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Coop Fundraiser

29750148_2132288643672469_8344213551657470767_oLooking for a fun way to support the Co-op? Come to our fundraiser at neighborhood hotspot C’mon Everybody on Franklin Avenue on Monday, April 30, from 7:30 – 11 pm. There will be live music by Morgan O’Kane and Mamie Minch and tunes from DJ Dirtyfinger.  $20 Cover, Silent Auction, and Happy Hour until 9 pm. Invite your friends and spread the love!

C’mon Everybody is a friendly bar, lounge, gallery, and live arts space located not far from the Co-op at 325 Franklin Avenue between Clifton Place and Greene Avenue.

Join now and support our Indiegogo fundraising campaign

As part of our Indiegogo fundraising campaign, one can purchase a membership to the Greene Hill Food Co-op for a reduced rate of $150 (waiving the administration fee of $25)**.  As a 100% working food co-op, Greene Hill isn’t just a grocery store—it’s a consumer-owned, cooperative business. This means that each member-owner has an equal voice in how the business is run and managed. This also means that every member-owner contributes time on a regular basis to keep the store stocked and running, or participates in one of our committees and attends General Meetings. Before you make this purchase, please read through our membership requirements to fully understand what a membership/owner responsibilities are.
**By purchasing your membership through this campaign, your investment is a donation and therefore, when you leave, your “investment” will remain with the Co-op.

Open House Today!

Open House December 2017

May 24, 2017 General Meeting

May 24, 2017 General Meeting
Greene Hill Food Co-op


  • Update member-owners with the current status of lease negotiations and relocation effort.
  • Present member-owners with a transparent summary of our options: relocation or closure.
  • Support member-owner agency and authority in shaping our immediate future.
  • Increase member-owner engagement and conversation about the big picture of our store.
  • Build member-owner leadership.

Meeting Overview

Facilitator: Sarah Chinn
Notetaker: Chris Gollmar
Timekeeper: Steve Russo


Introduction (5 min.)

Meeting Norms

  • 1 Diva, 1 Mic (1 person speaks at a time)
  • No one knows everything, together we know a lot
  • Be aware of time – Everyone gets two minutes to speak
  • Recognize/respect the role of facilitator
  • Step up, step back

Who’s Who

  • Introduce primary presenters at this meeting.
  • All members introduce themselves (name, co-op position, pronouns) to people sitting near them. (Or to the whole group, if we have low attendance.)
  • Acknowledge who is not present (e.g., committee members that have been involved but can’t make this meeting).

Meeting Goals and Agenda

  • Present goals
  • Distribute agenda

Board Election (5 min.)

  • Christina, Cecile, and Chris member presented a description of the position
  • Interim position; elected by Board until member-owner annual meeting
  • Takes leadership, communication skills
  • The Board took nominees from the floor; their names will be submitted to the Governance committee for next steps.

Committee Lightning Updates (10 min.)

  • Committees not presenting larger discussion items (below) give brief updates about what they’re working on.
    • Membership
      • Chad (co-chair) has largely stepped down from the committee
      • Looking for more leadership
    • Governance
      • Committee currently has no active members
      • We need governance committee members
    • Merch
      • Just switched to category buying; now on second cycle of this system
      • Each committee member is responsible for one kind of merchandise, like meats or produce
      • One point person for each vendor submits order
      • Working on using Revel to track purchases; would need significant coordination with other committees to use for inventory tracking
      • Also need some new folks to join for some categories
    • Marketing & Outreach
    • Store Coordinators
      • New Store Coordinator bulletin (first sent this week)
      • Having a hard time filling in-store shifts
      • Staff working on focusing on streamlining processes (not nuts-and-bolts tasks like cashiering, etc.)
      • Looking for more coordinators who can step in as subs for occasional shifts; can be current members

Presentations and Community Discussion

Presentation: Tenancy at Current Location (10 min.)

Presenters: Cécile and Christina

  • Update on legal situation:
    • We were in court several times with our landlord, the Estate of Cecil Collymore
    • We know through our lawyer that the Collymores have dismissed their current lawyer
    • We are no longer in court for now
  • Tenancy at current location:
    • We have currently a 4-year lease at the current location (18 Putnam)
    • In June 2016, Collymores told us they have a sale agreement, which would allow them to break the lease
    • We have been back and forth in court since then
    • Our lease team has also tried to negotiate with the Collymores to preserve our tenancy at 18 Putnam under terms that are agreeable to both parties:
      • Landlord wants more than we can afford; we also want a clause that allows the landlord to terminate the lease with only 90-day notice removed
      • Landlord stopped negotiating after our last proposal
      • We cannot come to an agreement that is to the benefit of the Co-op
    • We believe there is a sale agreement with the current landlord and a developer;
      • The Collymores’ lawyer would not allow the details of this agreement to be shared with our membership, only our lawyer
      • We believe they will not show the sale agreement because whomever the developer is doesn’t want their name out there
    • The Collymores have not made their case for eviction in court
      • Court hearings so far have always been dismissed
      • If a new legal case proceeds successfully, we would have to evict within 90 days
      • It’s an insecure position
      • While we still have 4 years on our lease, we don’t believe we will be able to stay for the duration.
    • We have continued to pay our rent on time every month, but all checks have since been returned to us uncashed; these uncashed checks go back to September

Presentation: Financial Situation (15 min.)

Presenters: Finance Committee (Annie and Bianca)

  • Finance committee summarized our current financial position
  • In short, we are currently making enough sales to maintain our current position
  • Members wanting more detailed financial information can contact [email protected] for that information

Presentation: Relocation Effort (15 min.)

Presenters: Matthew

  • If we were asked to leave in 90 days, we need to have a place to go
  • Matthew, Cécile, Kevin have been leading the relocation team
  • Recently sent out a survey to all member-owners with two goals:
    • To make member-owners aware of the fact that we were looking for a space
    • To solicit member-owners’ opinions on location
  • What does the survey show?
    • Members have a more positive reaction to locations in Zones A and B:


  • Most respondents unaffected by a move to those zones or would shop more
  • Priority is to maintain walking distance from current location
  • Have been keeping track of places we’ve been looking at (over a dozen places now)
    • Some locations we can cross off the list after a quick initial screening
    • Have placed two bids; first was rejected by the property owner in favor of another bid
    • Currently in the process of negotiating a bid at a location in one of the geographic zones to have received the most positive feedback
  • The relocation team’s assessment is that no matter where we go, it’s likely going to be more rent than what we’re paying now
  • During last negotiations with Collymores, they threw out numbers that we believed were higher than market value (given condition of these three rooms) — They stopped negotiating when we threw out numbers than we could afford
  • Basic criteria for properties:
    • Between $2000 and $4500 a month; would check out places up to $5000 a month and talk down
    • 1200 sq. ft. (comparable to our current shopping floor; can do with workable, finished basement) or 2000+; larger spaces if they’re willing to divide
  • Current square footage: 2800
  • If you see a For Lease sign, member-owners should check the list in the public relocation folder to see if it has already been contacted by members, call the lessor, and use a script the relocation team has created to collect information
    • If it fits within criteria, pass along to relocation committee
    • Don’t simply forward address or phone numbers to the committee; they can’t sift through everything that comes to them this way
  • Cecile will send out public folder — all members are encouraged to participate in search!
  • The move is going to take significant member involvement
    • Physical move — Just getting from one location to another
    • Financial impact — Maintaining and growing sales before, during, and after the move
  • Member-owner engagement and leadership is vital to our continued success right now
  • Finance Committee recommendations about the move:
    • Don’t know what actual move will cost; this will depend on the space itself and extent of the build-out
    • Current obligations are greater than cash on hand
      • The move is likely to eat away from all of our cash reserves
      • We may also lose revenue when we first move due to lower sales
    • The committee recommends seeking a grant for the move, rather than financing it with additional loans
      • We’re legally a for-profit organization, so we cannot accept funds through most of the channels allowed to non-profit organizations
      • We also don’t fit the criteria for some grants designed to serve food deserts; these generally favor very large organizations
      • One possibility is to reach out to local politicians for City funding (Would be moving to Community Board 3)
      • Community Land Trusts and Mutual Housing Associations may also be able to host a food co-op
  • Build-out of the new store is expected to take a long time
  • When we first moved to 18 Putnam, we didn’t have to pay rent at first; this may not be the case in the new space, though it is a factor in our negotiations
  • The relocation team and board’s quietness about the move so far has been out of a desire to hold onto the leverage we have to negotiate our exit from our current space

Community Discussion (40 min.)

  • Finance committee reviewed the costs associated with closing the store:
    • We would have repay all financial obligations before repaying members
    • We likely could not voluntarily dissolve, leaving bankruptcy our option for closing
  • PSFC loan committee (Rachel) could imagine making another loan
    • They would want us to expand membership and sales, not downsize to a smaller space (1200 sq. ft. target may be too small)
    • They would want us to pursue a long-term project
    • They would also want to know that everyone who is a member of the Co-op actually works their shifts and would be engaged in working toward the move
    • Design/build team reports that we have architects and construction managers ready to roll
  • Member question: Do we have a business plan that is adapted to this current situation?
    • Summary:
      • Plan was to continue growing, expanding
      • Was stopped last June due to eviction notice
      • Need more information in order to adapt long-term plan
    • Member question: What factors besides increased hours have increased sales? What can we do in the meantime between now and move to increase sales?
      • Getting more bodies in the door has helped
        • PSFC member shopping
        • Zucchini plan
        • Trial membership
      • Consistency of operations from Store Coordinators
      • Increased merchandise, though we’re basically at the limit of what we can keep in stock and sell
    • Member labor:
      • Right now was when membership was going to do stricter enforcement of work shift policies
      • We have enough members to cover shifts; showing up is what keeps us running
      • Store Coordinators still see significant gaps on the schedule; we need more coverage
      • Member comment: We need more people to buy into the co-op model: product requests, work on committee; member involvement — Understand what it means to be part of a working food co-op
    • Member comment: In response to getting more people here:
      • Similar to what PSFC does, do things that are exclusively here
      • Drive people to come here; then they’ll buy food
      • Generate traffic; have people come here (not online!)
      • E.g., skill-share, barter
    • What is it that we want to do, facing this situation? It seems like, no matter what, we’re going to have to move.
    • Member question: Could we use member equity to take out a mortgage and buy property?
    • Nothing we do is going to be cheap; nothing is going to be easy. (Put finance to the side for now — it’s dire no matter what!)
    • What do we want?
      • Consider long-term options: longer-term lease or buying
      • Merging with another co-op or group should also be looked at
        • Matthew and Cecile talked about Central Brooklyn Food Co-op and current status
        • Store Coordinators also want to pursue this
      • Adding on to merging
      • Anything been explored with PSFC? Yes, but our timeline doesn’t match up with them (it would be a long-term process)
    • Member comment: Nobody wants us to close (temperature check)
    • Member question: What if we bought 18 Putnam?
    • Member comment: Looks like negotiating could be taking time away from something that could be an opportunity
      • Couldn’t we flip the script? No more crisis mode
      • Expanding — bigger space — more members!
      • Let negotiation go
    • Moving into new space a great opportunity for us (sell more if we had more fridges and freezers)
    • Dreams / hopes: Who’s going to work there? Member
    • Where do we want to be with new obstacles?
    • Moving — Will be in a new community with new opportunities to sell healthy food
    • Going to lose members and gain members
    • Obstacles likely to remain what they are, regardless of where we are
    • More exciting, usable space
    • How can we do a better job working with the community than we are here?
    • What kind of Co-op do we imagine?
      • Childcare
      • Events
      • Education
      • Bulk Cheese
      • More Bulk
      • Beer
      • Olives
    • Being an asset to the community, not just a grocery store
    • Us moving is a small piece in a huge puzzle of gentrification — We’re going to be pushed out, no matter what
      • Organizing efforts: local!
      • Put your skills to use; get involved in this
      • Space with a community — Think broadly politically
    • Cooperative spirit:
      • If you really simplify things — Why join co-op?
      • Broccoli is going to respond to my body
      • Healthy food — healthy body — appeal to health for you and your family
      • That’s why it’s worth shopping here! More basic than cooperation
    • What to resolve:
      • Relocation committee is very small
      • If we want to find an opportunity, more people will need to look for spaces
      • People are getting burnt out
    • Continue envisioning together — How can board keep this going?

Closing (5 min.)

  • Follow-up email with meeting summary and opportunity for feedback to be sent to member-owners
  • Members who attended the meeting will receive 2 hours work credit

Meeting Attendance

Kelsy Chauvin
Lindsay Reichart
Karen Haskins
Jesse Fink
Emily Wilbourne
Sigourney Woodfork
Naceo Giles
Annie Olszewski
Rachel Lears
Steve Russo
Taylor Steel
Lara Caballero
Julia Garguilo
John Trotter
Aly Miller
Pierre Andre
Valerie Chin
Gabriel De Geoleon
Sarah Chinn
Board Members
Elizabeth Agee
Christina LeMoine
Cecile Arnaud-Gbongbro
Christopher Gollmar

Working Board Meeting Agenda and Interim Election

Wednesday, April 26th 2017,  7:00 – 9:00 pm

The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn




Note-takers – please see link to secretary responsibilities.


Directors Present:

Directors Absent:       

Others in attendance:

Any person attending may participate equally in discussions, but only Co-op members/owners may vote on any issues. Member/owners may receive work credit if they attend (allotted 1 time a year).

Next General Meeting is May 24th 2017 at the store. Want to be a facilitator, secretary, timekeeper or to propose items for a future GM agenda. Please email [email protected] (work credit always allotted)

Welcome/Orientation  7:00-7:05 (5min)

Welcome and introductions. Brief explanation of the purpose of the Board Meeting. Questions welcomed!

Approve Previous Meeting Minutes  7:05-7:10 (5min)

  • Link to minutes  from previous Board meeting for approval

1. Store Coordinator Update  7:20-7:30 (10min)

2. Lease Committee and Relocation  7:30- 7:40(10min)

3. Committee Reports  7:40-7:50 (10min)

  • Monthly membership report (link)
  • Monthly finance report are shared at the Meeting, please feel free to contact the board or finance if you have any questions.


IT (How is this pertinent with moving the website to SquareSpace)

In response to the request for committee budgets, I am proposing an estimate for upgrading GHFC servers (the web server and the database server).

* Web server — more memory and disk space — $90 per month

* Both servers — more memory and disk space — $180 per month

Upgrading the web server is the higher priority. It would mean faster performance and more stability for and other websites. As per Misha, We are currently paying 30/40 dollars per month depending on the server load

The squarespace ($20/mth) would be in addition to what we are paying now, because we’ll still need to run the civi website.

The Mailchimp ($50/mth) would be instead of sendgrid, which is what we are currently using. I am not sure how much that is

4. AGENDA – free flowing and aspirational discussions 7:50-8:45 (55min)

Interim board member election.

Re-organize Liaison including new board member, and officers role (see list at the end of Agenda)

Sharing current Situation w/ Members at large (content and format) Relocation Questions

PSFC change of policy for shift reporting

Dual Members shift reporting policy

GHFC shift banking system

How to insure a good flow of information between committees and the board (content and format)

5. Bike Rack  8:45 – 8:55 (10min) (Notetaker)

Member/owners may receive work credit if they attend (allotted 1 time a year).

  • Note from Renée B: Not clear why this is on here because this is the current situation, changed and voted on by the Board in early 2016?

Closing  8:55 – 9:00 (5min) Board reviews votes at the end of each Meeting

Board Organization:

    • Finance: Committee chair Bianca Orlando, Liaison Christopher Gollmar
    • Merchandising: Committee chair Sarah Chinn, Liaison Lauryl Berger-Chun
    • Marketing & Website: Committee chair Ray Jolicoeur, Liaison Chris Gollmar
    • Outreach: Committee chair Ray Jolicoeur, Liaison Christopher Gollmar
    • Membership: Committee chair Chad Donnick, Liaison Cecile Arnaud
    • Investment: Committee chair Renee B, Liaison Cecile Arnaud
    • IT: Committee chair Misha Avrekh, Liaison Cecile Arnaud
    • Governance: Committee chair — , Liaison Christina LeMoine
    • Operations: (renamed from Design build/Operations)  Committee chair Penelope August, Liaison Elizabeth Agee
    • HR: Committee chair Megan Curran, Liaison Christina LeMoine

Job Posting: Store Coordinator

Greene Hill Store Coordinator: Job Description

The Co-op is looking for additional Store Coordinators to support store operations, member training, and education. The Store Coordinator position is a combination of retail grocery management and community organizing. During their first six months, new hires will be Store-Coordinators-In-Training. Depending on individual availability, this position ranges from 8-20 hours per week at $18/hour.

Primary Tasks & Responsibilities

    • Train & support members in general operations of the store &/or perform the following tasks in case of being short-staffed:
      • Open/Close
      • Receive
      • Stock
      • Cashier/Cash Handle/Bank Deposits
      • Welcome/explain the Co-op to prospective members & sign up trial & new members
    • Manage labor coverage by monitoring Shift Planning, Shift Trade Group & Shift Coverage Sheet, posting notices in store highlighting most needed weekly coverage & following up with members via phone & email
    • Ensure compliance with health codes & other applicable laws
    • Update item prices/profiles in Revel Point of Sale System & on shopping floor
    • Submit claims & returns to vendors
    • Communicate with buyers re: special orders, new items, & other inventory issues
    • Communicate with Membership, Outreach, Finance & other committees as needed
    • Participate in monthly Coordinator Meetings & work together with other coordinators to improve & build store systems
    • Communicate through Coordinator Store Log to ensure consistency/follow through on issues
    • Promote a climate of coordination & empowerment in alignment with Greene Hill’s Mission(including the cooperative principles ).
      • Actively maintain knowledge of products, membership, & current events in order to answer member questions.
      • Identify & develop member leadership to match skills with store needs


Each Store Coordinator reports to the Coordinator group as a whole. Staff will collectively evaluate & determine this position’s priorities & conduct mutual evaluations. The Coordinator group will provide a monthly update to the Board of Directors meeting. There is currently one voting ex officio position on the Board for Store Coordinator & the staff person in this role consults with Coordinators as a whole before votes.

Qualifications & Characteristics

      • Strong communication & organizational skills, the ability to teach procedures, delegate tasks, and give, receive and incorporate feedback.
      • Capacity for regular sustained physical labor is expected, e.g. lifting boxes of up to 60 pounds, lifting & lowering a steel security gate, standing for up to 7 hours at a time.
      • Experience working in cooperatives, food, education &/or community organizing preferred; working knowledge &/or desire to learn more of the working food cooperative business structure, principles & values expected.
      • Availability during the following times strongly preferred: Weekdays 2:30 -9:30pm; Fridays 8am-1pm; Saturdays/Sundays 9:15am- 6:30pm.


To Apply

Please send a resume and a short letter of your interest in the position to [email protected] with the subject “Store Coordinator Application.” Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until filled.

GM Agenda: Feb. 22, 2017

Welcome/Orientation 7:00-7:04 (4 min)
Welcome and introductions. Brief explanation of the purpose of the Board Meeting. Questions welcome!

Meeting Agreements 7:05-7:06 (1 min)
1 Diva, 1 Mic (1 person speaks at a time)
• No one knows everything, together we know a lot
• Be aware of time
• Recognize/respect the role of facilitator

Consent Agenda 7:05-7:20 (15 min)
A collective vote on decisions that have already been made or that don’t generally require/solicit discussion. Attendees can pull out any item they would like more discussion on, and this item will be moved to discussion at the end of the meeting. Information on all consent agenda item votes will be circulated in advance of the meeting. Link to minutes from previous Board meeting and review action items/assigned tasks.

1. Store Coordinator Update 7:20-7:25 Lauryl Berger-Chun (Store Coordinator)

2. Committee Reports 7:25- 7:40 (15 min) If there is nothing to be discussed or decided put report in writing at the end of this agenda. Add discussions if needed from committee chairs and liaisons below

Finance (Committee chair Bianca Orlando, Liaison Jeannie) (SEE BRIEF ITEMS, REPORTS)
Merchandising: (Committee chair Sarah Chinn, Liaison Jeannie)
Marketing (includes newsletter, social media, website): (Committee chair Ray Jolicoeur, Liaison DK)
Outreach: (Committee chair Jill Hoffman, Liaison DK)
Membership: (Committee chair Chad Donnick, Liaison Cecile) (SEE REPORTS)
Investment: (Committee chair Renee B, Liaison Cecile) SEE REPORT BELOW
IT: (Committee chair Misha Avrekh, Liaison Cecile)
Governance: (Committee chair Mira De Jong, Liaison Christina LeMoine)
Operations: (renamed from Design build/Operations) (Committee chair ___, Liaison Elizabeth Agee)
HR: (Committee chair Megan Curran, Liaison Christina LeMoine)
Beer license

3. Clarifying Greene Hill’s Organizational Structure 7:40 -7:55 (15 min) (Lauryl)

4. Committee Asks and Gives 7:55-8:05 (10 min) (Committee Chairs and Liaisons)
Committees asks (for help or support from others) and gives below:

– will need significant technical help during the period we move Web site platforms (in March?); it would be great if we could identify a team of individuals with the requisite skills at our disposal for that time.
– will also need support on the graphics/visual/photography and copy fronts for same web site project.
– needs to staff up the Social Media team. Right now there is only one person (Morgan) handling all social media team and has communicated that she would like to have additional people on board as well as someone to take over the lead on the sub-committee. Perhaps membership can help identify potential individuals that we can reach out to? We should also post something in newsletter.

Staff & Member Labor Assessment
We have critical gaps on in store shifts, Merch, Membership & Finance that need to be prioritized (as well as the lease & relocation team). Member Labor hours are a finite resource, so any other committee work taken on by members must be in addition to a regular in store shift. -Lauryl
– E.g., Marketing committee: How many members are actively working on the committee? Can some members transfer to more other shift/committees that have urgent needs?

5. Lease Committee and Relocation 8:05 -8:25 (20 min)
What is the current situation we’re faced with at 18 Putnam? What are the opportunities? What actions will we take? DK, Cecile

6. Brief Items 8:25 -8:35 (10 min)
• New board member: we now need two new board members
• Assign role to board members: president, secretary, treasurer.
• PSFC liaison? (Renee B have been the liaison with PSFC for the loan committee)
• Member/owners may receive work credit if they attend (allotted 1 time a year).
• Sharing financial information with members (Cecile)
• Adjust Finances – Budget below (Jeannie)
— Decrease spending
— Increase payroll
— Allot dedicated money for committees
— Create a capital budget

7. General Agenda 8:35-8:45 (10 min) – free flowing and aspirational discussions – the state of the Co-op

Bike Rack 8:45-8:55 (10 min) (Notetaker)

Closing 8:55-9:00 (5 min) Board reviews votes at the end of each Meeting

Reports in Writing:

Membership and Finance Report
Monthly membership report (to be filled out at meeting).
Summary of report:
– Current number of working members: 470
– Number of new members and deactivated in January: 23 new members, 3 reactivated member, 53 trial members
– Number of members waiting for investment returns: 253 and 28 in priority queue.

We’ve seen roughly a 10% increase in membership since the beginning of October, which is when we opened 7 days a week.

New feature in place that will automatically email a member who checks in to shop with low hours. Membership is copied on the email. This started in mid-January. Membership is tracking emails to look for members who frequently shop with low hours and will follow-up with them.
On a monthly basis, Membership will review the check-in log to see who is checking in with low hours. Upon verifying they have low hours, we’ll send an email to them. Would like to do this weekly or bi-weekly, but it depends on membership labor availability.

Membership is working on an updated report of active members. The active/working members hasn’t been audited since the beginning of 2015. We need to figure out who in the list of active members are shopping & working and follow up with those members who have been dormant for more than 6 months.

Membership desk has its first shift on Saturday, February 12 thanks to member Caolan Hunter and additional shifts from Alex Peters & Sabine Bernard on 2/18 and 2/19. The ultimate goal is to have membership desk coverage for 1 shift every Saturday & Sunday.

Monthly finance report – link to Profit & Loss Summary
Summary of report: Current column to be filled out at meeting.

Feb 1 – 21, 2017 January 2017 Feb 1 – 21, 2016
NET SALES $60,953 $33,602
Transactions 1,706 711
Average transactions $35.83 $47.26


Investments Report (Renee Bergan):
– I would love to see us tackle the priority folks this year. I don’t have a full figure on what that number is, I can find that out. But at most it would be $4k. If handled via monthly payments over one year this could be a feasible thing….but again I know the potential move and rent increase is daunting and first priority. Nevertheless, I’ll try to get a firm $$ number on this before the mtg.
– Also FWIW, since everyone was so concerned about this investments stuff. The number of requests per month is super minor, only a couple per month. The issue was the lack of communication. Most ppl while they may not be happy with the answer, are very satisfied once they’ve been communicated with. So the “investments concern/problem child” is no longer.

Apple Pie with Cheddar Crust

A treat to keep us going through this winter weather. Adding cheddar cheese to this classic pie crust is a tiny twist that makes a big difference. I prefer to keep the apple filling on the less sweet side so if you like it sweeter, add a bit more sugar.

By Molly Neuman

apple pie

Serves 8.
Estimated total cost: $5.50

Ingredients for the crust
* 2 ½ cups (1½ ounces) all-purpose flour
* 1 tablespoon granulated sugar
* 1 teaspoon salt
* 1 teaspoon dry mustard
* 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper (optional)
* 8 ounces extra-sharp cheddar cheese, shredded (2 cups)
* 8 tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into ¼ inch pieces and frozen for 15 minutes
* 6 tablespoons ice water, plus more as needed

Ingredients for the filling
* 2 pounds tart apples, peeled, cored and sliced ¼ inch thick
* 2 pounds sweet apples, peeled, cored and sliced ¼ inch thick
* 4 tablespoons (2 2/3 ounces) granulated sugar
* 2 tablespoons light brown sugar
* ½ teaspoon grated lemon zest plus 1 tablespoon juice
* ¼ teaspoon salt
* 1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon

For the crust: In a food processor, blend flour, sugar, salt, mustard, and cayenne until combined, about five seconds. Add cheddar and butter and pulse until butter chunks are the size of large peas, about 10 pulses. Add ice water a tablespoon at a time and mix until everything is incorporated, about 3-5 pulses. Add more water, if needed, a little at a time.

Divide the dough in half and form each half into a four-inch disk. Wrap disks tightly in plastic wrap and freeze for about 20 minutes.

For the filling: Stir apples, granulated sugar, brown sugar, lemon zest, salt, and cinnamon together in a stockpot. Cover and cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until apples are just tender but still hold their shape, about 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and stir in the lemon juice. Spread apple mixture on rimmed baking sheet and let cool, about 30 minutes. (Filling can be refrigerated for up to 24 hours.)

Remove the dough from the freezer and let thaw about five minutes. Roll one disk of dough into a 12-inch circle between two sheets of parchment paper or plastic. Loosely roll the dough around your rolling pin and gently unroll it onto nine-inch pie plate, letting the excess dough hang over the edge. Ease dough into plate by gently lifting the edge of the dough with your hand while pressing into plate bottom with your other hand. Trim the overhanging dough to a half-inch beyond lip of pie plate. Wrap the dough-lined pie plate loosely in plastic and refrigerate until dough is firm, about 15 minutes.

Adjust oven rack to its lowest position and preheat oven to 425 degrees. Fill pie shell with apple mixture. Roll the other disk of dough into 12-inch circle between two sheets of parchment or plastic. Loosely roll dough around rolling pin and gently unroll it onto filling. Trim overhang of pie dough and crimp edge.

Set pie on foil or parchment-lined baking sheet and bake for 20 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 375 degrees and continue to bake until the crust is deep golden brown and the filling is bubbling, 35 to 45 minutes. Transfer pie to a wire rack and let cool for at least one and a half hours. Serve with ice cream!

General Meeting Notes 1/25/17

General Meeting Notes
Wednesday, January 25th, 2017, 7:30 – 9:30 pm
The Co-op: 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn
Facilitator: Jeannie
Note-taker:  Cecile
Note-takers – please see link to secretary responsibilities.
Timekeeper: Ray
Directors Present: Jeannie, DK, Cecile, Lauryl, Elizabeth, Christina
Directors Absent:
Others in attendance: Reina Kennedy, Tess Dworman, Emma Hedditch, Erika McGinty, Lindsay Reichart, Gunnar Burke, Ray Jolicoeur
Any person attending may participate equally in discussions, but only Co-op members/owners may vote on any issues. Member/owners may receive work credit if they attend (allotted 1 time a year).
Next General Meeting is February 22nd 2017 at the store. Want to be a facilitator, secretary, timekeeper or to propose items for a future GM agenda. Please email [email protected].

Welcome/Orientation  7:30-7:35 (5 min)

Welcome and introductions. Brief explanation of the purpose of the Board Meeting. Questions welcomed!

Consent Agenda  7:35-7:40 (5 mins)

A collective vote on decisions that have already been made or that don’t generally require/solicit discussion. Attendees can pull out any item they would like more discussion on, and this item will be moved to discussion at the end of the meeting. Information on all consent agenda item votes will be circulated in advance of the meeting.

  • Ratify minutes from previous Board meeting  ratified: yes:11 abstention:1

1. Store Coordinator Update  7:40-7:50 (10min)

  • Updates for new hires Amie & Raina  Working members do not need to pay investment but if they stop working at the Coop they can only stay member if they pay investment.

2. Membership and Finance Report  7:50-8:05 (15min)

  • Monthly membership report (here)need update
    • Current number of working members: 437
    • Number of new members and deactivated in November: 15 new members,  2 reactivated member,  41 trial members
    • Number of existing members waiting for investment returns: under 50 as per GM 10/26/16
    • We’ve seen roughly a 25% increase in membership since January.
  • Monthly finance report


3. Boards Re-organization 8:05-8:20 (15min) (Board)

  • Tabled from last meeting:
    • GHFC accounts Doc. Update access spreadsheet  Sean Mullane can update
    • GHFC Board/Chairs contact list to be updated Cecile will share the doc with committee chairs for update
  • Vote for a new President: Postponed until we find another other board member
  • Reassign tasks taken on by Keith:  List tasks
  • Recruiting a new board member:  Reach out to members through the website, next newsletter, talking around If you are interested please e-mail at [email protected]
  • Clarify board members liaison roles :
    • Finance & Merchandising: JEANNIE
    • Marketing & Website: DK
    • Outreach: DK through Ray Jolicoeur
    • Membership & Investment: CECILE
    • IT: CECILE
    • Store coordinators: CHRISTINA
    • Governance: CHRISTINA
    • Operations: ELIZABETH (renamed from Design build/Operations)
    • Relocation: CECILE
  • Lauryl is pointing out that the board members need to read the bylaws about the ex-officios board members for compliance issue (only one ex-officios allowed). DK suggested to amend bylaws. Christina to reach out to Governance to check on this issue.

4.  Committees updates  8:20-8:50 (30min) (Committee liaisons)

  • Finance= Report presented by Jeannie at the meeting
  • Merch=
    • The Merch team has noticed that the glass front fridges are breaking down with more frequency. Elizabeth to reach out to Operation to fix the problem.
    • Merch has started to switch buying by categories, in general we need more members for categories and at the moment  Merch really need one member for “Snacks” and one for “Frozen”.
  • Beer license= Lindsay Reichart, Gunnar Burke, Todd Miner are taking over the completion of the beer license. Lindsay went through the application, it needs some updates, and re-signing. Time frame 6 months. We can only do beer, NY state does not allow to have beer and wine (it would require a different license).
  • Marketing= Ray, has been able to reach many members of the marketing team. Some Co-op Board shared their thoughts and ideas for marketing priorities for 2017

Updates on 3 main priorities:

    • Update on website Erika is working on the revamping
    • Update on Newsletter and Social Media – Meeting 2/1/17 – Update at Next Board meeting
    • Update on plans for eventual storefront upgrade so that passers-by can:
      • understand what the Co-op is about
      • be motivated to join
      • Better overall esthetics
      • More complete update at a future Board meeting
    • Create a sign for the delivery hours – Ray is coordinating
    • Next Open House: proposed date April 8th. Verious ideas have been explored by the Outreach Committee such as a raffle (yoga teacher,… using members resources to offer prizes – see Outreach committee for details)
    • New project to establish member services directory so we can add it to the website. Marketing will work with Membership and Outreach committees to establish this directory.
  • IT= Misha is compiling some stand alone tasks for potential IT helpers, Cecile sent doc. to Marketing and Membership to add/edit tasks list.  Also to propose reaching out to Park Slope for recruiting, voted YES Misha please reach out to Park Slope.
  • Gov= Still need an assistant? A:Mira is coordinating a meeting in January. Meeting did not happen. Christina sent an email, no response. Christina to call Mira, reach out to Lauryl about it and concern about privacy
  • Membership=
    • New Member Onboarding process: (Alexandra Peters & Sophie Masure) Orientation and follow-up/informational emails and how a new member works their first shift.  Updates? None
    • Trial member follow-up: (Outreach Carolyn Romberg). Trial member follow-up: large pool of trial members who don’t sign up. Contact by phone, by email? Trial members not clear about transfer to full membership at check-in, updates? Reina said that this task has been spread out.
    • Member labor enforcement starting:  In October, we had roughly: 427 active members (-112 trial members) =  315 active members (-60 committee/board folks -75  floaters) = 180 consistent store workforce. Reality is 114 are working, so 65 of our current active members are not working = 20% of active members not working. Updates? None
      • Upcoming initiatives:
        • Check-in system email notifications for low hours updates? None
        • Double make-ups for no-show shifts. Updates? None
    • Membership Committee Chair replacement: Chad Donnick is leaving end of April 2017. For more information about what this position entails, email [email protected]. Marketing  just put an ad on the home page
  • Membership/Investments = Renee Bergan has taken charge of Investment. Has Renee been made aware that Finance would like to alerted to requests to have record? Update? Cecile sent email to  Renee about finance request.

5. Committee Asks and Gives  8:50-9:00 (10mins) (Committee Chairs)
Committees asks for help or support / others give

  • Marketing = Marketing needs the profiles and pictures from every board member – please.
  • Merch= Looking for a buyer to take over snacks.
  • Finance = Requesting budget from each committee. Relocation needs a recommendation about maximum rent
  • Gov= needs assistant
  • Membership/Investments = Communication with Finance
  • IT = Update from last meeting question: Is [email protected] account redirecting email to the committee chairs?

Misha answered: [email protected] redirects to the respective committee mailing lists and not to individual chairs or members. Committee chairs all have the primary responsibility for managing the lists for their own committees.

  • Operation= Relocation needs helps for “move budget”, also need a budget to replace refrigerator and freezer in the store in case they totally break down.

6. Lease Committee and Relocation  9:00- 9:15 (15mins) (Board)

  • Update on the current situation DK:  The case was dismissed in court January 3rd because Collymores’ lawyer was absent. A meeting is set-up to meet with Renee collymores to discuss: Renee apparently want for us to give up the expansion space. Letisha James will be present. DK, Christina, and Matthew will attend.
  • Relocation (Matthew and Cecile):
    • Meeting with Eric Adams Borough President 01/12/17: empathetic to our cause but pointed out that real estate prices are high in our neighborhood. He suggested we follow up with Richard Bearak, Borough Land Use Director.
    • Meeting with Robert Perris CB2 District Manager 01/12/17: he was familiar with our circumstance. We discussed Coop options moving forward: (CB=Community Board)
      • Garden of Eden: Obtaining empty lot from the city: dissuaded because the containers would be a huge hassle; starting from scratch
      • Angel: someone that would help the coop buy a space for us to have permanently; he had spoken with a friend at the Park Slope Food Coop and was told that PSFC is not the organization that could ever make the decision to purchase a building because of their decision making process is not one that could handle such a procedure
      • Partner: find a developer that would benefit by having a grocery store as part of their development, ie, they’re able to build higher in exchange for the community benefit of coop as tenant through program like FRESH; CB3 carries that program, CB2 does not.

We spoke of specific locations and their potential, e.g. empty loft building on Fulton next to Crispus Attucks playground between Downing and Irving. The senior center a little west of there is going to take that building over. Maybe we can work on getting the main floor there?
Suggested we get a hold of his counterpart in CB3, Henry Butler.
He also suggested we contact Director of City Planning, Brooklyn, Winston VonEngel and deputy director Alex Sommer,
For info: as per blueprint our current location is 2496 SF including party-walls: Storage and Walk-in: 500SF – Store: 1096SF – Extension: 900SF

7. Bike Rack  9:15 – 9:25 (10mins) (Notetaker)

  • GM and Board Meeting to be move from 7:30 to 7:00 voted yes
  • Marketing suggested Mural on roller down gates? Lindsay Reichart to reach out to Marketing as she is interested in the mural and Marketing wants to make other change to the front store to make it more obvious that the store is open, Marketing to present budget for those changes
  • Rebecca Schwartz: I work with businesses in Brooklyn such as Citrico, Faun, & Dos Toros. I help these businesses put together energy plans that gets them running on 100% renewable energy at low rates, while also providing complete energy management services. Essentially, my job is to lighten your load by managing everything that your business does with regards to energy, while also reducing your costs and helping to make you a leader in New York’s renewable energy scene. I’d love to set up a quick 10-15 minute meeting so I can explain everything that I do – I am sure you’re busy and I promise to make it worth your while. If you’d prefer, we can set up a call. Would you let me know a few good times to meet? I’d appreciate the time and think Phoenix Energy could be a great benefit to Greene Hill Food Co-op and I’d love to show you how. [email protected] who are buying electricity, Elizabeth to find out who is our current supplier Jeannie says ConEdison and if Rebecca Schwartz proposition is interesting
  • Member/owners may receive work credit if they attend (allotted 1 time a year). Reconsider 1 time year, Next meeting
  • Avoiding store shut down on open hours: Determine the amount of extra hours for the store coordinators per week to cover for members shift shortage Christina is organizing a meeting with store coordinators to discuss
  • Position of the Store coordinator(s) with respect to the board

Closing  9:25 – 9:30 (5 min) (Notetaker)

Board review/approval:  Board reviews votes at the end of each GM