Board of Directors

The Greene Hill Food Co-op Board plays an active role in the business and operations of the store and its programs. Directors shop at the store, attend the Co-op’s monthly general meetings, serve individually as liaisons to the Co-op’s member committees, participate in long-term project planning, and are available in emergency matters.

Board members are elected by the Co-op community at large; the roles of president, secretary, and treasurer are held in compliance with New York Cooperative Corporations Law and do not reflect a hierarchical structure within the Board or the Co-op community. All Co-op matters are decided by the Co-op membership through majority vote. Collectively, the Board of Directors upholds the bylaws of the Co-op and seeks to foster a welcome environment for current and potential members. You can reach all Directors by emailing [email protected].

Cecile Arnaud-Gbongbro

Cecile Arnaud-Gbongbro

Clinton Hill resident Cecile Arnaud-Gbongbro has been a member of the Greene Hill Food Co-op since 2012 and a member of Park Slope’s co-op since 2009. On the French Mediterranean shore where she is from, cooperatives are commonplace, so Cecile grew up familiar with the positive influence of such enterprises on the individual and community. Having attended a school focused on fine arts, Cecile earned a Management degree from ESM in Avignon. Mosaic has been her trade for the last 20 years; she produces custom pieces for retailers such as Cheryl Hazan Mosaic and Ann Sacks as well as private collectors. A lover of plants and gardening, Cecile brings to the Co-op Board a commitment to cultivate a sense of belonging among the community at large.

Liaison to Information Technology and Membership Committees.

Lauryl Berger-Chun

Co-op store coordinator and member-owner Lauryl Berger-Chun is the staff representative on the board. She was appointed by the Directors to her ex officio position in December 2016.

Christopher Gollmar

Christopher Gollmar

Chris Gollmar lives in Crown Heights and can be frequently seen going for a run in the neighborhood. He is an elementary school teacher in Brooklyn. Chris loves to cook and bake bread; he also keeps a rooftop garden and creates sound art. Since 2014, Greene Hill has not just been where he buys most of his food, but a place for him to connect with folks who share values around food, justice, and labor. Having broken bread with co-opers in Oberlin, Madison, and Durham, Chris has experience building consensus within cooperative organizations. As Board director, Chris aims to have the Co-op be a stable business that nurtures a culture of transparency and member empowerment and engagement.

Christina LeMoine

Christina LeMoine

Christina LeMoine has been a part of the Co-op since the first year the store opened, in 2011. Born and raised in Seattle, Christina moved to New York to study at Parsons, receiving her BFA in Illustration in 2007. She is dedicated to life-long learning, activism, and critical thinking through working for the Board of Elections, practicing yoga at Greene Hill partner business Dou Yoga, and playing competitive Scrabble. Her occupation as a swim instructor, empowering kids of all ages through guided discovery, brings her joy. Christina lives just up the street from the store and would like everyone in her neighborhood to experience the Co-op model along with her; she seeks to make the Co-op a supportive hub for the surrounding community.

Liaison to Governance and Human Resources Committees.

Elizabeth Macon Agee

Elizabeth Macon Agee

A native New Yorker, Elizabeth Macon Agee received her BFA from the University of Colorado; to this day, she loves going deep on excursions into the mountains with her two boys. Elizabeth spent many years as a working artist and exhibited widely in Europe. Today she lives in a brownstone in Bedford-Stuyvesant and has been a member of the Co-op since 2013. Having earned a Master’s in Applied Anthropology from City College New York and as a former consultant at the United Nations Development Programme, Elizabeth avidly supports efforts to create alternate sources of food. She is particularly interested in reaching people who may not be knowledgeable of how to buy and eat healthy, organic food. Elizabeth is also a devoted practitioner of Ashtanga Yoga.

Liaison to Operations Committee.

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Signs off on legal documents
  • Ensures that the Board fulfills its commitments to all members of the Co-op


  • Presents finance report at monthly General Meetings
  • Ensures that Finance Committee is maintaining bills, payroll, and taxes and complying with state regulations


  • Ensures that minutes are taken at Board Meetings by rotating secretaries
  • Posts minutes on Web site, if rotating secretary does not

members in space
Current and former Board members include DK Holland, Jeannie Hamilton, Keith Almon, Lauryl Berger-Chun, and Renée Renata Bergan.