Stock Up with Store Credit


We’re opening our doors at 1083 Fulton Street on August 4, 2018. Moving from our old location was a huge undertaking! We’re grateful for everything our member-owners and friends of the Co-op have invested in our store and our community during this transition, and we couldn’t be more proud of the beautiful new store!

To celebrate our opening and support our growth, member-owners can now purchase store credit online or when they visit our new store.

Why Buy Store Credit?

In short, your purchase of store credit will help us keep our shelves well stocked, our produce section abundant, and our bulk bins filled to the brim.

Think of it like a CSA membership: You’ll pay up front for the food you’ll get from Greene Hill Food Co-op this coming season. Stock up on store credit right now to help the store stock up on great food.

A few member-owners have already purchased some store credit to try this new program, and they’ve shared other benefits:

  • There’s no need to bring cash (or even carry a wallet) to the store; cashiers can look up your store credit balance at the check-out counter.
  • It’s easier to keep tabs on your monthly grocery budget by spending up-front.
  • The Co-op will pay fewer debit-card transaction fees.
  • You can use a credit card to purchase store credit via PayPal.

Have you found this program useful? Write to [email protected] to tell us what you think!

Buy Your Store Credit Now

You can purchase store credit via PayPal, credit, or debit card below. Or, you can purchase credit using cash or a debit card from a cashier at the store. Cashiers can find instructions for how to issue the store credit in the folder under their register.

Not sure how much credit to purchase? Think about how much you expect to spend at the Co-op in the next two months. Can you afford to pay for all of that in one sum? If not, try purchasing just one month’s worth of credit.

If you would like to purchase credit in a different amount than is available below, please purchase from a cashier at the store. If you would like to purchase more than $500 of credit, please contact [email protected].

Please note that this program is only available to member-owners of the Greene Hill Food Co-op.

Purchase with PayPal

Store Credit Value to Purchase
Member-Owner Name

The Fine Print

When you purchase store credit, you will receive a voucher that you can use to help use this credit when you shop at Greene Hill. If you buy your credit online, you will receive a PDF that you can print. If you purchase it in store, you will receive a voucher from your cashier.

Image of sample store credit voucher. Sample Store Credit Voucher

This store credit can only be used by you or a member of your household. It is linked to your name in our point of sale system. You can use your store credit balance without this voucher; for your security, though, please keep this slip safe. This store credit is not redeemable for cash. If you cancel your membership or your membership is otherwise deactivated, you may spend your remaining store credit balance in a single transaction. In the event that the Co-op dissolves or declares bankruptcy, your remaining balance will be treated as a member loan.


For questions or feedback, please contact [email protected].