: merging two of the roles is being tabled for right now until we find out if there are additional candidates (depends on write-ins)

MOM = marketing, outreach, membership

Board meetings to be every 4th Wednesday (except Nov and Dec when they will be the 3rd)

Note: anybody on Board can be the President

Project Manager is the primary person who is in close touch with the other board members.

Secretary has lower volume of responsibilities and fills gaps as needed. Ex: what do we need to do for a beer and wine license, whereas PM role is broader view of committees

Board: had conversation about specific roles they will all have. They will finalize this dependent on a 5th Board member.

Change “Secretary” role to be “Project Manager” because “Secretary” in this context is confusing. So really there are 2 PMs.

Renee: Will we still have committees liaise with Board? Discussion ensued. Idea from DK for each committee to submit a paragraph explaining current committee report. Christina highlighted importance of in-person communication (talking to people in store). Renee feels that in-person updates directly from committee is beneficial.

Idea: 1 “all committee” meeting a year (which would replace a board meeting) and then invite committees as needed
Vote and approve new Bylaws (Meghan, 10 min).

Material changes to the bylaws are to:

  • Reduce the size of the board to five people
  • Reduce the General Meetings to 4 times annually
  • If so, agree on timeline
  • Suggest Members are eligible for work credit once for attending 1 GM/year
  • Rather than specify what officers the board should consist of, the board shall structure their internal workings as they desire, keeping with the demographic principles of the coop (certain officers are required by law; these will be in name only). Additional changes to the bylaws have been made to clarify existing provisions.

All of this was presented by Meghan.

Renee, Keith and Christina agreed to keep the Board meetings on the 4th Wednesday of the month. Agreed.
Streamlining membership store labor and additional hours proposal (Lauryl, 25 min).  Currently there are 72 available store shifts per week on ShiftPlanning. The actual # of these available slots filled each week is less than half (when accounting for floaters, no shows, members needing coverage.)

Goals: improve operations/shopping/working experience, increase sales per labor hour/break even, serve more members with increased shopping times, reduce barriers to joining, counteract burnout
Maintain or increase hours of operation with less labor, such as 41 – 46 store shifts/week
Lauryl will present 3 proposals for improved hours/staffing.

Lauryl explained the documents

Store Coordinator role could take on supporting certain committee work (like Shift Planning mgmt).

Part of the streamlining is to have 3 ppl on at any time. Shift Leader, Floor Person, Cashier. Re-orientation to make everyone responsible for training.

DK – was there any analysis on sales from 2:30-4:30 on Mon/Wed. Lauryl – no numbers, but it does get busy.

Signage at the welcome desk needs to be better to explain what’s going on. You’re welcome – check yourself in.

Can IT have a noise play if low hours warning comes up?

Turn monitor to cashier desk to make visible?

Keith – raised slight concern about $15/hr. Perhaps it should be higher? Just something to think about. Consistency of hours – open every day would be good.

Lauryl – does have a couple people in mind for add’l hiring role. Would like to nominate ASAP. Now is the time to get this in place to get more $$ in prep for summer slow time.

DK – send proposals as survey to members and non-members as a marketing and inclusion initiative.

Renee – question about how merch is affected. Lauryl and Merch meeting this weekend to iron out details.

Lauryl did send this to Finance, but didn’t hear back from them yet.

All in attendance are in favor of 7 day proposal

How to handle announcement of changes to members? Need to notify members who have recurring shift

Member check-in: what about low hours? – make sound happen on check-in (check with IT). Can a report of check-ins WITH status be made? (there is already an export done of check-ins)

Renee – there is a survey going out to all members and non-members already in which this proposal can be added.
Revamp Trial Membership (Chad, 20 min )

Instead of issuing paper cards, issue trial members their own keyfob and get them entered into our CRM. By doing this, we will be able to collect actual check-in data to see how frequently specific trial members are shopping. Right now, we have no way of knowing that. Also, giving the trial members a keyfob will create a sense of belonging – like they are already members.


  • We will get actual data to help us make better decisions.
  • We can more easily see which trial members convert to full membership.
  • Follow-up with the trial members will be easier.
  • The check-in system already in place to handle this. The system would alert the check-in desk when a trial membership is expired. This has been tested and works as expected.


  • A little more administrative overhead as the trial members will need to get entered into Civi. This could be minimized by giving check-in desk workers the ability to enter trial members into Civi on the spot. This would be really easy to do by simply writing up some simple instructions.
  • We’ll go through the keyfobs quickly so we need to figure out how to be ready to order more (I have no idea who/how these were ordered originally).
  • Education:  We need to educate our members on this change so they handle it properly when working at the store. There would need to be specific and concise instructions at the check-in desk
  • Discussion point: Should we keep the trial membership at 2 months for now or change to 1 month? Pros/Cons of each?

Previous proposal addresses the education concern b/c store coordinator will know how to do this process and can train others/support.

Chad suggests incremental approach to get data that can help us make the decision (e.g. maybe to change to day pass or go to orientation first).

Relatively low conversion rate for trial members.

Membership is moving towards monthly orientations now and by doing that, trial members can be invited to learn more.

Keep trial memberships at 2 months for right now. Re-evaluate this summer.

Sounds great!

Everyone is in agreement yay.
Election results (Gov., 1 min)

45 voters. Christina elected to Board. All by-laws ratified

Review and approve votes (notetaker, 3 min)

Keith moves to approve board votes and bylaws ratifications.

Christina seconds.
*Note: Minute/note-takers – please see link for secretary responsibilities

Pls don’t forget to SHARE this doc with completed notes with the Board after mtg

Move to March Board mtg:
Implement stronger double makeup policy or stronger enforcements when members miss their shift (All, 25 min )
Suggestion:  If you do not follow the shift swapping procedure and do not show up for your shift, you will be considered a “No Call, No Show” and receive a double make-up, which requires you to make up 2 shifts within the next 4 weeks (before your shift cycles back).
Issue, how implement it, who tracks this?
Suggestion:  Notated on crib sheet if no show/no call by SL. Whomever adds crib sheet hours to SP, checks to see if that person attempted to find a replacement on the shift swap google group. IF none were made they owe 2 make ups.
Question, Do we have manpower and technical infrastructure to do this?  Would need IT to create some kind of “FLAGGING” situation.
Other suggestions?

BOD Working Session 5.11.15 Agenda Committee

Updates on Action items from previous Working Session (All, 35 min)

POS System (Renee, 5 min): The POS is no longer in limbo. We now know how to get it up and running and satisfying all our requirements.

  • To fully support EBT: Purchase Revel Card swipe and switch Payment processors from Merchant Warehouse to Mercury (no difference in cost) – Andrew Hapke and Evan Flath (with input from Sean Mullane)
  • Product List Cleanup and Import – Julia Flath and Merch committee working on
  • Training scripts – Evan Flath (hopefully with formatting help from Marketing)
  • Cashier training logistics – Matthew Talmage and volunteers from the Shift Leader Committee
  • Working on going live by first week of June.


ACTION ITEM: Bylaws update (DK, Dorothy Lawrence 10 min)

  • Plain Speak summary of Bylaws
  • We are not in compliance – suggestions for action
  • How do we remedy this lack of compliance, going forward?
    • Send link to Board so they may make comments in a week so we can post.
    • Board will review votes at the end of each GM and approve at the end of the mtg
    • We will post this on the Website and in the store with annotations.


ACTION ITEM: Discuss PSFC loan offer and if agreed, approve next mtg date (Renee, 10 min)

  • It was agreed that we should pursue a loan from PSFC.
  • Renee will start a doodle – as many board members as possible should attend — DONE


ACTION ITEM: Letter to investors (Sean, DK, 5 min)

  • in process: Letter shared with Board
  • DK will review letter. Sean will release checks. We will pay the investors ASAP. We will modify.


ACTION ITEM: Letter to PSFC residents near GHFC (Russ, 1 min)

  • in process: Letter sent to Marketing, DK & Renee on 5/6/15.

Letter should be from Russ not the board. More personal.

Letter sent to PSFC for review


ACTION ITEM: need to hire a bookkeeper (1 min)

  • PSFC may be able to assist with bookkeeper, will find out after loan mtg

This ties in with the meeting we will have with PSFC.


ACTION ITEM: we should have a five year plan & buy the building as a goal (1 min)

  • This ties in with the meeting we will have with Dahlia Thompson at the GM about the Collymores.

Store Coordinator update (SC liaisons, 5 min)

  • Update on Substitute Store Position – who are they?
  • Tal and Russ
  • Agreement to keep Lauryl’s hours to 30 and add to Tal and Russ’s hours


Vote to increase banked hours yearly max from 6 – 7.5 hrs to be consistent with our new work requirement. (Russ, 5 min)
  • Moved to GM for vote

Merch Strategy Session: Discuss ideas of how to improve our merchandising so to encourage ppl to join (Merch (Sarah and Sara) /All, 40 min)

  • Lack of stock vs working with financial constraints, can we give Merch more financial breathing room?
  • Need to better train Store Coordinators to get products onto the floor and keep the store looking good.
  • Product Requests needs to be modified so we only carry things that move
  • Bulk update (merch side of things)

Really important to move on this. Cale will make the 3 sinks in the Expansion space

  • Summer products, summer promotions – bring back buying from the Farmer’s Market – need sense of abundant beautiful produce.

Thinking beyond produce since Farmers Markets takes over as the preferred venue in the Summer months

Merch can’t be responsible for product spotlight in the newsletter anymore

  • Merch needs more freezers
  • Fronting and facing issues on the shelves need to be solved as floor attendants stock the shelves (training and management issue)

Fewer GM’s? Proposal to have 6 GM’s in the year vs our current 10 (would not start until July). (Renee, 10 min)

  • Renee will propose the Agenda Committee time and attendance be decreased instead of the General Meetings at the GM. We should keep GMs once a month and increase member interest and attendance

Move one of Board Mtgs to weekends? (Jeannie, 10 min)

  • Yes, Sunday eves

Finance Report* (Sean, 5 min) *Sean will be giving bigger financial picture at GM’s and smaller progress updates at ACs

GM agenda creation (All, 5 min)

  • Committee Presentation: Governance (15-20 min)
  • Committee Presentation: What is a Shleader? (15-20 min)
  • Marketing Make up Presentation??? ONLY IF TIME
  • Vote to approve 9 Directors on Board (5 min, DK)
  • Vote to increase banked hours yearly max from 6 – 7.5 hrs to be consistent with our new work requirement. (Russ, 5 min)
  • AC mtg reduction Proposal and Vote
    • Propose to reduce total # of Director meetings per year from 21 to 15 (AC’s bi monthly, while GM’s monthly) and new time for the AC meetings – Sundays, 6pm (GM’s still 4rth wed)
    • Approve new committee presentation schedule (pg 2)
    • Vote on limt Directors absences to 5 since total number of mtgs decreased (Renee, 10 min)
  • Discussion about landlord issue: Back lot and rent increase, propose to purchase property? (Dahlia, 20 min?)
  • Board review/approval: Board will review votes at the end of each GM and approve at the end of the mtg (5 min)

BOD Working Session 4.13.15 Agenda Committee


Board of Directors ~ Agenda Committee


Mon., April 13;  7.30 – 9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn

Facilitator:  Allison

Note-taker: Jeannie

Timekeeper: Russ

Present: Allison, Russ, Sean, Ann, Joe, Lauryl, Hillary, DK

Absent: Renee (in class), Keith



Updates on Action items from previous Working Session (All, 25 min)

  • POS System:
  • In short, POS system is not as easy to set up as Revel alluded to.  Team of 5+ have been working on this diligently for over a month.  Revel person came to store on April 3 was able to do some set up but not complete.  Evan Flath is spearheading now, has been speaking with Revel and seems determined to get this completed soon.  He’ll be updating the item list, reprogramming scanner and I think the final thing is figuring out the EBT payment which is dependent on Revel.  Probably a few more weeks before it’s up and running.
  • Currently the Revel system does not work due to the barcode & EBT.
  • EBT separate terminals can possibly be used as a hold over


Update on new hours and Sunday slots (Lauryl/Russ)

  • Have reduced several double shifts to single shifts so workforce spread better across the board; new and returning members encouraged to grab a Sunday slot.  Asked PSFC if they could send some FTOP workers our way for Sundays only to help fill slots but they are unable to do so at this time.
  • Traffic is slow. People still are getting used to the hours, but they understand.
  • There has been a bump in sales.


Update on Member Relief Counsel (DK)

  • Meredith has done a great job handling correspondences. We are paying back on a case by case situation.
  • investments@ is for incoming investments and outgoing equity for members who want their membership money back
  • finance@ is for people who has actually loaned money to the coop


Finance Report* (Sean, 20 min) *Sean will be giving bigger financial picture at GM’s and smaller progress updates at ACs

  • We want to make 60K per month.
  • We are tracking to make 56K this month if sales continue
  • We need to project items to sell at summer season that will compete with the farmer’s market.
  • We need to file our Income Tax with NY State by next week.
  • ACTION ITEM:  vote to negotiate a loan from PSFC
    – There is a loan application and Joe is a liaison
    – The Loan committee at Park Slope will loan money for solid items that will help a coop will make money.
  • ACTION ITEM: task Merchandising Committee to come up with summer product list to attract sales.
  • investment schedule: $38,500 in debt between loans and interest
    – We need to send a letter out to people who has loaned us money by next week. Sean & DK agreed to get a letter out explaining the situation that we still have other needs to spend our $$.  Letter will be out within 2 weeks.
  • ACTION ITEM: will need to hire a bookkeeper and have governance come in to review our bylaws


Store Coordinator update (SC liaisons/Lauryl, 15 min)

  • Lauryl’s current hours, what are they?  What is cap?
  • Lauryl to come back with a proposal

A: Hours I’m in store:

      • Mondays     8am/10am-6:30pm/7:30pm [8-10 hrs]
      • Wednesdays    8am/10am-6:30pm [8-10 hrs]
      • Fridays         9-11am if need be [2 hrs]
      • Saturdays     9-11am if need be [2 hrs]
      • Sundays     8/10am-2:00pm (6:30pm if short staffing) [4-10hrs]
      • emails outside of that time: 2-4 hrs/week
      • Total: 26-30 hrs/week
  • Substitute Store Coordinator proposal (Lauryl)
    – Lauryl will be on vacation May 11-26
    – Pay the substitute the same rate Lauryl was paid before she was full time.
    – Lauryl has written up a job description for her replacement.
    – Job description will be published in newsletter by Lauryl or Allison
    – Position open to all members.


  • Can ppl donate their investments to ppl who can’t afford a membership (but aren’t eligible for Apple plan)? The selected folks could be chosen by Membership and MRC. When those ppl leave, then their investment would be donated to another person. (Russ, 10 min)
    – The money will be put into the Avocado Plan and Member Relief Council which address the above
    – Avocado plan should be stated that it is a  “Capital Contribution” to be clear as to what the money goes into


  • Can we offer a perk for members that get a new person to join?  Say banked hours?  $25 coupon for merch?  Need to make all our members outreach and having a perk will help/encourage them to get others to join. (Russ, 10 min)
    – This has been discussed multiple times and logistically does not work


  • PSFC discussion:  Where was PSFC at 3 yrs?  What can we learn from them about their growing pains? (Joe/Ann, 20 min)
    • Can PSFC send a letter to PSFC members that live near GHFC?
    • Joe has passed out the weekly statement when they were open 3 ½ years. They did this to carefully monitor all the money.
    • They were not incorporated, they were struggling with members
    • They had monthly meetings with the coordinators who were involved with the store to address issues that were happening at the store.
      • ACTION ITEM: we should have a five year plan & buy the building as a goal


  • GM agenda creation (All, 10 min)
    • Decision making -how to make it more democratic
    • Store coordinator substitute
    • Committee Presentation: Marketing (20 min)
    • Committee Presentation: Membership (20 min)


  • Open Forum (5 min)
    • Secretaries to facilitate emails as needed.


BOD Working Session 3.9.15 Agenda Committee


Board of Directors ~ Agenda Committee

Mon., March 09;  7.30 – 9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn


Facilitator:  Allison

Note-taker: Jeannie

Timekeeper: Renee


Present: DK, Allison, Sean, Jeannie, Joe, Russ, Hillary, William, Renee

Absent: Keith (worked all day at the coop-excused)


PRODUCE Update: (Joe)

  • Collard greens – not the best collard greens to have
  • When you do produce, you make a work list of the produce



  • ACTION ITEM: Membership will update Orientation video script


        • Status: Russ has assigned marketing to relook. Video has been taken off of website. It is still existing on Vimeo which is private.


  • POS System
  • Renee is not hands on involved, but is cc’d on the emails


        • Revel system support sucks. Revel Shawn has given different info than the help line.
        • Lauryl has been working on the system with Andrew
        • Matt suggested that we train as many cashiers as possible before we have the Revel rep in.
        • Date for the Rep visit is TBD
        • What is the major thing we need to help put this in? Menus, inventory input, basically us teaching ourselves how to set up the system.
        • The original uploading the items was incorrect
        • we need to streamline the naming
        • IT committee has been unresponsive to the situation. William has been attempting to contact the team.


  • ACTION ITEM:  Sean working with Brett to develop a campaign to shop more in the store.


        • see below


  • Update on status of  March 30th new store hours and work requirements.


      • Email blast, Newsletter, Facebook will be sent out about the new store hours and work requirements
      • Reminder email blasts will be sent out the week the before. Follow up will be sent out.
      • Refined the shift swapping procedure
      • Are we announcing the missed shift penalty? Russ is creating a manual crib sheet process. There is no way in shiftplanning to announce owed shifts.
        – Joe – language is important / schedule time is not as valuable as a makeup time. It is not good to think of missing a shift as a penalty. You owe two when you miss, or you owe 1.5 when you miss / you can do a baker’s dozen concept – when you do show up then you get 1.1 shift. / give a reward system.
        – William – We should not put something in place until there is a definite system
        – DK – putting the penalty should be put in a positive light. as per our last GM we are having a person who has makeup hours can shop after they sign up for two shifts and work one of the two
        – Russ – we have offer floater shifts
        – Renee – Double makeup happens when someone makes no attempt to swap or communicate not
      • VOTE: Does the board agree before we can publicly announce the double makeup we have to have a working process? (5 yes /
      • Shift leaders should call the members to remind the folks that they are working
      • Park Slope- Calling is done per the shift leader’s discretion.
      • Shiftplanning – will send a reminder email
    • Update on Member Relief Counsel
      • member redemption report, DK
        – DK asked Dorthy Laurence to review the exit members that wanted to reviewed. We got less than 15 people that we needed to address. In the end, there were only 6 people we needed to review.
        – Terms – only if you are in dire financial need were you immediately awarded the return.
        – originally the terms were not clear. now they are
        – a woman who is currently getting PHD in Chicago is definitely in dire need. she was happier with have more consistent updates
        – 6 people are being suggested by relief counsel to be refunded
      • Update on Membership Committee – Russ
        – membership desk presence needs to exist on the weekend
        – we are now putting a big initiative to have people at the desk on the weekends. It will be a process.
        – there is a handbook for the process
        – consistency is important


      • Finance Report* (Sean, 10 min) *Sean will be giving bigger financial picture at GM’s and smaller progress updates at ACs
        •  Cash Flow – Jan 2015 = 41,000 / Feb 2015= 41,900
        •  Joe wonders if we should put flyers in the mail as the coop is most important to those nearby
        • April 11th tree giveaway – will pass out flyers
        • We have 3 more months as per our last meetings
        • As of the end of February, we are still not working even though we have positive signs
        • Sean’s clock is ticking….
        • Weekly numbers : Feb 23- $12,700
        $11,300 Last week
        • Our drop dead goal is $50,000
        • Lowest basket average was $41 / $42  
        • Highest basket average is $52
        • In the store, we would like to have a chart of the our financial chart of what we want to reach. Has Sean been working with marketing to make the charts? Sean has sat with Brett on this.
            – when will our graph be out there? it can be done in one week
            ACTION ITEM: Sean will put in a marketing request form for the chart tomorrow and it will be done and in store by next GM. Russ will help.
        • DK – we need a powerful concept of what needs to be conveyed.
        • Balance sheet – we have 50K in debt / 30K in equity
            – debt we are not meeting is the interest rate of last year
            – are we behind on paying vendors? no
            – how much money do we actually have? 18K as of today
            – we are way too close to bouncing a check
            – we need to stop burning money


  • ACTION ITEM: add at next AC- a vote to negotiate a loan from PSFC



    • Store Coordinator update (SC liaisons, 10 min)
      • Cuz Shleaders stepping up, no longer need mega shift leaders except possibly Sunday ams, but Lauryl has agreed to work until no longer needed.
      • Lauryl has left the pedicab and is more available to coordinate shift leaders


  • Lauryl agreed to work Sunday mornings. Allison to confirm this is still true.



  • PSFC discussion:  Where were you at 3 yrs?  What can we learn from them about their growing pains? (Joe, 20 min)
    • Postponed till next AC mtg


  • Contingency Plan discussion, what do if we go under?  This is just a beginning discussion. (All, 20 min)
    • No need to talk about any more.


  • GM agenda creation (All, 10 min)
    • Committee Presentation: Outreach (20 min)
    • Committee Presentation: IT (20 min)
    • Member vs Owner or Owner/Member
    • Other statistics to share with members (Sean, 15 min)
    • Member Relief counsel


*Note: Minute/note-takers – please see link for secretary responsibilities

Pls don’t forget to SHARE this doc with completed notes with the Board after mtg

BOD Working Session 2.11.15 Agenda Committee

Board of Directors ~ Agenda Committee

Wed., Feb. 11;  7.30 – 9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn


Facilitator:  Renée




Present: DK, Sean, Allison, Renee, Hillary (partial)

Absent: William (notified), Rachelle (sort of notified), Jean (last minute notification)



  • ACTION ITEM: Membership will update Orientation video script

Status: in progress

  • POS System

 Status: POS system arrived. Andrew Hapke, Merch and SC/SLC (shift leader coordinator) working on set up, will take a few weeks.


  • ACTION ITEM: DK will advertise with PSFC (either via Linewaiters Gazette or ad) announcing that PSFC can “temporarily” shop at GHFC

 Status: PSFC placing ad in Gazette!!!


  • ACTION ITEM:  Sean working with marketing to develop a campaign to shop more in the store. Done by end of Jan.

Status: In progress, Marketing says: We’re still looking to incorporate finance’s matrix in some sort of visually impactful way that will be easy to understand, but it’s likely we’ll utilize this in the 2nd wave of the $50 basket campaign.


  • Loans: anyone ask their committees about ideas of where/how to get loans?  Make this GM discussion point?

look at this later, hopefully won’t need to do


  • Finance Report* (Sean, 10 min) *Sean will be giving bigger financial picture at GM’s and smaller progress updates at ACs
    • Jan sales $41,000
    • solvency for Feb-terms for vendors, working on FS
    • shopping matrix –
    • phone bank – inactive member – 2 shifts to get current
    • new donations – $25 from members


  • Store Coordinator updates (SC liaisons, 15 min)
    • What’s her schedule?
      • Mon/Wed and a few hours on Fri


    • Mega shift leader update
      • Russ covering 1 Sat, 2 Sats covered by Shift Leaders so no mega leader needed, Keith will cover other sat. Goal by March is to have all weekend shifts covered with a SL, so no mega leader needed
    • hire 2nd person for Friday, if so, who/when (wait till store open on Fri)?
      • wait on this
    • Need hiring committee to be involved at all? hire consultant instead?


  • Committee Presentation:  Merch (15 min)
    • Sarah Chinn, Sarah Hughes-co-chairs; well staffed
    • Rachelle & Lauren not handling produce anymore; Lauryl handling produce now
    • Dairy – we have 2nd vendor; Meghan Bogdevich-Lancaster, Cheese


  • Merch, how can we improve/change products to attract more members? (All, 20 min)
    • i.e. more bulk – expand?
      • yes
    • what affects our product choices?
    • Staples regularly stocked, etc.


  • Continued Discussion:  Opening store for 5 or 6 days a week with consistent hours by Summer 2015, what steps do we need to do to make this happen? (All, 25 min)
      • When implement consistent hours voted upon by membership and how?
        • May 1st goal date for open 4 days/week and consistent hours, need good staffing to open on Fridays, will do that next
        • ACTION ITEM: Renee will draft new schedule for Board to review at next GM
      • Open fridays first? (using voted on hours), then change others to match?
        • Ann suggests we focu on Sunday first, then open on Friday, weekend sales will be much better than Fri, and SL staffing will be easier to fill on the weekend over Fri.
      • increase workshift at same time since changing hours and schedule?
        • will try


  • Contingency Plan discussion, what do if we go under?  This is just a beginning discussion. (All, 15 min)
    • move to next AC


  • GM agenda creation (All, 5 min)
    • Committee Presentation: Ops (15 min)
    • Committee Presentation: Finance (15 min)
    • Discuss plan for getting inactive members back: phone bank? individual emails? postcards? hash plan out, who will organize, when happen, etc. (25 min)
    • Russ will present $50 grocery basket campaign (10 min)


*Note: Minute/note-takers – please see link for secretary responsibilities

Pls don’t forget to SHARE this doc with completed notes with the Board after mtg

BOD Working Session 1.14.15 Agenda Committee


Board of Directors ~ Agenda Committee

Wed., Jan. 14  – 7.30 – 9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn


Facilitator:  Renée

Note-taker: William

Timekeeper: Keith


Present: DK, Renee, Hillary, Sean, Keith, Joe Holtz, Jeannie, William

Absent: Allison (notified), Rachelle

  • POS installation, what’s status?
        • money is being wired to our account TODAY… will purchase system from Revel by Fri.  Goal is to have in store and ready for Shift Leader mtg on Jan. 24rth.
  • ACTION ITEM: Membership will update Orientation video script
        • William sent this to a Eileen Ragsdale, a membership committee member at large, with instructions to review for policy and logistical errors, and to send me her notes. Once done I’ll forward them to Mary Brown Lee. Waiting to hear back that she will be able to do it, but she reached out to me for tasks to do from home, so should be good.
  • ACTION ITEM: Three month provisional membership starting in Jan.
        • pushed back to Feb 1
        • There was a fruitful discussion about allowing all PSFC members to freely shop at GHFC as a way to increase sales in the interest of financial survival. Board was in favor of the idea, will be “temporary”
  • ACTION Item: DK will write a letter to the PSFC Linewaiters Gazette announcing that PSFC can freely shop at GHFC
  • ACTION ITEM: DK and Sean working on updated moratorium letter
        • letter mostly done; here’s govs response on legalities of alternative equity returns:
          • The bylaws say (not super descriptive, but it shows that the board has the right to reimburse investments at their discretion): “Investment and Patronage Refunds: Refunds of member investments are available by request and subject to availability. The Board retains discretionary authority to allocate net savings at the end of the fiscal year to reserve funds or issue patronage refunds that shall not exceed the proportion of refund permitted under the applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.”
          • Reimbursing equity with $150 worth of product might be OK, but it doesn’t set a very clear policy, and we would want to ensure that people were acknowledging after the fact that they’d been repaid in this way, and were no longer owed any money (preferably in a written statement).
          • We’re wary of the Option 2 “you choose” repayment plan, and think the best plan of action would be to ask departing members to sign a statement that either A) waives their right to a refund or B) acknowledges that the co-op cannot pay them at this time, but will repay investments (in order of which they were requested) when revenues/savings return to X (agreed upon amount). This would also give us some time to look deeper into tax law as it applies to co-ops and patronage refunds.
  • ACTION ITEM: Letter will go out by end of Jan.
        • Joe recommends careful accounting of the conversion on member investments to donations
  • Moratorium on routine investments is upheld and a small provision made, equal to $150 per month on a rolling basis, for extreme emergency situations, to be evaluated by the redemption group
  • ACTION ITEM:  Sean working with marketing to develop a campaign to shop more in the store. This will be done by end of Jan.
  • HIRING Team:  What’s current status of things?
      • they have settled on a timeline, have the email address set up and will be posting the Job Description in the next week or so
    • Finance Report* (Sean, 5 min) *Sean will be giving bigger financial picture at GM’s and smaller progress updates at ACs
        • Sean: need a $10k “bridge loan”
  • Sean asks permission from board to ask refrigeration lenders to defer principal repayments: board agrees
        • Joe: PSFC revolving loan committee is a not possible option
  • Jeannie: board reach out to committee chairs for ideas to raise money
      • *Sean requested Pres be made additional signatory….didn’t vote on it, should vote on it next month.
    • Store Coordinator check in. (SC liaisons, 10 min): briefly discuss here PSFC schedule/weekend holes
        • Should we just offer the SC job to Lauryl?


  • VOTE: motion carries but could be reviewed if Allison has any strong objection (she was not present for the discussion or vote)
  • Committee Presentation:  Ops (Ops, 15 min)
      • Canceled due to no show by Michael
  • Why are we a member only Co-op?  Should we consider opening to the public? (All, 10 min)
  • Continuation of PSFC discussion with Ann and Joe: Financial Support: (All, 20 min)
    • Can we get a loan from PSFC? What need to do to make that happen?
      • Joe: PSFC revolving loan committee is NOT a possible option, unless we get our taxes done and it will go towards something that will bring us in money
    • Can we share deliveries with them to help keep costs down and expand our stock?
      • Cannot be done per Joe
    • Does finance committee need more ppl and if so, can PSFC send FTOP folks our way to help?
      • Joe will talk to Ann about this
    • Discussion:  Opening store for 5 or 6 days a week with consistent hours by Summer 2015, what steps do we need to do to make this happen? (All, 40-45 min)
        • Consistent hours
        • Keith proposes opening on Fridays beginning in 2 weeks


  • ACTION Item: Renee survey to the membership asking for preference on consistent hour time-frame options
  • Proposed: 6 hours on weekday MWF, 8 hours on SS


  • GM agenda creation (All, 5 min)
    • Committee Presentation: Governance (20 min)
    • Committee Presentation: Design Build (15 min)
    • Shift leader training update (Matthew, 15 min)
    • 20 more min to fill or have open discussion time


*Note: Minute/note-takers – please see link for secretary responsibilities

Pls don’t forget to SHARE this doc with completed notes with Board after mtg

BOD Working Session 12.17.14 Agenda Committee

Board of Directors ~ Agenda Committee

Wed., Dec. 17  – 7.30 – 9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn

Facilitator:  Allison

Note-taker: Jean

Timekeeper: Renée

Present: Rachelle, William, Sean, DK, Allison, Keith, Renée

Absent: Hillary (no notification)


ACTION ITEM (from Oct AC mtg): Membership/Outreach will talk about fundraising/membership drive ideas – What status/plan thus far? – – Membership to come up with a structured drive.
Sean- Motion to take down Orientation Video
Renee – Do not take down the video. Just update – Sean agrees

ACTION ITEM: Membership will update Orientation video

ACTION ITEM (from Oct AC mtg): Marketing will make in-store signage encouraging members to shop more (include version of Sean or Jill’s Matrix?) When will this be up? Sean will email marketing to review sign that marketing has / will print

  • UPDATE:  Will be up in store this week!

ACTION ITEM: Jean, Hillary, Allison, Matt & Lauryl: Need to strengthen member leadership in the store.  

  • UPDATE: 5 above met.  Matt had mtg with shift leaders. Sending update tomorrow. Only 25% has shift leaders.
  • ACTION ITEM: Three month provisional membership – Can we begin this in Jan?  what process? Membership will have simple application forms and temporary cards that will be printed in house. Information will be filled out with membership desk person on the temporary card. A calendar will be filled out with the person’s name just for this purpose and a google doc will be filled out by Betsy. A system for notification to be sent out this temporary member. Training and print out will be placed at welcome desk about the program. This will be available to people who are hesitant to join and for PSFC members. MOTION for 2 months free membership = 8 Yes. Extra details are in a separate hand out that was given
  • Store Coordinator check in. (SC liaisons, 10 min)
    • Will include points from Allison’s most recent email

Lauryl would like to be more involved with committees. Specifically with Merch and Finance.
– We all think Lauryl has great ideas.
– We all feel her time is better spent in the store.
– Rachelle – Lauryl should conduct meetings in the store with key cochairs
– Issue – eggs have been missing since Wednesday, (William feels that Lauryl should be responsible to order the eggs) (Allison feels that coordinator is trying not to step on toes.) (Rachelle – Lauryl should feel empowered to make decisions)

      • Previous ACTION ITEM: Keith & Allison: schedule Lauryl effectively when member leadership is weak. DONE
      • Shopping after hours?
  • Update from Lauryl: YES, Will announce in next newsletter
  • Finance Report, pls include update on latest redemption letter re: moratorium. (Sean, 10 min)
    – We have made a 40K last month. As of this month we are at 22K.
    – Work on getting members to buy more. 300 shopping members.500 members working. If each member spent $150, we would make
    – Compensation spent = 3K per month
    – Need to increase sales 15K to make the difference.
    – 24K spent to keep rats out. 6K for accounting for first fiscal year.
    – Russ has reached out to Macy to work on the redemption program
    – Brent Steven coming up with more creative financial ideas?
    – DK – we need a letter to be written about why we are not making redemptions.
    – Renee – did we figure a redemption payback through products?
    – Request is to come up before Jan. 1st a letter about their redemption. DK & Sean will come up with a letter.
    Sean will work with marketing to develop a campaign to shop more in the store. This will be done by MLK day.
    VOTE – debit cards for Mike & Lauryl = all voted yes
  • Pay increase for Lauryl and/or permanent SC…what should it be? (All, 10 min)
    – Hiring committee has continued to roll forward with job description and search.
    – Question = How much will we be paying the coordinator and what are the hours? Are we hiring one or two?
    – Hiring committee has made it clear to Lauryl that we must be an equal opportunity employer. Lauryl was totally cool with this.
    – Allison was working 32-33 hours a week at the store when she was a coordinator
    – Sean would like to get a finance member to pull hours of when store coordinators work to help figure out what we offer going forward.
    – HOURS – M,W,F 9AM – 5PM / 6 hours flex (30 hours max)
    – Allison –  We want to offer Lauryl more $$ at her other job we think we should get paid $20.
    – Argument = what can we afford vs. what is best to create consistency
    VOTE – Increase for Lauryl and store coordinator to $18 / hour = 6 yes / 1 abstain / 1 no
  • Why are we a member only Co-op?  Should we consider opening to the public? (All, 10 min)

-postponed to Jan mtg

  • When/how implement survey votes of increased time slot (wait till consistent days/hours??) and additional make up shifts  (can implement that now)? Do we need to simultaneously improve shift swapping?  (what status of folks looking into that?)  (William/All, 15 min)
    –  Renee – Increase work hours and store hours further down the line. Members were in favor. William feels it will take 6 months to make this happen.

– William: Currently we can not enforce penalty hours on Shiftplanning, will speak further with IT.

  • Discussion:  Opening store for 5 or 6 days a week with consistent hours by June 2015, what steps do we need to do to make this happen? (All, 50 min)

-Postponed to Jan. mtg

*Note: Minute/note-takers – please see link for secretary responsibilities

Moved to Jan Mtg:

  • Continuation of PSFC discussion with Ann and Joe (All, 20 min)
    • Financial support:
      • can we get a loan from PSFC? What need to do to make that happen?
      • Can we share deliveries with them to help keep costs down and expand our stock?



BOD Working Session 11.12.14 Agenda Committee

Board of Directors ~ Agenda Committee

Wed., Nov. 12  – 7.30 – 9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn


Facilitator:  Renée

Note-taker: William

Timekeeper: Keith

Present: Renée, William, DK, Sean, Keith, Rachelle, Allison, Jeannie, Lauryl, Joe (PSFC), Ann (PSFC)

Absent: Hillary (notified)


    • Update on Action items from previous Working Session (All, 15 min)
      • Keith: store coordinators ideas for increased sales
      • SC Liaisons: can we do shopping during store-close hours?
        • Update from Lauryl: Going fine, not much sales, people appreciate.
          • Can we make it more formal, announce as a trial?


  • ACTION ITEM: Write up for newsletter—who?


    • GM at store updates: chairs, heat, cleaning
      • Insulation happening
      • Chairs came from Pablo
    • If time:
      • Update on Membership/Outreach  EOY fundraising and membership drive ideas
      • Marketing: Status of in-store signage encouraging members to shop more.
        • Festive themes, etc.
        • DK talked about making a variety of membership materials “more welcoming”
        • Store decorating party on Sunday Nov 16, 3-6pm
        • Open shopping day in Dec 10th or thereabouts
        • Home delivery partnership w/cargo bike


    • Finance Report (Sean, 10 min)
        • Sean speculates sharing some financial information with members as a way to spur more shopping


  • ACTION ITEM: Print out shopping “matrix” for distribution – Sean/Marketing


        • Joe: “temporary trial membership”, direct mailing to the neighborhood


  • ACTION ITEM: Three month provisional membership (how to make that work) – William


        • Discussion about opening the store all the time
        • Need to generate membership reporting similar to financial


  • ACTION ITEMS: Keith & Allison Ann: schedule Lauryl effectively when member leadership is weak
  • ACTION ITEM: Jeanne, Matt & Lauryl: Need to strengthen member leadership in the store –  Had mtg, in progress



  • Store Coordinator check in  (SC liaisons, 10 min)


  • Investment fee amount, why so high? Can we lower to entice more members to join? (Renee/All, 10 mins)
    • Joe: give people more time to pay their investments?
    • Most Board did not support


  • PSFC discussion with Ann and Joe (All, 45 min)
    • One fee, shop at both? – How to manage the member status aspect?
      • Joe “I really want you guys to make it”; idea could backfire; too tempting for sales to go to PSFC or other places
      • ACTION ITEM: Joe/Ann: Letter to PSFC members in GH catchment area: PSFC members can shop at GHFC for next three month if they complete? Find out why they have not joined GHFC, would they join?  
      • Joe: idea needs to be approved by PSFC general coordinators
      • Rachelle: could PSFC designate one of its staff members to work at GHFC on a consultancy basis?
      • William: turn Rachelle’s idea around and send some GHFC members to PSFC to learn from their staff.
    • We become PSFC annex?
    • Finance support
    • Solutions for improving sales?
    • more?


ACTION ITEM: Next Agenda meeting devoted to hammering out six month plan to open store all the time


Board decided to hold AM and GMs at 7:30pm


  • Why are we a member only Co-op?  Should we consider opening to the public? (All, 15 min)


  • GM Agenda:  (All, 10 min)
    • POS update/vote (need one sheet comparison and client reviews)

BOD Working Session 10.15.14

Board of Directors ~ Agenda Committee

Wed., Oct. 15 – 7.30-9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn

Facilitator: Renée Bergan

Note-taker: William Laviano

Timekeeper: DK

Bring Printed Agendas: Print at store?


Present: D.K., Renee, Sean, William, Hilary, Jeannie, Keith, Rachelle

Absent: Allison (notified)


  • Finance Report, includes update on redemption and POS status (Sean, 15 mins)

○      Earnings report shows 10.5% less sales in 2013 compared to 2012, 15.6% less in the first 7 months of 2014 compared to 2013.

○      Finance opinion that 500 working members should be enough to support coop operations with $125-$150 monthly sales percapita. Need to encorage members to increase shopping @ coop, share financial info (marketing), enhance sense of shared investment/responsibility in coop success.

○      Renee proposed setting investment redemption at $300 for October to be re-evaluated at November WS. Vote carried by the board

■      ACTION ITEM: Marketing will make in-store signage encouraging members to shop more.

  • Update on Action items from previous Working Session (Sean and Keith, 5 mins)

○      ACTION ITEM FOLLOW UP: Keith will speak with store coordinators about ideas. – Store coordinators will share their ideas with the board by email or in person.


  • Outreach presentation (Outreach, 15 mins)

○      Alix (co-chair) Fall celebration a moderate success, 3 new members. Considering some kind of membership drive. Next open shopping day in December.

■      ACTION ITEM: Membership/Outreach will talk about EOY fundraising/membership drive ideas


  • New/current Board Member Orientation, (Renee, 10 mins)


  • Change bylaws re: absence dates? – Pls read below (All, 5 min)*

  ○      Board agrees to leave current bylaws as they are

■      ACTION ITEM: Renee to amend attendance language [Done – RRB]


○      Renee explained committee liaison concept to new board members (support, etc.). Emphasis on being proactive to support committees, identify red flags and seek solutions. In the case of committees with one chair, board member liaison should approve chair hours.

○      Committee Support by Board Liaisons (Renee/All, 20 mins)

■      New committee liaison and GM roles assigned–see above link


  • Create project team like floaters? List of folks who can work on Co-op projects, perfect for freelancers (Renee, 5 mins)

○      Idea to survey the membership for specialty skills/resources to add to CIVI for be called upon in the future.


  • Continuation of shopping while working discussion; PSFC workers allowed to shop when working if during store hours?; Create a relationship with PSFC one fee, shop at both? (All, 15 mins)

○      Store coordinators are piloting allowing shopping during store-closed hours at their discretion, and will report back.

■      ACTION ITEM: SC Liaisons will follow up on this.

○      Group interested in meeting with Joe & Anne from PSFC: Renee, DK, William, Sean, Keith

○      DK will invite Joe and Anne to Oct 29th GM

  • Future Board mtg dates: Wed & Mon/Sun? Discuss logistics of location. (All, 10 min)

○      Board agrees to hold meetings on Wednesdays

○      Next GM Wednesday October 29th @ 7pm-9pm

■      ACTION ITEMS: Keith will deal with store clean up before GM’s/make sure shift to do so

■      William looking into chairs

■      Jean looking into heating/insulation situation



*Greene Hill Food Cooperative, Inc. Bylaws, Article 3, Section 1.(d) states:

Presence in-Person – At a minimum, a Director shall be present in-person at one of every four meetings called by the Board including General Meetings and Work Meetings. A fourth consecutive meeting at which a Director does not attend in-person shall constitute an absence with notice for the purposes of paragraph 7 below.

Paragraph 7 states, regarding absence with notice:

Directors may be removed on based on absences from Board meetings as follows:

○      two absences without notice

○      three consecutive absences with notice; or

○      seven total absences per year.


BOD Working Session 09.11.14

Board of Directors ~ Working Session

Thurs., Sept 11 – 7.30-9.30pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn

Facilitator: Renée Bergan

Note-taker: Renée Bergan

Timekeeper: Keith Almon

Bring Printed Agendas: Nick Collins



Finance Report. Sean, 10 mins.

○      Cash has dipped, due to lo summer sales, probably about $18k. Spend $8k wk/for groceries. POS system on hold, can’t go with Revel. Suggested to Talk to PSFC re: who services scales and have them service our scales. IT suggests software consultancy.

ACTION ITEM: Sean will look into IT’s suggestion.

○      Inventory date: Change store inventory to from 8-8pm.

ACTION ITEM: Renee will tell newsletters re: hours and put event on calendar.

○      Need more sales.

ACTION ITEM: Keith will speak with store coordinators about ideas.


Update on Membership Equity Redemption Procedure. All, 15 min.

○      Have recruited 3 ppl to do job redemption. Board approved to redeem up to $750/month for Oct. Amount redeemed will be on month to month basis till we’re in good financial standing.


Update on new employee/hiring process. Hiring Committee, 10 min.

○      New Store Coordinators great, but lacking at seeing bigger picture (just cuz new).

ACTION ITEM: Keith will speak with them, have weekly sit down and will invite them to attend Board mtgs.

○      Need to put out call for HR folks to join HR committee before Jan.

○      Nov. Board WS mtg will re-evaluate positions and determine if they are good fit.


Update on Elections. 5 min

○      3 three yr terms and 1 one year

○      5 candidates: William Laviano, Allison, Jeannie, DK, Pablo


On Street Bike Corral. Nathan, 10 min.

○      Nathan will propose to FAB at Putnam triangle envision mtg re: putting bike corral in there.

○      Will also speak with Renee Collymore


Continuation of conversation re: stronger enforcement for missing shifts. Renee/All, 15 mins. (pls review this doc ahead of time)

ACTION ITEM: Board will review above doc and make comments by Sept 21st. Renee will meet with membership on 24th to move this forward.


PSFC relationship proposals: (1) PSFC members can shop at GHFC when doing their shifts only, or (2) offer PSFC members lower investment fee, or (3) another approach. Renee/Sean, 15 min.

○      Sean: proposes that workers can shop at store during receiving days/hrs, when store not open (Not clear to me if this includes PSFC workers but assume does.)

ACTION ITEM: Keith will speak with Store Coordinators and report back at GM if they feel they can handle it.

○      DK: recipricol shopping – member at one means can shop at both Co-ops


Update on logistics of GM and WS mtgs with newsletter timeline. DK/Renee 5 min.

○      Become agenda committee, first 20 min. open for members to contribute.

ACTION ITEM: WIll be voted on at next GM (DK)


When send out increased work requirement survey? Renee, 5 min.

○      Oct.


Fall Celebration updates. Renee, 5 min

○      have pop up tent in store/have bbq (Keith)–YAY

○      requested that all Board members help out day of event for a little bit.


Create GM agenda. All, 5 min.

○      discussion on how to encourage members to shop more (20) min.ow share sales date in positive way with members; DK profile, I shop greenehill, quarterly newsletters to promote shopping; store coordinators have ideas (all)

○      elections Gov (20)

○      approve by law changs – Ask mindy if other person can present; Need new copy (5 min) Sean or Mindy

○      recruit folks for inventory (work with store coordinators) Sean 5 min

○      fall celebration 5 min- DK

○      Shop when you work discussion Sean/DK 10 min.

○      Agree that WS that we are now Agenda making committee DK 5 min.

○      Committee presentation

○      Introduce new coordinators; mention at GM bringing in there will be occassion when we’ll be hiring coordinators more than agreed hours, pay them more so folks (Keith)


***No committee presentation (was supposed to be finance but we know what is going on.)


Board Member participation. Renee/Nick, 10 min.

Bag order approval (waiting for financing to get better)