Our Principles

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  • We value the spirit of cooperation and a democratic process, in which each individual has a voice, and each member-owner works to support the Co-op.

  • We strive to offer a range of local, affordable, organic, and sustainable food.

  • As neighbors, we strive to reflect the community in which we live and we actively work, to ensure that the Co-op is accessible to all.

  • We seek to develop the Co-op as an ethical entity, using transparent and socially responsible buying and selling practices.


A 100% working food co-op isn’t just a grocery store—it’s a consumer-owned, cooperative business. This means that each member-owner has an equal voice in how the business is run and managed. Unlike other conventional grocery stores, a co-op isn’t out to turn a profit for the benefit of absentee stockholders. We’re looking to provide maximum value for all our shareholders: our member-owners.

Greene Hill Food Co-op is unique in that we are one of the few 100% working food co-ops in the country (there are several in other countries). This means that every member-owner contributes time on a regular basis to keep the store stocked and running, or participates in one of our committees and attends General Meetings.

Member-owner labor keeps prices affordable, and allows us to be actively engaged with our community and the farmers and vendors with whom we do business.  Any profits are reinvested back into the store.

Currently more than 1,300 member-owners from Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Bedford Stuyvesant, and beyond have invested in Greene Hill Food Co-op, and more are joining each and every day!